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What if Genma had left Happosai early in his training, and pledged to be an honorable Martial Artist? Ranma/Tenchi semi-fusion. In progress. (Comedy/Adventure) Ranma ½. Rewrite of "Bet" story by Metroanime.

Genma Ascendant

Ranma Saotome is many things to many people, but he's about to find out that he's something he would never have expected… (Comedy / Adventure) Ranma ½ / Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon crossover.

Long, Long Ago

What would happen if Ranma was trapped in a situation beyond his control, and the girls had to band together to help him out? Could they do it? (Story on hold due to writer's block.) (Comedy/Introspective) Ranma ½.

Ranma's Angels

A man remembers his experiences piloting giant robot war machines. (Introspective) Original.

Mecha Pilot (The Autobiography of Garth Jensen)

What if heroes from all over the Multiverse where gathered as temporary replacements for key members of NERV? Unfinished.  (Comedy/Adventure) Neon Genesis Evangelion story by Ron R. Kaulfersch.

An Untitled Evangelion Crossover

Notes: Ron will not be writing any more of this story; he's moved on to other projects, such as Studio Pseudomé.  He gave me this story, including the creative rights.  I still haven't quite decided what I'm going to do with it, but it isn't dead… at least, not yet.

Short Stories
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