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A Ranma ½ / Oh! My Goddess crossover story
as chronicled by Trella

Disclaimer: Moshi-moshi! What's that? No, I don't own the rights to or the characters of Ranma 1/2, or Dominion Tank Police. If I did, d'ya think I'd still be a part-time librarian? Ranma ½ and its characters and settings belong to Rumiko Takahashi, Shogakukan, Kitty, and Viz Video. Oh! My Goddess belongs to Fujishima Kousuke, Kodansha, TBS and KSS films; AnimEigo, Studio Proteus, and Dark Horse Comics. Dominion Tank Police belongs to Masamune Shirow, Dark Horse Comics, Manga Video, and US Manga Corps.

-Lemon Warning-

This one's a lemon, folks, but you'll have to read through a lot of words before you get there. So if you aren't of the official age of consent in your locale, you shouldn't be reading this. And if you're under the aforementioned age and are reading this… naughty! Go find someone to spank you! After all, you might enjoy it.

Chapter 6.5: Mousse Gets Some!

Mousse was, as they say, pissed. He had come back from China ready to continue to press his suit with Shampoo (and to destroy that enemy to all women, Ranma Saotome), and what does he find? Not only does Shampoo persist in her stubbornness, her refusal to see just how wrong Saotome was for her, but his despised rival somehow seemed to have seduced both Ukyo and Akane Tendo into some sort of vile and perverted four-way relationship. Was there no end to the evil of Ranma Saotome?

Still, hope springs eternal… but then, especially in the case of the Shampoo-obsessed Mousse, so did idiocy. Mousse reflected on his past attempts to defeat his bitter rival and win the heart of Shampoo… and the fact that each attempt met with the most abject failure. Now, if Mousse was a normal person, he'd have considered ere now just giving up, with as much grace as a grudging heart could muster. But this is Nerima, after all, and normal people don't get stories written about them.

Thus it was, as the Chinese male Amazon reflected on his troubles, that he heard about a series of mysterious bank thefts that were plaguing the district. No one could figure out how the robbers entered, how they exited, and how they committed the crime… And Mousse had what was, for him, a brilliant idea. If he couldn't defeat Ranma in battle (and don't think he's given up on the idea), he'd do something so brave, and so daring, that it could not help but capture the imagination of all who heard it… and win, as a matter of course, the affections of his precious Shampoo. He would apprehend and bring to justice the robbers! After all, it was a duty of a martial artist to protect the earnings of the common folk, wasn't it?

There was only one problem. Most of the bank managers he'd approached with his idea… well, this is Japan, after all, and they were far too mannered to have given the proposition the horse-laugh it deserved (a good thing Mousse was not in America…), but the reaction was all the same… "Thank you for the offer, and it's ever so kind of you, but we'll continue to rely on the police, thank you very much…" All the same? Well… not quite… you see, there was one bank whose manager was of the nervous and skittish sort… and his bank held some funds of a family that could make a lot of trouble if provoked (those Kunos can get nasty, you know…), and he was, well, rather desperate. He had to be, to take on someone who was still just a kid, and near blind at that, if those thick glasses were any indication. Still, a demonstration of skill was all it took… that, and the fact that Mousse was willing to work for free. To win the love of Shampoo was a treasure of more worth than any money.

Thus it was that Mousse found himself in the position of an unpaid night-time bank guard. Thus it also was that Mousse was quite bored out of his skull. He was an impulsive sort, after all, and he ventured into this plan of his without considering that A): he had no idea just when the robbers would next strike and B): he had no idea which bank they would next select. But here he was… in fact, here he was for the past couple of nights… well, at least it gave him time to check up on the adventures of Ogami Itto and son.

It was just when the Lone Wolf was about to face impossible odds once again that Mousse heard… or rather felt… it. The Chinese martial artist might be as blind as a bat wearing sunglasses (and as thick as a bull with a football helmet), but his other senses were finely attuned. He could feel a low hum vibrating the air, almost below the level of his excellent hearing. He'd been in the bank enough nights to realize this is not what empty banks normally do. About time he got some action in here, he thought to himself as he cracked his knuckles…

He touched the floor lightly, feeling the quivering and locating the possible ground zero. He'd experienced enough earthquakes to realize it wasn't a light tremor, and it was, most definitely, coming from within the bank itself. In fact, it was coming from just over… there. The martial artist took up a pre-selected position to wait… and watch.

