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A year after the series would have taken place, Ranma comes to Tokyo after an accident at Jusenkyo whisked him away to parts unknown. He's been through a lot, but now he's coming home with "closure" on his mind… partly because he was kicked out and this was the only place he could go. Will the people who would have come to know him, had destiny run its original course, be able to deal with a Ranma so fundamentally different than the brash young man he would have been? Will a certain guardian of the Gates of Time be able to deal with a creature from her worst nightmares? (Adventure) Ranma ½ / Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon crossover.

Prologue: Thirty to One -or- What's in a Year?

Chapter One: It's Red and It Runs in the Family

Chapter Two: Knight… Moved

Chapter Three: Pecking Order

Chapter Four: One More Game…

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