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The town of Tristram should be a sleepy backwater, but when it becomes the focus of a demonic invasion… (Adventure) Diablo.


Inspired by the Columbine High School shootings in which a disgruntled student went on a rampage, a story about how Furinkan would deal with a student terrorist incident. (Dark) Ranma ½.


A word from the author:

Status Report, as of April 27, 2000:

After mapping out Mechanoid Beginnings, I can honestly say it's not going to be a thriller. More of a sci-fi style thing with hints of the Terminator series.

Imperial Marines looks like it should follow the same basic path as Armor, by the same guy who wrote Starship Troopers. What exactly that fits in, I have no idea.

Hellmouth seems to be along the lines of your basic D&D story, but seeing as how there's already a scene that reeks of the entire Elian Gonzales mess, it could be a bit more.

However, I've got finals coming up, so don't expect any major updates soon. I've got the stories blocked out, but the details are taking more time than I have.

Short Stories
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