There was a thick shimmering effect growing out of the floor in the back, starting low and rising slowly in height. Following the shimmer were a set of fingers… then hands… then four slender, shapely arms raised up, followed by the rest of two bodies. Two identical bodies. The shimmer faded, and Mousse adjusted his glasses and squinted to get a better look at the pair that had appeared so mysteriously in the bank.

"Jeez, Anna, this is getting boring There's no challenge in it anymore… security systems they got here just suck…" whined a complaining feminine voice. There was a hint of a thrum to it, almost a purr, and curiously, it seemed to be tinged with an accent that, if Mousse had known it, he'd have identified as American deep-Southern.

Another voice replied, almost a twin for the other. "Yeah, I know… not like back home… That Leona might be a real bitch, but at least she made things fun…"

"Break into an old secret lab, and see what happens?"

"Hey, blame it on me, why don'cha? If I remember, it was your idea. 'Lots of good stuff in there fer sure', you said. 'Bound to get a bunch of money from it on the black market', you said. Now here we are, stuck in the 20th century. Jeez, they're still using the internal combustion engine here! Like, thanks a lot!"

"Well, hey, how was I to know that 'T Tunnel-designed by Professor I. Allen' meant time tunnel? I mean, it's not exactly the sort of thing you find in your everyday mad scientist's lab…"

Mousse studied the arguing pair. They were like nothing he had ever seen before. If the word "seen" can be properly applied to Mousse. Female they sounded and female they were… the clothes they wore… if indeed the snug one-pieces could be called clothing… left no doubt about their gender, revealing much more than they concealed… like, for instance, showing off in totality bellies as flat as a slice of tuna sashimi (although not at all red…), not to mention two pairs of perfect, alabaster breasts that were only half covered by the cloth (including the good bits, unfortunately). And from all appearances, the parts that were concealed were threatening to break through the material at any moment. If he were Ryoga (a frightful thought, Mousse told himself, but just imagine…), he'd have a full-scale nosebleed… as it was, devoted in his heart and mind to Shampoo though he was, there was a trickle of crimson fluid emerging from his nostrils at the sight.

And tall they were, too… Mousse himself was tall, but from what he could see, the two women were a bit taller than even him. Although the thick, untamed mane of tawny hair they both sported might have contributed to an illusion of increased height. But the thing that was most surprising was the twitching, quivering, swiveling ears, pointed ears, cat ears poking through their hair. The way they constantly moved, seeking out sounds like radar, convinced Mousse the ears were real. In fact… he didn't really care for the way the two pairs of ears seemed to be focusing on… him.

"Looks like we got ourselves some company here, Uni…” spoke one cat-lady to her twin.

"Sure 'nuff does," observed the other. "You know what this means, don't you, Anna?"

Anna Puma nodded eagerly, with a toothy grin, and two voiced chorused out, "Playtime!"

"Y'all might as well come on out, we know you're right there… we can hear you breathing…"

"Breathing? Sounds more like he's panting… but then, who can blame him, gazing upon our absolute perfection…"

This wasn't fair, Mousse groaned to himself, not fair at all! This was the sort of thing that, if there was any justice in the universe, should be happening to his most bitter rival (that's Ranma Saotome, for those of you that might be new to the series)… after all, a pair of new women with definite feline attributes was just the sort of thing you'd expect to show up around the Tendo dojo. But here they were… in the bank… all alone… with Mousse… slowly his brain clicked over and came to an obvious conclusion.

The would-be male Amazon crime-fighter rose from his hiding place, thrusting an accusatory finger at the pair. "You! You're the mysterious bank robbers, aren't you?!"

"Oooo, Anna, you hear that? He called us… mysterious!"

"Yeah, we been called a lot of things, but never that… kinda makes me feel gooey inside…"

"I know what you mean… just looking at him makes me feel wet and gooey… look at that chest

This was said because Mousse was not wearing, shall we say, the standard security guard uniform. As he had discovered on his first day on the job, the bank got rather warm and stuffy as the night wore on, and he had taken to going… well… topless. Now, this might not be as spectacular to the reader as, say onna-Ranma going topless… or Shampoo… or Akane… or Nabiki… or even Kasumi (if such a thing would be possible)… but the more open minded reader might remember that Mousse does have a pretty impressive expanse of chest, more than enough to make a hormonally active woman's heart go pit-a-pat. And if there's one thing you can say about the Puma twins, its that they're hormonally active… over-active, actually.

