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Ae'gura Island

 Ae'gura Island
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Ae'gura island was the center of D'ni society, and possibly the first place where Ri'neref and the Ronay colonists arrived in the cavern. That name stopped being used at some unknown point in D'ni history, and was simply called rebantano (rebantano), "the Island".

In one of the very first official actions of the new society, members of the Ronay Guild of Surveyors set the zero marker for the Age on the Island's highest peak, and oriented the zero meridian of their navigation system to magnetic north as it existed at the time. The first public building to be constructed on Ae'gura was a monumental hall around the zero marker. The building was later to house the Great Zero machine, which broadcasts a navigation signal to KI devices.

Ae'gura was mainly devoted to government and religious buildings, but was also the site of several residential districts of varying classes. A social center called the Great Tree Pub was located next to J'Taeri, an upper-class district southeast of the Guild Hall, which was probably where higher-ranked guild members and at least some of the D'ni nobles lived. Higher ranked D'ni nobility often owned private islands and/or private residential Ages.

The known residential districts on Ae'gura were Ishah, J'Taeri, Jaren, and Kerath'en. Going by various maps, models, and artist's drawings, there may have once been a small business or shopping district at the end of Tokotah Alley, but that is unconfirmed.

From the same sources, it appears that Kerath'en was located at the eastern end of a channel of water, which in turn lays on the opposite side of the ridge of stalagmites that the walkway to the Library parallels.

Ae'gura Map

Direction arrows are scattered around the island, which use icons to indicate which structure they are pointing toward. From left to right, the top row represents the Guild Hall, the Ferry Terminal, and the Concert Hall Foyer. The bottom row represents the Great Zero, the Great Library, and Tokotah I. There are references that the signs were hung by the DRC and are not historic.

Direction icons

Ae'gura is located in the approximate center of the cavern. Here's a view of Ae'gura as seen from K'veer's southern side. It's hard to see, but we are very near the zero meridian, so Kerath's Arch is directly ahead. It's difficult to distinguish it from the spire of the tallest stalagmite of the island, atop of which sits the Great Zero.

View from K'veer

Another view of Ae'gura is available from the neighborhood balconies. The neighborhoods are about one degree west of the zero meridian and farther away than K'veer, so they get a clear view of the northern side of the island.

Ae'gura from a Neighborhood balcony

Looking through the telescope on the balcony, we see from left to right, Kerath's Arch, the Great Stairs, the Concert Hall Foyer, and the Great Library. The downward angle we are seeing them from is because the balcony is about 294 feet (89.5 meters) above the surface of the lake.

Telescope view

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