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Here we go again, all the way from the start. A London werewolf traveling the world in search of a dream. A girl learning to accept reality however skewed it may be, struggling with flashes of a future that once was. Devils and Gods, Demons and Angels, an ancient tribe from China on a wordwide manhunt. And in the middle of it all, a crimson-haired man in white who's simlpy trying to live life by his own design. (Adventure) Ranma ½.

Road to Hell: Deus

In a world of corporate spying and raiding that falls just short of open warfare, magic is a reality just as deadly as the bullet it's cast upon. Ran and Silver are a top team of Shadowrunners, mercenaries-for-hire in the world of corporate infighting, like many others. What sets them apart is Ran's secret past, a past that has left him heir to a power unimagined by his 'peers' and employers… (Adventure) Ranma ½.

Road to Hell: No Need for Heaven

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