Of course, going topless made things a bit more difficult for Mousse… he was missing half his weapons, especially his much favored potty trainer. He kept so much in his tunic and robes, he could have rented himself out as a living U-Haul. That didn't mean that he was utterly weaponless, however. There were more than a few things he could… um… keep in his pants (and yes, the author does know how that sounds, and shame on you for thinking such naughty thoughts!).

His hands moved faster than eyes could follow, and suddenly the two intruders found themselves wrapped in weighted chains that had been flung around them. Mousse gloated at the ease of his triumph. "Hah, foul miscreants! Feel the mighty fist of justice close upon you! No longer shall you prey on the hard-earned savings of the innocent!" (Yes, he'd been watching too many Adam West Batman reruns again…)

Now, this was the time when the helpless but fair captive, criminal though she might be, should fetchingly plead for mercy and understanding on her knees, wherein the hero would feel sorry for her, take her oath to never do it again, and thereupon release her. Like I said, Mousse had been watching too much Batman.

The two catgirls struggled to their feet. Okay so far, thought Mousse, but then the girls deviated from the script as they started not to plead, but to complain.

"What did you go and do that for? It's not nice to chain a girl up without asking permission first, y'know…” was the opinion of one.

Yeah, we're just trying to make a living. Just trying to get by… it's not like we're actually hurting anyone… pointed out the other.

"You don't want us to starve, do you?"

That put Mousse on the defensive. "Welll… no, not starve as such, but… Hey! Are you trying to distract me or something? You're the ones who broke in here… so be nice kitties and come with me to the police station…" "Heh… I don't think so… you want us to come with you, you're gonna have to… persuade us…"

"Yeah… you look like you could be good for a few rounds with us…"

Mousse was confused. "Rounds? You mean, as in fight? I don't fight girls… well, not generally… unless they're actually boys… (But at the prodding of his conscience, Mousse did admit to himself that he does kidnap the occasional girl…) Anyway, how can you fight? I mean, look at you! You're both so bound up in my chains that you can barely move! I really don't think you appreciate the helplessness of your position…"

The two girls blinked and looked at each other. "Anna… you think there's a position we haven't tried yet? A… helpless one?"

"Sounds like fun, Uni… but I don't think chest-boy there knows us very well… what say we… teach… him just what we can do?"

And Mousse became witness to what mighty puma muscles could do. He gazed, full amazed, as the twins concentrated and flexed their muscles, and to his awe and shock, he heard the metallic ping of links snapping and the clatter of now useless chains slithering from superb feline forms and clattering to the ground.

Now at this point the esteemed reader might be thinking, "Come on, Trella… ain't no way them Puma twins are that strong…" Well, actually they are pretty strong, as a perusal of Dominion Tank Police — No More Noise will indicate (free plug, and I didn't get a single red yen for it, either…). Plus there's the little fact that Mousse, in his egoism, tends to underestimate his opponents from time to time. And to his eyes, the catgirls before him looked little more than fashion models… very tall, incredibly gorgeous fashion models, but still… which is why he didn't use his heavier chains on them. The links he had selected were of sufficient strength to hold the ordinary person, and even a captive of somewhat above average strength, but certainly not two powerful androids.

Mousse, for all his surprise, recovered quickly, which was just as well, since the two would-be bank robbers sprang at him, one high, one low. He tucked in, dropped to the floor, and rolled under their attack, coming up behind them. As he rose, his foot lashed out in a wide sweep, to take the leg out of his closest opponent, but before he could contact, she quite skillfully performed a backflip and took a position next to her sister. And so the battle was on.

As the fight progressed, it became apparent that neither side was going all out. For his part, Mousse found that, self-admitted criminals though his opponents were, he couldn't, as had already been noted, really fight properly against the fair sex. After all, if his bitter rival for the hand (and other parts) of Shampoo was the 'enemy of all women', Mousse was their protector. Well, in his own mind, anyway. And there was something else. The way the twins fought together, worked together, moved together, showed good teamwork. But the Chinese Amazon, with his well-trained senses, could detect a curious undercurrent in the catgirls' teamwork. It almost seemed as if they were relying on each other as much for comfort and security as for combat.

