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In this alternate-universe story, Ranma is raised by a Genma who isn't quite as big an idiot as the canon version, and Ranma learns he has talent and a destiny that go far beyond the norm.  (Adventure) Ranma .

A Better Life

Ranma and Akane are thrust into an unknown world by accident.  (Adventure) Ranma ½.

A Legacy of Ice, A Future of Fire

An alternate universe story based on a role-playing game called "Nox".  14 year old Ranma meets Nabiki Tendo when she is hit by a car, and both are transported across the dimensional barrier to a world in which magic is much more common.  (Adventure) Ranma .

A New Life to Live

In this alternate-universe story, Makoto Kino begins her sophomore year of high school at Furinkan, and finds herself hip-deep in antics that make her Senshi days look ordinary; and Ranma Saotome, locked in a loveless engagement with the youngest daughter of the Tendo family, learns that there's more consequence to his training at the hands of Cologne than he thought…  (Adventure) Sailor Moon/ Ranma crossover.

Born for Trouble

When Genma attempted to teach Ranma the Nekoken, certain 'people' came to his rescue, and decided to adopt him and teach him their secrets.  Ranma became a sorcerer, and his path eventually led him to Juuban… Where his life really took a strange turn!  (Adventure/ Semi-Dark) Sailor Moon/ Ranma crossover.

Can It Get Any Worse?

In this alternate-universe story, we find out that Ranma's parents aren't who he always thought they were… (Adventure) Sailor Moon/ Ranma crossover.

Child of Light Born of Darkness

In a possible future, Ranma begins to discover new abilities within himself, little realizing that events are being influenced by another…  (Adventure) Ranma .

Darkness Ahead

A scheme of Cologne's to finally get Ranma back to the Amazon village bears bitter fruit. (Dark) Ranma ½.


In a possible future, Ranma begins having dreams and hints of the true reason he has such exceptional abilities… and it isn't good.  (Semi-Dark?) Ranma / Oh My Goddess crossover.

Demon's Dawning

Ranma has an accident at Jusenkyou which propels him into another dimension.  When he finally returns, both he and the world are different…  (Adventure) Ranma .

Mind Over Matter

Ranma is captured by Cronos and undergoes Zoanoid modification. Will he become an agent of evil, or will he throw off their control? (Adventure) Ranma / Biobooster Guyver crossover.

More Than Meets The Eyes

Nabiki gets caught up in the dark world of Sadomasochism and bondage. (Dark) Ranma ½. -Lemon Warning-

Nabiki's Descent (link removed at author request.)

Ranma finds himself sent back in time, replacing his younger self before the trip to Jusenkyou.  (Adventure) Sailor Moon/ Ranma crossover.

New Beginnings

Ranma finds a strange-looking artifact just lying on the street, and it changes his life forever…  (Adventure) Ranma .

Power and Responsibility

In this alternate-universe story based on the "mutants vs. an oppressive government" premise from Marvel Comics, this is a look at Ranma's fight against the powers that would oppress him.  (Adventure) Ranma .

Ranma of the Atom

Ranma learns more than martial arts in China, and by the time he arrives in Nerima, he can control more than his ki.  (Adventure) Ranma .

Sorcerer's Solution

Ranma inadvertantly draws the attention of forces best left well alone when Nabiki 'enlists' his aid in an… unusual… moneymaking ploy. (Adventure) Ranma .

Summoning the Beast

What if Ranma Saotome and Hotaru Tomoe had drastically different upbringings than in the canon stories?  (Adventure/ Semi-angst) Ranma / Sailor Moon crossover.

The Phantom and The Silence

A continuation of "Can It Get Any Worse?", Ranma wanders the world and beyond looking for a cure to the mystic poison affecting Ami.  (Adventure) Sailor Moon/ Ranma crossover.

The World at War

Ranma discovers that he has an unexpected destiny when he suddenly finds that men with swords start coming around, wanting to cut off his head…  (Adventure) Ranma / Highlander crossover.

Till Death Do We Part

In this alternate-universe story, Ranma has very untypical grandparents, and has inherited the ability to use a power unknown to the rest of the human race. Ranma ½ / Wheel of Time crossover.

Through the Ages

Born to parents affected by the Wild Card virus, Ranma faces life in a Nerima in which even Nabiki has powers beyond the norm… (Adventure) Ranma ½ / Wild Cards crossover.

To Draw The Wild Card

Ranma has been through a personal hell in a war against the powers of darkness. Somehow, at the end, he was transported to a new world. Will it be a chance to start over, or will he find that he's jumped from the frying pan only to land in the fire? Ranma ½.


In a possible future, Ranma is an agent of a company seeking to establish colonies on new worlds by means of cross-dimensional travel.  (Adventure) Ranma .

When Worlds Collide

Ami Mizuno never knew her real father… but when her mother finds out about Ami's 'extracurricular activities', she decides that it's time to call him home to help deal with the situation. Sailor Moon/ Ranma crossover.

Who's Your Daddy?

Short Stories
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