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Aaron BergmanEvery tale has an ending… but the ending of one tale is only the beginning of another… (Adventure) El Hazard: The Magnificent World.

El Hazard- The Final Night

Life is a battle against destiny. Can a young boy escape the past? Can a young woman become what she is not? Will a man be able to redeem a bloody sin committed long ago? When the origins of a mighty magician's power is revealed, can he keep his life, his sanity, or even his soul?

And caught in the middle, a woman who thinks she knows everyone's secret is about to be destroyed by her ignorance… Original story.


Sora, Donald and Goofy are traveling between the worlds when they find their gummi ship being forced to an unexpected destination. (Adventure) Kingdom Hearts.

Kingdom Hearts Extra — The Hall of Lost Heroes

Welcome to Serenity University! The tuition is low, the credit cap high, the courses far-ranging, and the people are friendly… there's just a catch or two, naturally… (Comedy) Original story.

Kyouki no Kyanpasu

What were the secrets we all held..? What were the mysteries we all knew..? Let us tell you through our own eyes…  (Introspective vignettes) Neon Genesis Evangelion.

Neon Genesis Evangelion: Shattered Reflections

A Slayers/Ranma crossover that I wrote simply to see if I could do it with an acceptable plot device. To my surprise, it's actually quite good!

As for the rest… Well, look at the two main titles and guess the rest. Watch Amelia hit on Ryouga! Shiver as Naga the White Serpent and Kodachi the Black Rose clash! Gasp as Ranma asks Xelloss a question, and gets a straight answer! Stand with one foot in a bucket and hop as the author laughs in amusement! This story's got it all! (Comedy/ Adventure) Slayers/ Ranma ½ crossover.

Slayers Nibunnoichi

Shadowrunners need time off too, and when they want to go out for the night, they head for their favorite Bar and Grill for food, drink… and stories you can't hear anywhere else.  (Introspective) Shadowrun / various crossover.

Tales From The Flashback

What is the border between fantasy and reality? Are what we consider bedtime stories simply windows into another dimension? Are authors inadvertent gods, creating and destroying without ever coming to know that what they write of is real? That where they write of exists? That who they write of breathe even as they do? How true are the words printed on a page, or carved onto a stone tablet, or spoken to a audience enraptured by the verbal tapestry spun by the tale's teller? And what happens if just one thing, just one character, was to differ from what was recorded on those pages or stone tablets or listeners' memories? Would the rest of the story change too? How much would it change? (Adventure) Fushigi Yuugi.

Fushigi Yuugi: The Wheel

A visitor from the future comes to Nerima looking for a cure to a botched magic spell, and promises that the cure will work for the Ranma cast as well. (Adventure) Ranma ½ / Original crossover .

Eight Months in Nerima

(Disabled by author request for renovation)

Short Stories
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