The Lost Library of D'ni The Lost Library of D'ni

recUrtan D'nE (The D'ni Student)

teDomare (By Domahreh)

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Lesson 1   The History of D'ni Linguistics

Editor's notes: This section of HPOTD was created to resurrect a portion of the D'ni Linguistic Fellowship's web site, which appears to be greatly reduced from what it once was.

If you would like to create your own documents or images in D'ni, you'll need to download and install these fonts.

It's important to learn the D'ni alphabet for these lessons, but the site master has chosen to add transliteration to make the D'ni phrases easier to read. A non-standard transliteraton system will be used, and an explanation of it will be added to lesson 2.


During our journeys through the worlds of the D'ni, we have all come across it. Scrawled on a fragile bit of parchment, inscribed on a monumental building, or even casually spoken in greeting, the words of the D'ni language carry a certain power, a sort of magic. Not just in the sense that they were instrumental for writing the all-important descriptive and linking books, which nourished and supported the D'ni civilization for so many centuries. The language of the D'ni is fascinating in its mechanics. It has provided us some of the most important primary documents about the D'ni, and continues to reveal its mysteries as study pushes forward.

Whether this is your first encounter with the D'ni language or if you are returning to refresh your knowledge, you are about to embark on an exploration of one of the greatest puzzles of the D'ni.

This series of lessons is designed to walk the beginner through from the basic fundamentals of D'ni to the more advanced aspects of the language in a sequential manner. The initial lessons will help to orient you in the history of D'ni linguistics, as well as some of the basic concepts of the language. As they progress, the lessons will tackle more and more challenging material. Each lesson will have accompanying vocabulary, summary, and examples.

Unit 1 covers the basics of D'ni; after completing it, you should be able to express yourself in simple conversation with a variety of sentences. Unit 2 continues where Unit 1 leaves off, and will introduce you to more advanced concepts of the language. Upon completion, you should have a more comprehensive knowledge of its known properties. Unit 3 introduces you to topics under discussion in the linguistic community, including different theories and accepted hypotheses.

It is not mandatory to complete this entire sequence of lessons to speak D'ni. The basic knowledge you learn in Unit 1 will suffice for simple conversation and expression, and you may wish to stop there. However, the more you persevere, the better you will be able to speak, read and write in the language.

.lena biv Kenen erTbåntE me KElentE
(.lena biv kenen erthbåntē me kēlentē)
(May your first step be simple, and may every step following prove enriching and fun!)

Domare (Domahreh)

Lesson 2 Alphabet and Transliteration
Lesson 3 Penmanship
Lesson 4 Greetings
Lesson 5 Plurals and Agreement
Lesson 6 Articles
Lesson 7 Numbers
Lesson 8 How Verbs Work
Lesson 9 Simple Present Tense
Lesson 10 Simple Direct Objects
Lesson 11 Subject Complements
Lesson 12 Adverbs
Lesson 13 Converting Particles I
Lesson 14 Word Order
Lesson 15 Present Progressive Tense
Lesson 16 Negative Statements
Lesson 17 Imperative Mood
Lesson 18 Converting Particles II
Lesson 19 Demonstrative Adjective and Pronoun
Lesson 20 Coordinating Conjunctions
Lesson 21 Introduction to Prepositions
Lesson 22 "beh" and Quantifiers


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