And them there were their eyes. Lonely eyes, mirroring souls that seemed more like lost, confused and frightened kittens than pouncing pumas of power (the author apologizes, but couldn't resist…) How could he unleash his full fury against such eyes as those?

As for Anna and Uni Puma… well, not only were they lost in time, confused, and frightened in this strange and backwards era, they were facing a skilled opponent. But despite their frightful reputation, the Puma twins weren't such rotters as to genuinely hurt someone. They just didn't have the requisite cold viciousness… which, in their own considered opinion, put them a step above the human species, which all too often demonstrated that unpleasant trait. Of course, there were the times when, in the commission of a crime or in the heat of the moment, where they just forgot their strength… but those were accidents (no, really!) and not a deliberate attempt to cause bodily injury.

With neither side exerting themselves fully in the combat, it soon became clear… yes, even to Mousse, that the fight was going nowhere. The twins' apparent need to remain close to each other limited them greatly in double-teaming the male Amazon, while rendering it difficult for him to isolate one of them, eliminate her from combat, and turn on the other. "I'm packing it in," Mousse proclaimed during one break in the fight.

"Say what?"

"Look, this is getting us nowhere! You can't get out of here without going through me, and I just can't bring myself to serve you the good walloping you deserve. So why not just give up, we can all go down to the local police box, they'll take you to a nice jail cell, and we can all get some sleep. How about it?" For once in his life, Mousse was actually trying to use words to persuade an enemy to give up, rather than his usual method of just pummeling them into submission.

Too bad the girls didn't agree. They did give it some consideration, though.

"Anna? What do you think?"

"Well, it would be a lot warmer than where we usually sleep, but… give ourselves up? I mean… to the law? Isn't that, like, against our principles or something?"

"Yeah… sorry, kid… I mean, you're the first person to pay us any attention since we came to this dive of a century, but… well, we can't just give ourselves up… not like that… we got our pride, y'know…"

There was that flash of loneliness again, as if the pair had been ripped from their home, they true surroundings, and deposited in a place and circumstance they did not truly understand. It was almost a kind of rejection, and if there was one thing Mousse understood above all else, it was rejection. He decided to do something he was absolutely certain he'd regret later.

"Okay, look… where are you two staying, anyway?” he asked.

"Well… last couple of nights we been crashing at a construction site… it's dry, y'know…" Anna said.

"Yeah, but cold and drafty…" Uni shivered, remembering.

"Then before that, a few dumpsters here and there…"

Mousse was suitably appalled, and his shock was plainly evident.

"What?!" Anna growled. "Its not like we can afford the Ritz or the Carlton… hell, if we could, you think we'd be doing over these banks? I mean, after we did a job, sure we could have… we tried to get into a nice cushy place, but they just looked at us and said they did let rooms out to cosplayers… whatever that means"

"If you're staying in places like that… and I suppose someone has to keep an eye you two and keep you out of trouble. I have a small place… if you wish, you can… how did you say it… crash there for a while… maybe feed you, too…" Mousse wasn't sure if his offer was a betrayal of Shampoo or not. Yet… there was something about the twins that… seemed to plead for his help. Besides, on reflection, turning them directly into the law might not be a good idea, after all. He'd seen enough movies and read enough to know what sort of hideous and unwholesome experiments the government might inflict on these two. (Of course, the truth is a lot more complicated, but Mousse wasn't to know that…) He certainly didn't expect the reaction he got from the pair, though. They practically pounced him in their eager and happy glee.

"YaHOO! No more dumpsters for pretty Anna!"

"Feed us? Really? Really? If you're lying, we'll eat you instead!"

