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Chapter 4

A Ranma ½ / Highlander crossover story
by Dark Phoenix

Disclaimer: Ranma ½ and its characters and settings belong to Rumiko Takahashi, Shogakukan, Kitty, and Viz Video.

-Lemon Warning- This chapter contains adult situations inappropriate for reading by persons under the legal age of consent.

"You could always kill her," Amanda said. She was currently wearing a robe and little else, while sharpening her sword. Ranma sat across from her looking forlorn and angry.

Ranma thought about it for a moment. "Nah, she may an evil bitch, but she hasn't really done any thing to deserve to die. Well, there was that one time, but… Nah." Ranma shook his head for emphasis.

"In situations like this I just disappear, you know, until everybody who could cause any trouble dies of old age. One hundred percent effective, unless you run into someone who thinks you're dead, then things can get pretty awkward," she suggested. Poor kid, he really did seem like a good one too; not anything like that little bastard Kenny.

"I don't think that would work all that well. I really pissed Nabiki off, and she's the type that holds grudges. She'd probably hunt me down." Ranma turned his head away from Amanda quickly as she shifted in her chair, causing her robe to fall partially open.

Amanda pretended not to notice, and moved around to give Ranma a better view if he faced her again. "Not if she thinks you're dead."

Ranma had considered that possibility himself, several times. “Then I'd have to change my name and stuff," Ranma said, voicing the reason that he hadn't really considered taking that approach. Now that he actually said it, the idea didn't sound too terribly bad.

"You might as well get used to it; if you’re good enough to stay alive, you're going to have to do it every two decades at the very least. I can stay in one place for fifteen or twenty years if I really want to, just passing myself off as one of those people that ages really well. Really though, you probably shouldn't even stay in one place for ten years, you're just too young."

"Yeah," Ranma agreed morosely. He'd tried not to think of the trouble his appearance could cause; however, he only had a few years before he had to deal with it. Amanda was greatly overestimating the time he could pass himself off as halfway normal. Martial artists notice things, and those of the caliber that he lived around would begin to get suspicious in another two or three years.

"So, what'll it be?" Amanda asked. Her throaty tone of voice was more than enough to make Ranma nervous, but the bare leg exposed nearly to her buttocks and the suggestive posture she took as she leaned against the chair he sat in pretty much shocked him into immobility.

"A-A-Ama-Amanda-da-da," Ranma stuttered pitifully. He had memories; he knew what he should do. He knew what Amanda was trying to do. Hell, he had some nearly overpowering urges, but his brain just didn't want to function. Ranma tried to think of a way out of the situation. All it could do was choose for itself the path of least resistance. Ranma fainted.

"Damn, that's never happened before," Amanda snapped. She didn't really make a habit of seducing young men, but every so often she enjoyed a fling with an athletic man that could keep up with her. Ranma could obviously do that, but he was also a young immortal, someone needing guidance and wisdom. This would really be for the best. She would get to satisfy that annoying maternal instinct that crept up on her every fifty or sixty years, and have someone to keep her bed warm.

Ranma woke up. There was no screaming, pummeling, or water involved in this process. The stimulus for the event was no more than a feather light touch. It skirted his bare torso, moving slowly and delicately over tense pectorals and terminating with a slight twist at the base of his neck. Okay, no reason to panic, yet. He'd woken up before, naked and chained to a bed. It wasn't that common an occurrence, but Kodachi wasn't easy to discourage.

Blindfolded, Ranma couldn't actually see his captor, but he knew Kodachi didn't hold him. The sense in the room of ancient power and the dull throbbing in his head gave away Amanda's identity as well as seeing her would have. The silk cords that bound his wrists and ankles to the four posts of the bed were strong, stronger than most people would believe. Ranma could have snapped them without any great difficulty. Why didn't he? Who knew? Ranma himself didn't know.

A part of his brain, a part long active, yet long denied, held sway. He grunted as he tested the give in the cords. Ranma knew what was happening; he didn't care. A weight, warm and soft settled across his stomach and he felt his penis hardening in anticipation. He shouldn't be allowing this. He should resist. The voice in his head was ignored.

"Oh, Ranma," he heard Amanda purr. She was leaning over him, braced against the headboard of the bed. The immortal temptress nipped Ranma's ear. “Such an eager pupil," Amanda cooed as she reached back and fondled the stiffening member.

