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Ranma falls into the "Spring of Drowned Alien". (Comedy/Adventure) Ranma ½ / Dragonball.

A Twisted Fate

This story is currently discontinued.

In canon Ranma ½, Nabiki was engaged to Ranma for one week. Through the backfiring of a revenge plot by Ranma, their pseudo-engagement was broken off and he and Akane got back together. What if things did not happen that way? What if Ranma's plan of revenge actually succeeded in its execution? (Introspective) Ranma ½.

For Better or For Worst-Case Scenario

The Church of Kasumi and Ranma AwardBest of Ranma awardWhat if Ranma and Kasumi had a secret they were keeping from the rest of the Tendou family? (Introspective) Ranma ½.

Kasumi ½

This story is currently discontinued.

Instead of the "Spring of Drowned Girl", Ranma falls into the "Spring of Drowned Boy". That shouldn't affect him… Right? (Comedy/Adventure) Ranma ½.

One Man, Many Wives

This story is currently discontinued.

Adrian D. Moten's MST style critiques of stories submitted to the anime/manga fan fiction mailing list.  Ranma Saotome, Celine Jules, Tenchi Masaki, Washuu Hakubi, and Mihoshi are trapped in a pocket dimension and forced to review cheesy fan fiction… (Or sometimes halfway decent fan fiction, too!)

-Mystery Fanfic Reading- Presents:

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Confuzzled: You're nice... but I'd rather have the cheating jerk

Adrian's non-anime art can be found at deviantART

Short Stories
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