And Mousse thought to himself, as they left the bank (the girls not taking their swag with them, at Mousse's insistence), "Gee… maybe they really have had it tough…"

Now, it should be noted that Mousse maintained his own place, for those (sadly, all too frequent) occasions when he pressed his suit with Shampoo just a bit too hard… or when he made a mess of the Cat Cafe by fighting with the honorable customers (it's all their fault, really… if they didn't flirt with Shampoo or look so much like that fiend Saotome, he wouldn't have to pummel them!) and became… well, not to put too fine a point on it, unwelcome in the residential part of the cafe. He was a saving sort, was Mousse, and he had money coming in from his mother in the village, so he was able to keep a (quite) small place of his own.

And it was to this cozy little apartment that he took his new… well, can't really call them friends, can we? Let's say his new hangers-on. Unfortunately, what might be small and cozy for one person can turn downright cramped when occupied by three… especially if two of them are as tall as Anna and Uni Puma. Which Mousse thought was rather… odd… for names (but that's all right… the girls didn't know if Mousse had been named after a dessert or a character in a Jay Ward cartoon…)

The apartment was what you'd expect from Mousse… orderly, neat (he always wore his glasses when cleaning… just not for much else), and with gobs of photos of Shampoo decorating the walls. Yes, he was one of Nabiki's regular customers… believe it or not, she had a bulk rate special price going… Ranma and Akane photos for Kuno, and Shampoo for Mousse. All delightfully profitable. And she was a pretty good photographer, too… she got enough practice at it…

Naturally the girls asked about the "China doll on the wall" (in their usual delicacy), and just as naturally, Mousse gushed on about his one true love. Unfortunately, when pressed on the matter, he did have to confess that, no, Shampoo hadn't yet reciprocated his affections, but that was only because she was beguiled by that enemy of all women, and one day she'd discover his true worth.

Now that Mousse could see both girls in the light of his apartment, he noted that their clothes (what little there was…) was marked by several deplorable stains. And they both were… somewhat pungent. He invited them to the use of the bath (well, shower… not much room for a decent bath in this place…), and while they got cleaned up, he'd make up some food. An offer that was heartily accepted.

As the girls washed, Mousse cooked. Now, it hasn't been previously disclosed, but Mousse is a pretty darn good cook… at least, when he bothers to actually have his glasses on. Which, considering that he was cooking for guests, he did. After all, you can't hang around the likes of Cologne and not pick up a few culinary tricks. And so Mousse busied himself with some good nourishing noodle dishes while he waited for the catgirls to finish in the shower.

And waited…

And waited…

And… Well, you get the idea.

At last, limited store of patience exhausted, he pounded on the door.

"Hey! Are you two planning on taking all night in there? The food'll get cold if you don't hurry…"

The door was flung wide open, with a rather irritated Anna… or was it Uni?… standing in the entrance. Dripping wet. Quite… utterly… naked.

"Look, bright boy… you got any idea just how hard it is to get this mane of ours dried and brushed properly?"

She was joined at the door by her sister. Also… quite… plainly… nude. And from appearances, her shower water must have been a little bit… cold, the way (cough) things were… um… perky. She, too, had her complaint.

"Yeah… and just what do we wear after we get finished? Never thought of that, did you? These skimpy li'l towels here ain't gonna hide nothing!"

"That's right… not that what we got should be hid… show it off, that's what I say…"

Mousse was suddenly afraid that if he stood there a second longer, he'd do a Ryoga. That is, faint dead away with a sizable nosebleed. Those nostrils were twitching something awful. An excuse… that was what he needed. An excuse. Definitely needed an excuse… to get away… mustn't think impure thoughts. Must remain pristine for Shampoo.

That was why the boy made a mad dash to fetch a couple of his old robes for the girls. They'd be a little short, considering the height difference, but at least the girls would be covered. It didn't seem they had a problem with flaunting it, but he certainly had a problem with it. He averted his eyes as he handed the Puma girls the robes. Must think pure thoughts. Must not betray Shampoo…

As one might have noticed, that flash of catgirl pulchritude had scrambled Mousse's brain and rather carbonated his hormones.

It was with a bit of effort… and some rather impolite prodding from the girls, that Mousse was able to get his mind back to basics… in this case, feeding his gorgeous guests.

And it was two large bowls of hot ramen (what else?) that he served, with green onion and mushrooms, topped with slices of simmered pork and all in a strong stock. It was almost a masterpiece of culinary skill… not Iron Chef class, to be sure, and not quite as good as Cologne or Shampoo could have made, but it would have made any noodle lovers' taste buds dance with delight.

