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My second attempt at an ongoing fic, this is a Ranma/Evangelion crossover and would be considered dark for a Ranma story, but not for NGE. Ranma ½ / Evangelion crossover.

Angel Of Mercy

In his debut tale. Emilio travels from his home in Belgium to help a village with a werewolf problem. What he finds is more than he bargained for. Ghosts, werewolves, demons— and more— await Emilio in the sleepy countryside. (Adventure) Original story.

Emilio Alhambra: Hunter of Wolves

In the distant future, Ranma must return to the life he'd left behind. As an elderly JSDF operative, he is assigned to hunt down the deadliest assassin in the world: his own father. (Drama / Adventure) Ranma ½.

Mentor & Disciple

Forced to face some painful facts about his relationship, Ranma calls off the engagement to Akane and switches to Kasumi. However, matching the heart with decisions of the head isn't always easy. (Unrated) Ranma ½.

Formerly titled "Love's Truth".

The Pursuit of Happiness

A series of short character vignettes: the cast of Evangelion are turned in a new direction by the influence of the goddesses. Evangelion / Oh, My Goddess crossover.

The Wish Cycle

Short Stories
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