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After a trying day, Ranma is off brooding about his life when he gets an unexpected visitor; but what he does with the chance she offers is even more unexpected… (Comedy) Ranma 1/2 / Ah! My Goddess crossover.

Caught in the Middle

Immortality is a "what if" story. What would happen if you take Ranma Saotome out of Nerima and then bring him back a few years later, altered enough that he's no longer just what he was? I tried melding the elements of Ranma ½ as well as the crazy world of Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles. Hopefully this will be an enjoyable read.  (Semi-Dark) Ranma ½ / Vampire Chronicles crossover.


The Nerima Ward of Tokyo is the center of a final defense of Tokyo from the invading forces of the Zeon Archduchy. But with supplies hard to come by, it looks like the end is near. Then one day a young man named Ranma Saotome comes to town in a Mobile Suit stronger than anything seen before in all of Japan… (Adventure) Ranma ½ / Mobile Suit Gundam crossover.

Midnight Stampede Project

Nemesis is an anime-style original story set in a faraway land that has a high degree of technomancy. It was well-ruled for decades, until fate struck a cruel blow…  (Adventure) Original.


Summoner's song is about a prophesy that has to be fulfilled, a reluctant hero who has to fulfill that prophesy, the price he and the others around him must pay so that others won't have to, and lastly, it's about Darkness and Light. Vague, so far? Good… keep reading. Oh yeah, it's about Ranma, too.  (Adventure) Ranma ½.

Summoner's Song

What happens when all hope dies, when the heart no longer feels the warmth of love? Will the person wish only to die, or can they be made to live again? (Not yet rated) Ranma 1/2 / Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon crossover.

Winter's Heart

Short Stories
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