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A year after the series would have taken place, Ranma comes to Tokyo after an accident at Jusenkyo whisked him away to parts unknown. He's been through a lot, but now he's coming home with "closure" on his mind… partly because he was kicked out and this was the only place he could go. Will the people who would have come to know him, had destiny run its original course, be able to deal with a Ranma so fundamentally different than the brash young man he would have been? Will a certain guardian of the Gates of Time be able to deal with a creature from her worst nightmares? (Adventure) Ranma ½ / Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon crossover.


An AMG self-insert of sorts, this is a freestyle interpretation of whatever fables, myths, and fantasy settings I could wrangle. There's been a number of AMG self-insertions over the years, but every one I've come across takes the first of two paths given; namely, the one involving wishes granted by a goddess. So I asked myself, what if the other side had granted the wish? This is what came of that line of inquiry. (Unrated) Ah! Megami-sama.

Heart of Darkness

In Tokyo-3, a giant alien is attacking according to prophecy. However, this time things aren't quite the same; they don't call them "angels", and the Shinji Ikari who shows up to fight them isn't the one born to the job… (Adventure) Neon Genesis Evangelion. Co-authored with Drakensis.

In the Know

In the grand tangle that is the multiverse there are countless possibilities. What if something had gone differently at one point in time? What if someone had turned out not at all as he would have otherwise? It could turn out so much better… or so much worse. In a world where the city of Tokyo is an almost constant warzone, the field of battle between two clans the leaders of which have little in the way of scruples — a world which is headed for collapse — a random factor is introduced. And he`s not in a very good mood. (Adventure)

Roadtrip through Avernus: Detonation Boulevard

A series of stories based around a common theme. (Adventure) Ranma ½.

Road to Hell

Set in the mythical world of Medea, a world with a myriad of peoples and a myriad of tales to be told. The Chronicles of Steel are the tales of a wanderer, scholar and warrior, and his search for himself. His travels and exploits eventually lead to… (Adventure) Original.

The Chronicle of Steel

Short Stories
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