"Hmmmmm," Ranma moaned. The contact sparked memories not his own, but a part of him nonetheless. Sex was to be enjoyed, a pleasant aside to a life filled with violence and bloodshed, grief and loss. He moaned again, this time in frustration as Amanda ceased her ministrations. Slowly, oh so slowly, she shifted position, scraping hardened nipples down Ranma's abdomen. Ranma felt the smooth, hairless cleft of Amanda's vagina as she ground it against his thigh. As she traveled ever downward, a slick trail of musky fluid was left in her wake.

Ranma tensed, ready to break his bonds and participate fully. Amanda reached up and caressed his cheek. “Just lay back, Ranma. Enjoy it." Ranma relaxed, though his breathing came in sharp gasps now and he felt as if his heart would explode. Why had he denied himself for so long?

Any internal debate within Ranma's excited mind came to an abrupt halt as Amanda cupped his hardened testicles in one hand and guided his swollen, purple-headed penis to her warm, inviting mouth with the other. “A-Amanda, ahhh!" Ranma exclaimed. Memories don't convey sensation, and Ranma wasn't ready for the feeling.

Amanda gently kneaded Ranma's balls. They were large and filled her hand perfectly. Her tongue, long and slender, traced lines of fire around Ranma's distended glans, swirling maddeningly. Occasionally, for but a moment, Amanda would sink the whole of Ranma's manhood down her throat and use her teeth and experienced tongue to stimulate the sensitive nerves that ran along the bottom side of the penis and terminated at its base.

Ranma never had gotten the courage to masturbate and didn't have much of a pleasure threshold. Less than a minute had passed when Amanda felt Ranma's testes draw upward and he moaned long and deeply, bucking his hips wildly. Acting on long experience, Amanda drew back and locked her lips around the head of the penis she'd been orally servicing. Her left hand continued to fondle Ranma's balls as she tightly grasped Ranma's member and began jerking him off, sucking as powerfully as she could manage.

The first burst of semen sprayed down Amanda's throat, followed immediately by another, and yet another. She greedily swallowed the warm, creamy liquid and made sure to suck any remaining cum from the still hard penis as she jerked Ranma through his first orgasm.

Amanda didn't mind Ranma's quick release. It was to be expected, if not savored for the life experience that it was. She'd taken his virginity, and the way she'd done it had saved the boy a serious amount of potential embarrassment. She gave the head one last lick before sitting up between Ranma's outstretched legs. He didn't show any sign of softening, as good a sign as any she could have hoped for, and his breathing was rapidly coming back under control. Damn, she was good!

"Wasn't that nice?" she asked her prey. The boy was covered in a thin layer of sweat, and it combined with the odor of her own arousal to fill her bedroom with the heady musk of sex.

"Oh god, never imagined… be like that…" Ranma sighed. Such a sweet young man, so easy to please. Anxiously, Amanda repositioned herself. Ranma wasn't small by any definition of the word, and his body was absolutely gorgeous. She hadn't been with a man in months, and from the moisture that coated the shaved, engorged lips of her sex and the almost painful throbbing in her clit, Amanda could tell that she was long overdue for a fling or ten.

Ranma probably wasn't ready for or capable of another orgasm just yet, despite the rigidity of his cock, but that didn't matter. Amanda wasn't a one-shot girl. She liked to work herself to exhaustion, and Ranma was just the kind of guy to help her out.

He moaned again, the only sound he seemed able to produce, as Amanda straddled his hips, aligning the head of his penis with the dripping lips of her pussy. She had to reach down and part the swollen labia enough so she could insert the generously sized piece of meat.

Being immortal has several advantages. The important one now, though, was the resiliency that an immortal's body possessed. A thousand years of life, liberally seasoned with lots of sex, would have left Amanda with a very worn out, useless cunt, but that wasn't how it worked. Hers was a tight, almost cherry, pussy that was just as sensitive and demanding as the day it'd been broken in.

"I want you to work with me, Ranma," Amanda breathed, voice husky with suppressed arousal. She released the weight from her knees and slowly began to sink down onto Ranma's shaft. The fit was a close one, and she had to apply an almost painful amount of pressure to take the blood filled head, but persistence and a lot of feminine lubrication did the job. Finally, with the thickest part of Ranma's manhood within her, Amanda was able to lower herself down, fully engulfing the large penis. She sighed as she felt the head bump into her cervix.

