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What if all fiction was real? What if reality itself was in constant danger of collapse? What if there was an organization dedicated to preventing this collapse? And most important of all: what happens when the elite unit has no idea how to do their job? (Comedy / Adventure) Multi-series crossover.

Part 1: Fun With Chaos

Part 2: Oh, The Horror!

Part 3: Morons and Senshi and Zerg, Oh My!

Part 4: That Ain't No Cerebrate!

Part 5: Ding Dong, The Witch is Dead!

Part 6: The Comedy Strikes Back

Part 7: A Match Made in Hell

Part 8: The Training Begins

Part 9: Ralph Vs. The Sailor Senshi

Part 10: The Training Ends

Part 11: The "Calm" Before the Storm

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