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Ukyou Kuonji no ChoshaUkyou KuonjiHiya, everyone, and welcome to the Ucchan! I'm Ukyou Kuonji, Ranma Saotome's cute fiancée. Ran-chan and I are part of the comics and anime series Ranma ½, created by Rumiko Takahashi.

I live in the Nerima ward of Tokyo, in an apartment upstairs over my restaurant, Ucchan's Okonomiyaki. Running the place keeps me busy most of the time. When I do have spare time, I write fanfiction about life in Nerima. Check it out… I think you'll like it.

Suppose that, rather than letting his roommate Kazuya Hasukawa find out the truth, Shun Kisaragi decided to see how long he could make Suka-chan think he was a girl… (Comedy) Here is Greenwood.

Extended Play

In these unrelated vignettes, Konatsu disguises himself as various other Ranma ½ characters for differing reasons, and the results are… unpredictable… Ranma ½.

Konatsu Masquerade Soliloquy

Fanfiction was just the beginning of my experience in anime fandom. It wasn't long after becoming a published fanfic writer that I discovered the fun of anime conventions. And for my memory's sake (and inspired by Rich Lawson's own chronicles), I've recorded my experiences of nearly every con I've been to.

Convention Reports

"It's been a quiet week in the Nerima ward of Tokyo, my hometown…" Those words seem incongruous, given the craziness that is the Ranmaverse. But what about if we fast forward twenty years? Forty-year-old Hikaru Gosunkugi narrates the events of modern Nerima in the style of Garrison Keillor. (Comedy) Ranma ½.

Mr.Gosunkugi has been kind enough to allow public access for Paying Respects, thanks to Fanfic Radioplay Productions.

Nerima Home Companion

St. Hebereke's having failed to rein her in sufficiently, Kodachi Kunou is forcibly transferred to Ohtori Academy by her brother. Will she take to life at Ohtori, or will she try to revolutionize the world in her own unique way? Ranma ½ / Revolutionary Girl Utena crossover.

She of the Black Rose

It was a nightmare that got Ukyou writing fanfiction in the first place, and this was it: the vision of Nodoka Saotome, and her upraised katana. What could Ukyou do to save her Ranchan? (Drama) Ranma ½.

Standing in the Way

Utena Tenjou may be reasonably computer-savvy, but she's never come up against the likes of Anthy Himemiya… Revolutionary Girl Utena / Chobits crossover.

The Computer Revolution

The Ranmaverse's resident 'buddy chick' Ukyou is feeling a tad bit left-out of the romantic proceedings going on around her. Will the offer she receives from the Gokuraku improve her lot? Ranma ½ / Video Girl Ai crossover.

Video Girl? I?

Long ago, Ranma and Ukyou made a promise to marry each other one day. You know what happened after that; but this time, Ukyou has gathered a few… friends… to support her case… (Not yet rated) Ranma ½ / Laughing Target crossover.

When the Target Laughs

In England, home to a great many imaginative television shows — and a great many television shows that should never have seen the light of day — there was an improvisational comedy show called "Whose Line Is It Anyway?". The object of the show was to gather comedians, come up with skit ideas based on a set number of categories, and then get the comedians to act out the skits and see what happened. "Points" were awarded pretty much at whim. There were no prizes except the standard pay for appearing on the show. Sound lame? It actually worked quite well, and even spawned an American version hosted by Drew Carey. In the style of that show, we have a series of fan fiction vignettes with all the regular cast members (well, okay, all the regular American cast members) acting as if they were otaku like us. (Comedy) Anime / Whose Line Is It Anyway? crossover.

Whose Line Is It Anime?

Short Stories
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