Ranma's hips were already beginning to thrust forcefully upwards. “Now, big boy, when I pull up, you pull out, got it?" Ranma answered with a nod. Shivering, though not cold, Amanda leaned into Ranma, smashing her swollen breasts into his chest and stabbing him with rock hard nipples. She slipped her arms around his back and grasped him tightly.

A few clumsy strokes, and the rhythm was established. Slowly at first, but with ever increasing speed, Amanda drew herself off of Ranma, pulling forward and rubbing her sweating bosom against the sharply defined muscles of Ranma chest. As a counterpoint, Ranma withdrew as much as his position would allow, exposing almost half of his ten-inch penis on each stroke. When the pair reached their respective apexes, Amanda rammed herself down onto Ranma while Ranma rammed himself up into Amanda.

Squeezing tightly with her vaginal muscles, Amanda was able to stimulate Ranma enough that when she reached her first climax, the convulsive spasms of her sex sent him over the edge. Amanda came, clutching tightly to Ranma and screaming into his shoulder. Ranma continued to stroke into the convulsing woman, spraying a full load of thick, yet infertile seed into the warm passage.

Neither broke contact, and after more than a minute of explosive orgasm, Amanda had rejoined Ranma in their lovemaking. This cycle repeated for nearly two hours, until each climax left Amanda sobbing in ecstasy and Ranma drained completely of any semen. They pulled apart on a mutual, unspoken signal and lay panting, their sexes sore and aching. Sometime during the wild night, Ranma's meager bonds had broken and he still rested partially over Amanda, her breast, bite-marked and red, serving as a pillow.

Ranma didn't know how long he dozed, but when he awoke he could think of nothing but the beautiful woman in bed next to him. Satin sheets inflamed still sensitive skin and he found himself once again aroused. His penis was no longer raw, a benefit of supernatural healing, and he was eager to experience this wonderful thing again. God, he'd had Shampoo, Ukyou, Kodachi, and at least another dozen girls throwing themselves at him for nearly two years, and he had denied them all. What an idiot he'd been!

Ranma had himself a new favorite pastime, right after the Art. He looked over to Amanda. She had one long leg curled within the blue satin sheet and the other draped across his own splayed legs. One arm rested near his groin and the other hung off the side of the bed. The perfect, oh so suckable tits, now fully healed of the love bites and light bruising caused by his rough handling which Amanda had practically ordered him to perform, were sitting innocently, angled slightly towards him thanks to a pillow positioned behind his lover's back.

Reaching out tentatively, Ranma cupped one of those breasts, squeezing the firm orb lightly, then drawing back and tracing an outline of a nipple, which quickly hardened with his touch. Ranma repeated the process with the other mound. Amanda shifted in her sleep, turning towards him and giving him a better view of his playthings. Shyly, but with determination, Ranma leaned over and took the nubbin of flesh into his mouth, laving it with his tongue and barely scraping it with his teeth. Amanda moaned, a sound that only served to increase Ranma's arousal. Suckling on the teat, Ranma reached down to Amanda's hairless pussy and began to stroke the outer lips.

Moisture began to seep from Amanda's sex as Ranma's quick fingers stimulated her. After a few minutes of playing with the outermost area of Amanda's pussy, Ranma spread the now swollen and slick lips apart to get at the more sensitive, dripping inner lips and clitoris. Memories previously loathed, now became a silent blessing as Ranma drew on a storehouse of carnal knowledge. He slipped his middle finger into Amanda and, using his thumb to stimulate her clitoris, began a slow finger fuck.

A shock of sharp pleasure brought Amanda from her sex-induced dreams with a gasp. Immediately, she felt Ranma nursing hungrily on her breast while he played with her pussy, fingering her with two fingers and rubbing her throbbing clit repeatedly. A small orgasm rocked through her as Ranma pressed firmly into her clit while inserting another finger inside her. One of her arms was pinned under her side, but she used the other to reach up and pull Ranma's head away from her achingly aroused nipple.

