The Lost Library of Florestica
An archive of anime & manga fan fiction

Welcome to the Lost Library of Florestica.

Simushir-chanThe main purpose of this site is to host stories for authors who don't have web sites of their own. You'll find a few completed stories here, but most of them are 'in progress'. Besides making them available for readers who find this site by other methods, this gives the authors a place to send readers who want to see back-chapters of their stories.

This is a new version of the site with community attractions like interactive web links, FAQs, and a site forum. Feel free to create an account and play along.

When you sign up for a site account, you automatically get forum access. But there are separate forum settings that need to be looked at in the Profile link. If you want to always be notificed by email when someone replies to one of your messages, you need to set the option "Always notify me of replies". It's turned off by default.

If you have any questions or comments about the site, please post them in the forum. I have two folders there, one for questions for me, and one for questions for Sonic. There is also a folder for suggestions related to the forums themselves.

What I'm mostly interested in hearing about in my part of the development forum is impressions you may have of the site features, appearance, and layout. Those are things that I can do something about. Suggestions about site features you'd like to have are welcome, too. If I can't do something about them now, we'll add them to Sonic's to-do list.

If you are a programmer who would like to volunteer your services, please do. We can use all the help we can get!

Some of the stories on this site have adult content. Those stories or chapters of stories are marked 'lemon', the common anime fan term for adults-only fiction. You will also see stories that are marked 'lime'; they are stories that have suggestive content. Either type of story should not be read by children without parental guidance, subject to local laws and regulations regarding age of majority.

Notice: Fan fiction is generally written about the favorite animated series or characters of the various authors. Because the series and characters are copyrighted by the creators and production companies, I want to make it clear that these fan fiction stories are NOT intended to infringe on the rights of the copyright holders. None of the authors are writing these stories for profit, and make no claims to ownership or rights to the characters, settings, or situations related to the series. Should a plot or situation written into one of these stories resemble one that might be written in the future by the copyright holders, no claim of intellectual property will be made. We intend these stories as an homage to the manga, anime, and other series that they are placed in. The series we are borrowing from belong to their creators, not to us!



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