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In England, home to a great many imaginative television shows — and a great many television shows that should never have seen the light of day — there was an improvisational comedy show called "Whose Line Is It Anyway?". The object of the show was to gather comedians, come up with skit ideas based on a set number of categories, and then get the comedians to act out the skits and see what happened. "Points" were awarded pretty much at whim. There were no prizes except the standard pay for appearing on the show. Sound lame? It actually worked quite well. In the style of that show, we have a series of fan fiction vignettes with all the regular cast members (well, okay, all the regular American cast members) acting as if they were otaku like us. (Comedy) Anime / Whose Line Is It Anyway? crossover.

Whose Line Is It Anime?

Opening and Let's Make a Date (with Kathy Greenwood)

Giant Mecha Irish Drinking Song (with Chip Estes)

Jusenkyou Hoe-Down (with Drew Carey)

If Ya Know What I Mean… ()

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