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A Ranma ½ fan fiction story
by Ukyou Kuonji

Disclaimer: Ranma ½ and its characters and settings belong to Rumiko Takahashi, Shogakukan, Kitty, and Viz Video.

-Lemon Warning-

This piece has a twist of lemon to it, so for those of you who don't care for such, you might as well give this story a miss.

"I don't see what so special about Akasaka, Akane. Why d'ya want me to come with you, anyway?"

"Oh, come on, Ranma. It'll be fun. You've never ridden the subway before, have you?"

"No. But there's a lotta things I haven't done. Doesn't mean I wanna."

Akane smiled as pleasantly as she could, given Ranma's resistance. "Oh, don't be such a wet blanket, Ranma. You might actually enjoy it. Give it a chance, ne?"

She was cute when she smiled, Ranma had to admit. And he couldn't resist her nearly as well when she did. Besides, there wasn't any compelling reason to refuse, other than the obvious: "Okay, but we're not calling this little shopping trip a 'date' or nothin', okay?"

"Fine." At least, not yet.

Having paid their fares, the two of them wended their way into the labyrinthine tunnels of the station. They stopped briefly to check a map of the system. It was hardly much help. Colored lines were drawn every which way, with stops marked hither and yon. "Boy, now I know how Ryoga feels." Ranma muttered.

Akane, however, was more confident. "It's not that difficult, Ranma… once you know how."

"You callin' me ignorant?"

"Well… you've never seen a map like this before, have you?" Ranma couldn't deny that, and dropped his bellicose posture immediately. Akane continued: "See, you pick up the green line here in Nerima, and we take that as far as the Tanahashi station. From there we pick up the pink line to Akasaka, the Ginza, and, a little further on, Roppongi."

Ranma grabbed her arm. "Wait a minute, Akane. I thought we were just going to Akasaka to do some shopping. What're ya mentioning all those other places for?"

She shrugged innocently "Just places to go, Ranma. That's all…”

After a little more wandering through tunnels, they found and got into a waiting subway train, Ranma still muttering something about not having any idea where they were going. On another level, Akane wasn't too sure about that, either. But she intended to change that.

She remembered the conversation she'd had with Nabiki. As much as her older sister profited from the pitfalls in their relationship, Akane still knew that Nabiki wanted to see her and Ranma together eventually. Besides, she was the worldly-wise sister; and some things you just couldn't ask Kasumi.

"Are you really sure you want to do this, Akane?"

Her reply was a firm "Yes…” but it withered under her older sister's penetrating gaze.”Not really. But it's the only way I can think of to actually stake my claim on him. He'd be mine and mine alone. And that, I know I want."

"Oh, come on, sis. You know he'll deny anything happened… unless you have witnesses. And I doubt you'd want that."

"That's not true, Nabiki. He's a martial artist. He's got a strong sense of honor. You remember about him and his mom, dontcha? He was hiding `cause his dad kept making him. He wouldn't deny that it happened if it did. He can't lie to anyone… except himself."

"And you're sure he's lying to himself about you?"

Akane set her jaw. "Positive." Meanwhile, her mind began wandering. Witnesses…?

Once inside the subway car, they sat down on opposite sides, resting against the window, facing each other. Akane stared intently at Ranma, who for his part, tried to look bored. Failing that, he looked away, staring sideways out the car window. There weren't many others in the car. Slow day, slow time. Who's to say? She decided to make her move. She crossed her legs, cowboy fashion, in the shape of the numeral four.

Out of the corner of his eye, Ranma noticed something strange about Akane's posture. Whether she knew it or not, she had put herself in pretty ridiculous position, crossing her legs like a man. And she gets on my case for acting unfeminine when I'm in girl form. Goofy tomboy. What does she know about acting feminine? Hey, she's not wearing those silly polka-dotted panties again, is she? His eyes darted over to her, to catch a surreptitious glimpse of whatever fabric covered her underneath her skirt.

She wasn't wearing them, he soon discovered. An involuntary gasp escaped him as he realized she wasn't wearing any.

There was still that one flaw in her plan. What was there about her that could attract his attention? She could still hear his — or rather, her — voice from the very first day they met:

"Besides, it's no big deal for me to see a naked girl, right? I mean, I've seen myself lots of times…""Yeah," smirked Nabiki, "but I'll bet there's one thing he… she… hasn't seen. Unless she's squatted over a mirror, and somehow I just don't see him doing that."

Akane's eyes widened. "You think I should show him my… my pussy?"

