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Miscellaneous Poetry and Haiku


Death of A Rose

A poem about the death of a beauty. (Angst) (Poetry) Original.


While the world crumbles about me… Mature themes. (Angst) (Poetry) Original.


Sometimes to end it all is the only way out… (Angst) (Poetry) Original.

Gotta Love Those Infomercials

Skit #1: The Miracle Chopper…

Rurouni Kenshin and infomercials… I am so sorry… (Humor) Rurouni Kenshin.

In Silence We Remember

In remembrance of September 11th. (Angst) (Poetry) Original.

Kitties, Fukus, and Pervs, Oh My!

What's the best way to poke fun at your entire family? Put 'em all in fukus. Gender be darned, everyone's wearing a fuku! Insertions abound! (Humor) Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon.

One More Reason to Order Out

Will Kasumi be enough to reign in the culinary horror known as Akane? One can only hope… Just a lil snippit meant to make ya'll laugh. At least, I hope… (Humor) Ranma ½.

As These Tears of Blood Are Shed (Answers)

Questions about one's faith. (Religious) (Poetry) Original.

Release From This Cruel World

When the world becomes too much… mature themes (Angst) (Poetry) Original.


A downbeat look at winter. (Angst) (Poetry) Original.

This Starry Night

One starry night… (Romance) (Poetry) Original.

Turning Away

Even in our darkest hours… A religious poem. (Poetry) Original.


When all else is lost… mature themes. (Angst) (Poetry) Original.

Wintertime Dilemma

A last minute plea… (Humor) (Poetry) Original.

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