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Given and Taken Away

An Utena fanfic originally submitted anonymously: The effect on a fan of discovering that Utena and Anthy existed in the 'real world'. Note, that's 'existed': past tense. Revolutionary Girl Utena.

Juichigatsu no Hi (November Fires)

Life still goes on in the quiet future that the Café Alpha is a part of, and the little things are celebrated, such as the first fires of autumn. (WAFF) Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou.

Manzuri Break

Pure lemon. Nothing but scenes of the entire female cast (well, okay, not the entire cast, but all the girls who matter) of Ranma ½… shall we say, pleasuring themselves. Ranma ½. -Lemon Warning-

Mona Lisa

Suppose that Key was willing to pose for Tamari's Visual & Arts Studio; would Key find friends as a pin-up girl? (Semi-Dark) Key the Metal Idol.

Mystery Science Theatre 3.35:
Ranma's Biggest Adventure

The way I understand it, two well-known authors of anime fan fiction (who shall remain unnamed to protect the guilty) decided to put their heads together in an effort to resurrect the inimitible style of the infamous Oscar. So, I offered to MST the thing in the style of Megane 6.7. Here's what we ended up with… (Comedy) MST.

Physics 101

Osaka is actually looking forward to the new class schedule this year. Maybe she can finally discover what it is about Chiyo-chan that gives her that special ability… (Comedy) Azumanga Daioh.

Red Beans and Rice

A traditional Japanese coming-of-age ceremony that Ranma-chan doesn't take too kindly to. Takes place during the Phoenix Pill story arc. Ranma ½.

Second Place: March 1998 Best of Ranma Fanfiction Awards, One-Shot Fiction.
Eighth Place: 1998 Best of Ranma Fanfiction Awards, One-Shot Fiction.


A seduction on a subway car, and how it… erm… came to be. -Lemon Warning-

Sushizume no Sumo

One's first time is always an unforgettable experience, but Akari Uryuu's first time is a bit more so than most: right in the midst of the national sumo-pig competition! Ranma ½. -Lemon Warning-


Runnerup, 100th Newsletter Short Story ContestIn honor of the Lost Library's 100th newsletter, this story was written as an entry in a spamfic contest.. (Comedy) Azumanga Daioh.

"Tabasco" recieved honorable mention in the Lost Library 100th Newsletter Short Story Contest.

The Ill-Timed Cure

Yes, there really is a bad time for one to have one's Jusenkyou curse undone, as Ryoga finds out to his regret. Now he and Ranma have to figure out who did it, and why… and what to do about the perpetrator when they catch him or her. (Comedy) Ranma ½.

The Tattoo

In the wake of a successful wedding between Ranma and Akane, Ukyou gets seriously drunk and does something that she might well regret in the morning… Or will she? Ranma ½. -Lemon Warning-

This is the Way the Millennium Ends…
(Both with a Whimper and a Bang)

Written for the Y2K festivities. Ukyou finds herself alone and longing on the most important New Year of all. Well, no, she's not entirely alone… Ranma ½. -Lemon Warning-

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