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Cute Kitsune KaydeeA girl walks into a diner and cries over a song. Not all that remarkable an occurrence… except that the girl in question has been doing that sort of thing for a very long time indeed. (Not yet rated) Ranma ½ / Darkness Bringer Trilogy crossover.

A Lonely Destiny

Xander is helping Buffy escort kids trick-or-treating on Halloween when all hell breaks loose. (Adventure) Buffy the Vampire Slayer with Ranma ½ crossover elements.

A Lost Costume

Ranma is about to begin a journey across time. His mission: to find a new home for the remnants of his civilization… (Adventure) Ranma ½ crossover. Co-written with Tomas Megerson.

Journey into Infinity

Due to an accident involving a cure for his curse, Ranma has lived for a million years and seen the destruction of everything he ever loved. Now, along with other surviving immortals, he has a chance to go back and prevent the intergalactic invasion that doomed mankind. (Adventure) Multi-series crossover. Co-written with Tomas Megerson.

The Immortals

The gods are bored, bored, bored… so they decide to pick one of their number to choose how the lives of mortals will be forever altered, just so they can sit back and watch the fun. Usagi Tsukino is the subject of their meddling this time. How will her life be different when she's a were-fox? (Adventure) Multi-series crossover.

Usagi the Were

Short Stories
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