So it was really a pity the girls just gobbled the whole thing down in about 10 minutes, hardly even tasting it. Sheesh, you'd think they were starving or something!

Both girls sighed in contented bliss. It had been much too long since their bellies felt so wonderfully full. So it was only natural that they were grateful to their host for sheltering and feeding them, and such hospitality deserved to be repaid.

"So… like what can we do for you? husked one catgirl as she snuggled up close to his side, her lips so close to his ear. The other one (and no, he couldn't tell who was who…) squirmed up to his other side.

"Yeah… need a bank job done? How about a jewelry store heist?” she purringly offered.

Mousse's glasses were beginning to steam up, for some reason, and his collar felt a little… tight. Still, best to remain in control here… after all, he didn't want to encourage criminal activity, did he?

"Um… no thanks are needed… I was just doing my duty as a martial artist… you really don't need to go to any trouble for me… heh… HEY!" He jumped as he felt one of his ears being… licked… and the other captured in between a pair of soft lips (well, the earlobe, anyway…)

"How about enemies? Need any enemies done over?” suggested one.

"Yeah… we don't do assassinations, but we can… rough 'em up a little… y'know?"

Mousse was about to say something like, 'Can I get back to you about that?' when the train of his thought suffered a serious derailment. After all, it was very hard to concentrate when a pair of soft, long-fingered hands were running up and down his chest as their owner continued to nibble his ear… while the owner's sister-twin was beginning to slither her way… out… of the borrowed robes. Much to Mousse's surprise and shock.

Now, Mousse was used to aggressive women. Shampoo knocking him around… Akane smacking him whenever he mistook her for Shampoo… Ranma in girl mode whacking him around… but there were types and types of… aggressive women, and Mousse was now encountering the… other type.

"Well… if we can't do a bank or jewelry job for you… at least we can do… something else… to show our gratitude…” said the one at his ear, who was now, and quite shamelessly, it might be added, frenching it…

"Yeah", agreed her sister. "Too bad these aren't our clothes… we could give you a real show… but between us, I'm sure we can get… something going…"

It's been mentioned that Mousse tends to have his own somewhat skewed way of looking at things, especially if Shampoo or Ranma happened to be involved. That doesn't mean he was particularly dim… he's not Kuno, after all… and he did have at least some idea what his guests were after.

"Please! I told you, I'm keeping myself…” he began to protest…

"Keeping yourself pure for this Shampoo girl, yeah, yeah, we know…" the girls chorused.”But just think how appreciative she'll be if you've had a bit of… practice… first."

"But… YEEK!!!" Mousse began to protest again, but his objections were silenced by the surprise of suddenly finding his nipples being lightly flicked around by almost claw-sharp fingernails. He turned to his other guest… no help there… certainly not… not with his lent robe puddled around her feet, and herself revealed in her naked glory. Mousse did the only thing he could think of doing. He gulped. Nervously.

"And if you're still… hesitant… you could just tell yourself that we're forcing you… after all, in cases like this, what do they say? Just lay back and enjoy it? Besides, just take a feel of these and then tell me you don't want more…" And the speaker captured the Chinese boy's hands and brought them to her full breasts, and just sort of… rubbed herself against them.

The soft hands that were groping his upper portions had released him, but Mousse was just too hypnotized by his first feel of female breasts to notice. Besides, his brain was somewhat overloaded. He did hear the rustle of fabric falling (those sharp ears, y'know…)

Needless to say, with all the sensory overload the boy was being subjected to, his brain had gone quite frozen. But despite all his protestations of loyalty and faithfulness to Shampoo, he was still a teenage boy, just discovering what his hormones were for… and those hormones certainly were sizzling right now. And his faithfulness to Shampoo wasn't helped at all when…

Mousse blinked as he felt… no, it couldn't be… oh, but it was… There was a hand tugging at the drawstring of his pants, and then sliding inside, seeking, searching…

And as he felt a hand grasp… well, what he kept in his pants, a catgirl squealed, "Eeeeee, Anna! He's so hot! And hard!"

Yes, indeed. While Mousse's heart may yet remain devoted to his Shampoo, his body was inclining to, as Alliel said in El Hazard, 'love the one(s) he's with'. Much to his chagrin.

