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A Slayers/Ranma crossover that I wrote simply to see if I could do it with an acceptable plot device. To my surprise, it's actually quite good!

As for the rest… Well, look at the two main titles and guess the rest. Watch Amelia hit on Ryouga! Shiver as Naga the White Serpent and Kodachi the Black Rose clash! Gasp as Ranma asks Xelloss a question, and gets a straight answer! Stand with one foot in a bucket and hop as the author laughs in amusement! This story's got it all! (Comedy/ Adventure) Slayers/ Ranma ½ crossover.

Part the First: Bringing It Together

Part the Second: Coincidence Unfolds

Part the Third: Stirring the Plot

Part the Fourth: Off to See the Wizard

Part the Fifth: Mirror, Mirror

Part the Sixth: Convergence Squared

Part the Seventh: Breakfast At Maison Tendo…

Part the Eighth: Taunting The Beast

Part the Ninth: Old Acquaintance Should Be Forgot

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