Without words, she pulled his mouth to hers and kissed the young man passionately. Their tongues intertwined and Amanda screamed into Ranma's mouth as he brought her to another, more powerful climax. She was rocked through two more heavy orgasms before she gathered up the will power to break contact. She leaned away from Ranma, sucking his tongue one last time and pulling his cream coated hand from her sex.

Ranma was turning out to be more than she'd ever expected. To think that Ranma had, up until a few hours ago, been a virgin, was almost unbelievable, but his initial reaction to her seduction had told her quite decisively that he was. A few months of nighttime training, and the possibilities were mind numbing.

"Amanda, I wasn't fin—" Ranma never got to finish, Amanda's finger pushing his lips shut.

"Shhh. Ranma, as much as I enjoy this, we have a long day ahead of us tomorrow and are both going to need plenty of rest. Now shut up and lay back. I can't leave you unsatisfied. It simply wouldn't be proper," she finished archly.

Ranma couldn't stop himself from laughing at Amanda's last comment as she straddled him. She didn't take her time like before, this time simply lunging down with all the force she could muster. She shuddered through a mini-orgasm as she was so rapidly stretched open, her womb jarred by Ranma's member. This wasn't exactly proper, but he didn't care. Then again, this was just the type of behavior his mom would approve of. Ugh, not the best time to think of one's mother.

Thrusting in sync with Amanda as she rode him, Ranma reached up and pinched her hugely aroused nipples. They were like fleshy pebbles and his toying with them caused Amanda to grunt each time he increased the pressure. Grinning down at Ranma, Amanda cupped his hands around her breasts and leaned against him, allowing the martial artist to support most of her weight as she bucked onto him.

Ranma found that he couldn't stop grinning. The shower with Amanda hadn't helped the condition and the way she kept glancing at him and smirking only made it worse.

"You know, Ranma, you could become addictive," Amanda said as they walked down the streets of Tokyo. She knew of a coroner who, for a price, could arrange for a body to be found burned beyond recognition. She'd told him over a light breakfast of croissants (Ranma had only eaten twelve) that 'death' by fire was one of the best ways to fake your death, as long as you weren't the one getting burnt. Otherwise, it was one of the least pleasant things an immortal could ever experience.

"Huh?" Ranma asked. With his mind in the gutter, he hadn't done more than hear the words Amanda spoke.

Amanda sighed and chuckled to herself. “Nothing, Ranma. Nothing worth worrying about."

Ranma was about to 'Huh?' again when he felt the familiar chi build up associated with an incoming attack. He tensed, harnessing his battle aura and preparing to harden the surrounding air into a barrier to protect himself and Amanda. Within moments, the attack came close enough for Ranma to see the light that it was giving off. Green. Soon after, he felt the emotions backing the attack. Ryoga, unless someone else had mastered the shi shi hokodan.

Even for Ryoga, who attacked him every chance he got, it was unheard of for the lost boy to throw around chi blasts before trying to smash Ranma for a couple minutes. Usually it took that long just for Ryoga to work up that much depression. Ranma didn't spare the time to think about it, though.

He angled the silver plane of solid air so that the chi attack would be deflected and strike the road. Coming at an angle, Ranma didn't have to deflect it much, but when he felt the force of the attack strike his shield, he involuntarily turned his head away. That action allowed him to see Amanda dodge from behind him in an attempt to get out of the projectile's path. Unfortunately, Amanda leapt clear into the deflection zone. Ranma couldn't do anything more than shout a warning to his lover as the already deflected blast streaked towards the immortal woman.

Amanda's mouth fell open and her eyes widened as the glowing sphere of green depression slammed into her… and had absolutely no effect whatsoever.


To be continued.

Author's Notes: I'm going to try to get back to writing some of my other series now, just so they don't die out of my mind and those of my readers. Till Death Do We Part is the first I'm gonna attempt it with. Oh, and if you somehow missed it, nearly this whole chapter was a lemon. I know Amanda is a little OOC, but this is my fic, so I'm sorta like God. Amanda can be a bit of a slut if I want her to be. AND, guess what, this is a lemon written by ME. I don't really know how good it is, not being that good a judge of my own work, but I'm proud of myself nonetheless. This is a major achievement for me. I've never been able to even halfway seriously attempt one before. Anyway, send C&C to me at dark_phoneix@hotmail.com

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