Nabiki's eyes narrowed. "I never said that. I don't know if your idea is even gonna work. I'm just saying he's probably never gotten a good look at a girl's cunt." She smirked as Akane flinched at the word. "It'd definitely get his attention. But if I were in your place, I'd make it a casual, almost accidental thing. Don't wanna beat him over the head with it, after all."

Ranma was incredulous at the sight before him. Nabiki was quite right; Akane had gotten his attention. A naked girl was nothing to him, but this, a girl practically displaying herself to him; he'd never seen the like. What a view!

Oh, shit. He was starting to sound like Happosai. This was not a good sign. Nor was that slight tickle in his nose. He put his hand up to his face as discreetly as he could manage.

Akane was a receiving great deal of amusement from watching Ranma squirm uncomfortably, trying to conceal both his interest and his nosebleed. She continued to watch his reactions knowing full well his eyes, although directed at her, were nowhere close to her face.

His eyes began to obsess over the view before him. He'd never seen a girl's pussy before, not like this. He couldn't help himself; but found himself gazing intently at the flower of womanhood that might very well be his someday. His brow furrowed. Had he ever considered that concept before? Sex… with Akane? His mind reeled…

His gaze began to focus on the contours of her pubic region, the rise of flesh between the legs covered with short curly black hairs in the shape of a perfect equilateral triangle, pointing invitingly downward at the deep red lips below that seemed poised to kiss — or swallow — something — or someone. As he continued to stare, he began to feel a dull ache growing between his own legs. Oh, Kami-sama, no! Not this! Not here! He knew what was happening — his body was betraying him. Most specifically, his penis, which was now stretched to its limit, and testing severely the elasticity of his drawstring pants. But he couldn't get his eyes off that arrow. It was so well-formed; it looked to him almost like an advertisement: "Come on in!" indicating her pouting lower lips. Were all girls born with this little billboard between their legs? Do I look like that when I'm a girl?

"Well, I suppose I had to get this taken care of sooner or later… swimsuit season's almost here, ne?" Akane winced as she gently drew the razor across her bikini line.

Nabiki was perched on the washing machine, watching Akane shave. "You've still got to take care of some of those hairs on your legs, Akane-chan."

A brief grimace crossed Akane's face. "Don't remind me. Why is it you never have to deal with this, anyway?" Akane gestured at Nabiki's own sex, whose light brown hairs were arranged over her labia like a lusty millipede.

"Just lucky, I guess. I still have to shave my legs when I go out on dates, though. So it's not like I have that much advantage over you, ya know."

What was supposed to have been a quick surreptitious glance had metamorphosed into a long and outright gape. Akane smiled at the reaction she has provoked — his mouth and mind may lie to him, but there were parts of his body incapable of falsehood. Now it was time to lower the boom…

In as stern a voice as she could muster, she demanded, "What are you staring at?" As she did, she gently uncrossed her legs, and placed both feet on the floor in front of her. And just in time, too, as several other people in the car, their attentions drawn by Akane's outburst, put down their papers to observe the feuding couple.

Ranma was completely taken aback. She didn't know that she'd just shown herself off to anyone and everyone in the car? Especially to him? "B-b-but, Akane, you're…”

"I'm what, Ranma?"

Ranma fidgeted, decidedly uncomfortable. "You're… you were, I mean…"

Akane glared as she stood up. "I was what?!" People noticed suddenly that there was a mallet in Akane's hands. Most of them having boarded in Nerima, they were fully aware of the implications of this, and, not wanting to be part of the collateral damage, bolted for either end of the car. They could ride on this train, fine. Just not in this car. Not with these two. Not now.

Ranma's head flipped back and forth as he watched the rest of the passengers depart for other cars. How he wished he could do the same! But the sight of a moment before had virtually riveted him to his seat. He could hardly move if he wanted to. He cringed slightly as Akane continued to advance on him, mallet poised to strike.

The last other passenger to leave did so in such a hurry as to bump the car's fuse box. All the lights in the car went out. Now, even if Ranma could move, he couldn't see which way to go. All he could do now was to squeeze his eyes shut, and wait for the hammer to fall.

And fall it did, with a metallic ‘thud’ and a reverberating clatter. His eyes popped open, despite there being very little to see. He hadn't felt a thing. Akane had dropped the mallet!

He felt her foot come down right next to him. She was standing inches from his face. He felt the fabric of her skirt brush against his cheek.

"What am I, Ranma? Go ahead… say it," she hissed, voice still oozing menace.

He could still feel the pulsing ache in his groin as his mouth scrambled to form words: "You're nei-nei-nei…"

"Come on, Ranma… SAY IT!" And with that, she flipped up her skirt, and pressed her crotch to his face. "I'm NAKED!"

