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Short Stories
But a Habit is Stonger… Amidst the beauty and terror of the Roes Duels, the Duellists mustn't forget that they are also students, with responsibilities to go with their privileges… (Low-Key Comedy) Revolutionary Girl Utena.
Hanabi Aeris and Tifa settle their feud over Cloud. (Introspective) -Lemon Warning- Final Fantasy VII.
I am Happousai This is what you get when you mention panties around me while I'm listening to Black Sabbath… (Silly) Ranma ½ Songfic.
Mou Ikanaide A brief goodbye from one friend to another. (Introspective) Slayers.
MST of "Nuke 'Em 'Till They Glow!! Chapter 1" Aaron and his two clones do a Mystery Science Theater style review of Ben Oliver's first chapter of Nuke 'Em 'Till They Glow. Much hilarity ensues. Trust me. Would I lie to you? (Humor) MST.
MST of "Youmas Attack the United States" A bit of fic bashing that resulted from frustration when this poorly executed attempt at a "fic" got much more attention than polished works did. Be sure to put on your lexan firesuit before reading. (Rant) MST.
Next Ultimate Kung Fu Ninja Fanboy Duel— Part II: Second Vengeance Yes, this is the fanfic your parents warned you about. That is, if your parents were commonly in the habit of handing out warnings about fanfics that might possibly destroy your mind and release your soul to comprehend the depths that two fanboys might sink to in their efforts to destroy each other…  (Silliness) Original story.
Text Version
Picnic Flamenco The crossover is a mystery… what dastardly villian are the Bebop's crew hunting this time? (Comedy) Cowboy Bebop.
Shock Value One day the author's Evil Clone escaped from the basement, beginning his reign of terror with this story. MUAHAHAHAHAHA!  Welcome to Ryouga Hibiki's nightmare! (Comedy- Sort of) -Lemon Warning- Ranma ½ by "Eyewrin" (Aaron Bergman's Evil Clone)
Slayers: Promise! A ghost from Lina's past… a dinner in her future… and Naga always laughing in the present… A Slayers wintertime adventure! (WAFF) Slayers.
Taking the Revolution Utena, in reaching for her goal of Princehood, has discovered a hidden peril, and Kozue Kaoru must help her find a solution… (Strangeness) -Lemon Warning- Revolutionary Girl Utena.
Through the Looking Glass 3 oz. Tentacle Rape, four cups Self-Insertion, a pinch of utter insanity for flavor, stir briskly, and you'll get something like this. MUAHAHAHA! (Comedy) -Lemon Warning- Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon by "Eyewrin" (Aaron Bergman's Evil Clone)
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