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an Azumanga Daioh drabble (100-word fic)
by Ukyou Kuonji

"Oi, Yomi! What's that you've got on your tray?"

"This? Oh, my cousin in America sent me—"

"Ta-ba-su-ko? Doesn't this stuff make mosquitos explode?"

"I… wouldn't know."

"Wow, Yomi-san… you really like spicy stuff!"

"Ha! It's not that spicy! I could pour three shakes onto my croquette and I wouldn't sweat!"

"Oh, really? Try four shakes."

"Five shakes!"



"…Eat that croquette."

"Oh ho! What have we here? Louisiana Tabasco? Trés bien… I ga-ron-tee it!"

"Yukari-sensei… don't chug that!"

"Kurosawa-sensei… isn't this English class?"

"Well, Yukari-chan asked me to tell you… class is cancelled this afternoon."



Author's notes: With apologies to Azuma-sensei, Bill Amend, and the McIllenney Sauce Company.

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