There was a long silence as both Nabiki and Akane sat in the bath together, mulling over Akane's plan to seduce Ranma. "You know, you're gonna haveta lead. He's a virgin… I can tell."

"So this really could mean something to him, couldn't it?" Nabiki smiled and nodded at Akane's question. As pleased as Akane was to hear it, she wasn't quite prepared to believe yet. "But what about the others? What about Shampoo?"

"What about her? A full tub is no place for that sorta thing. Possible, yes, but very awkward. Especially since she's noticeably shorter than Ranma. It just doesn't work that well. That's the only place they've been together like that, ne?" Akane was forced to agree.

"Well, how about Ukyou? They're the same height and all. And he did spend the night there once."

"And you eavesdropped, didn't you? They were playing cards, trying to figure out how to defeat the Gambler King. Trust me on this, Akane. The way he acts around women is so obvious. He hasn't a clue what he's doing." Nabiki shook her head in wonder. "And to think, how much more he ought to know, given his curse and all…"

His nose pressed up against her sex, Ranma inhaled the sour, salty aroma of Akane's juices. So much forethought, so much preparation had been put into this that she was already quite wet with anticipation…

Akane shuddered. Kami-sama, that was his tongue against her lips! It was all she could do not to grab his head and press him to herself all the harder as he continued to lick her. Instead, her hands reached down between her legs to his. And after fumbling momentarily with his drawstring, she pulled his pants down slightly, just enough to release his penis. It was almost audible, when it was freed, how it sprang to attention. She pulled herself away from Ranma's ministrations, and carefully wrapped her hand around the glans. Slowly, she lowered herself onto him, her hand guiding his sex to hers. An electric thrill passed through her as the connection was made. We've made it! And still she continued to gradually lower herself around him.

Then the train lurched, and she lost her balance, falling right down on top of him.

"What does it feel like, Nabiki?"

Had she been on her toes, she probably would have responded with something like "How am I supposed to know?" But she was still busily trying to give her little sister the benefit of her knowledge and experience, and the truth sort of spilled out: "Well, it depends on the guy; what he's got, how he uses it, that sort of…" She stopped short as Akane's eyes widened tremendously. Uh-oh.

This was far too much, far too soon. Akane screamed in pain as the head of his sex bumped her cervix. Then, his hands grasped her by the hips and lifted her up.

"Akane! Are you all right?"

She gasped for breath. "*hanh… hanh…* Actually, no, I'm not. But I think I'll recover. Can you, you know, keep holding on to me like this?"

Ranma nodded; then, realizing she could probably barely see him, murmured "Uh-huh." The train was moving through the tunnels, now, and the car's vibrations on the subway tracks provided a rhythm for the two lovers.

…Lovers. Are we now? A hopeful smile crossed Akane's face as she bounced up and down over her fiancé's manhood. She could feel her insides tightening up, as if they were being wound. And the winding was getting faster by the second. Any moment now…

Ranma, too, was hardly prepared for the sensations. The friction of her sex against his was almost unbearable. Just as he was about to go over the brink, he felt Akane practically drop down onto him. Hard.

Akane convulsed with the force of her orgasm, and thrust herself onto him to the hilt, over and over. And then, she gasped as she felt him burst inside of her and pour out the warm life that was in his semen. She placed one hand on his shoulder, and nestled her head on the other shoulder, and simply let herself go limp, still straddling him, still feeling him inside of her.

Ranma moved his hands from her hips to her spine and held her for several minutes in the darkness. Finally, he spoke up. "Uh, Akane… were we s'posed to get off somewhere?"

She sat back a bit, still holding onto him, and smiled beatifically. "I think we just did."


Author's notes: I don't know what's gotten into me to get me to write a story like this (or maybe it's more a matter of what isn't getting into me ::sigh:: ). Maybe I need to take a manzuri break or something…

This started off as pleasant little tale of Akane trying to seduce Ranma a little by exposing herself to him, and then it just kinda ran off with me. Writing this story was like walking a St. Bernard on a leash, and then all of a sudden, a cat walks by.

No, I didn't go into details about Nabiki. I just thinks she's sufficiently worldly-wise to truly have had experience like this that she could bestow upon Akane. Never mind who and when: I'll leave that to your own hentai imaginations.

Anyway, it's another throwaway fic that I just had to get outta my system. If you've got any comments, by all means let me know at the usual address.

Until next time, ja!

Itsu mo,Ucchan ^_^

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