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All my memories,
a surge of unhappiness,
rush in to drown me.

Asiatic Blur

You say nihao and sayonara,
Then ask me for some rice.
You ask me if I eat small dogs,
And if I fry up mice.

You call me chink and stupid gook,
And slant your eyes in jest.
Yet you love my cars and electronics,
And say that they're the best.

Your ignorance is sickening,
'Cuz, not all asians do make cars.
Just learn about your Asian neighbor,
Is that so very hard? -_-

We are in fact one people, but also many too.
But, realize this, and know it well, and find it to be true:
Please don't think that all Asians, know and do kung-fu.

(Author's notes: I just threw that last part in, just because. ^^;; I would've said something about math, but yeah, I'm too lazy to right now. Hope you enjoyed this! And remember, don't believe the stereotypes; there are plenty of dumb asians out there who can't do math or kick worth a damn. *points at self* I'm living proof! Erm, wait, I shouldn't be proud of that… No, wait! I… ARG! — Kess
P.S. — Thanks to Kitty for proofreading!)


Breathe in deeply now,
Wash away impurity,
End the pain within.

Brother of Mine

I, as time ticks by,
watch my brother slowly die,
with a heavy heart.

He drinks a little,
and smokes a lot, daring death
To take him away.

It's not yet happened,
but still I fear for him so,
worry consumes me.

Don't leave me just yet,
we still have much to talk of,
dear brother of mine.

You promised you'd make me smile.
I'll hold you to that.
Just, for me… live.

(Author's notes: I suppose this sounded rough at some points, and my first attempt at a cut haiku wasn't the best ever, but, at least I can say that it was all honest and from the heart. This was inspired by my brother; lately, he's been trying to take better care of himself, and I'm happy because of that. He'll still have lingering health problems because of his bad smoking and drinking habits in the past, but it's good to see that he's trying now. *smiles* I just… I hope that… yeah. Ja. — Kess)


Burning in my lungs,
A pain that consumes my chest,
I press on and run.


Colors of the world,
White and black and yellow too,
Just pigmentation.


Eyes downcast,
Watching the drips,
Falling, one by one,
Onto the hardwood floor,
Seeping into the surface,
Staining the brown forever red.
I close my eyes and let myself drift,
Content to sleep away my existence…

(Author's notes: Just doing some experimenting. Like the structure?1-2-3…? Ah well. Feel free to read my other stuff, too. Ja. — Kess)

Dreams Adrift

Its petals drift along the bend,
And with the tide the flower sends,
Sweet dreams of love and something more,
Frail flower, dead upon the river shore.

(Author's notes: Always open to interpretation. ^_^ )

Eyes to See

As long as we
have eyes to see
the hypocrisy
of this democracy
can we truly say
that we are free
if we sit idly by
and let it be?

Author's notes: Stand up for what you believe in. Fight the corruption. Blast the political rhetoric. Open up your eyes to the truth, and work to better our nation through peaceable means. This cycle of violence, no matter how "justified" it may be proclaimed to be, will bring ruination not only to our own nation, but to mankind as we know it. Pray for those who have died, those who will die, and those who are dying. Pray for a better future for our progeny, and for the future of the human race. This bloodshed has to end now, 'lest it consumes us whole… — Kess


Flitting specks of ash,
A fire, long extinguished,
Cold, smothered embers.


Food and life lessons,
Just like a bowl of Jello,
Always room for change.


Hate within a soul,
A darkness that will corrupt,
Tolerance will cleanse.


Hope and faith are lost,
Weary of this painful life,
Crying crimson tears.


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