"HEY! That's me in there! he protested yet again.

"Oooo, yeah… there's so much of you in there… cooed Uni, whose finger was stroking along the length of that hot and hard thing she had found.

"No fair! pouted Anna. "C'mon, lemme see!" The catgirl tugged at the boy's pants, pulling them off entirely, leaving him as naked as they were.

And so there was Mousse… his heart was still pure and dedicated to his Shampoo, but certain other organs? One in particular that had slender, tapered fingers wrapped around it? One which was the focus of lustful gazes? Well, that organ had since decided to stand up and pay attention to current company.

"Jeez, Uni… he is big! C'mon, let me have some…"

"Well… there is enough… huh?" Anna blinked as Uni bent down and treated Mousse's shaft like a fleshy lollipop, her tongue indulging in a slow, long lick from the base to the shaft's very tip.

To be fair, Mousse did attempt to resist (well, at least a little bit…) at this point, but one of his legs had been captured by a pair of other legs… soft-skinned, smooth, strong legs, which wrapped around his and pulled it in close. As whoever it was rubbed herself against Mousse's leg, he wondered why he was feeling… wetness… against his skin. And the owner (who was, by the way, Anna) pressed her hard-nippled breasts against the boy's arm as she ground her pelvis on his thigh.

The basic point being, of course, is that even if Mousse had truly wanted to escape, he would have had a hard time doing so. The only trouble is, the catgirls were quite succeeding in giving the boy (forgive me, please!) a hard time. Especially since Uni had apparently decided just one taste wasn't enough, and engulfed Mousse's entire… um… well, let's be blunt here, no time for delicacy… Mousse's entire cock into her mouth.

Two pairs of eyes widened at this action. One pair belonged to Anna Puma, who was surprised that her sister would just… umm… dive right in, as it were. The other pair of wide eyes belonged, quite understandably, to Mousse, who had no idea that anything could possibly feel… well, like what he was feeling at the moment.

He moaned, one despaired cry of "Shampoo… forgive me!" …and then laid a hand on the catgirl's head that was currently nestling in his lap. He wasn't pushing down on it, or trying to guide her in any way, but it did indicate at least some sort of acceptance to his… situation.

With what part of his brain that wasn't being sexually fried, he noticed that the girl whose lips were around him seemed to be squirming and writhing quite a bit. Now, it's easily understandable that Mousse's eyes were closed, or else he'd have noticed that Anna, not wanting to be left out of the action, had decided to join in by rubbing the palm of her hand rather firmly against the wetness of Uni's cunny, while leaning forward to get a good view of the action. In other words, Anna was getting an eyeful of Uni's mouthful.

Now, the author must needs point out at this very moment the fact that Mousse, while having his own rather peculiar view on things relating to either Ranma or Shampoo, was, after all, a teenage boy. And he was kept pretty well stimulated by the love of his life (a.k.a. the object of his obsession) prancing around in all manner of skimpy Chinese outfits, very often without a bra. So it really shouldn't be a surprise to the reader to hear about the boy suddenly groaning loudly, fingers clutching spasmodically in the catgirl's thick hair, his body stiffening rigidly, bucking and thrusting upwards…

And jetting the hot seeds of passion that he had been saving all this time for Shampoo directly into Uni's mouth. After all, with her own moans (induced by her sister's knowing fingers) vibrating around his shaft, how long could he last?

Now, Uni had lots of experience (she was, after all, somewhat orally fixated), but even she was taken aback by the sheer volume of sperm she was being given. She did her best to swallow it all down (she loved the slick, almost slimy feeling, and the blunt and salty taste), but there were limits to even how much she could manage. As a result, rather a bit of Mousse's cum spilled out from between her lips and flowed downward. It would have been a real mess if it wasn't for the fact that her sister lapped up the goodies that Uni missed.

After all… isn't it a fact that cats like cream?

It took Mousse a few moments to recover… for one thing, his eyes had to uncross… but when he did, he was aghast at himself. Could it be that he had forced himself on these two girls, the way the evil Ranma so obviously did with Shampoo. He was going to apologize… he really was… but those two pairs of eyes, gazing at him with such smoky lust, two faces looking almost predatory… not to mention the little fact that hands were again busy with his still hard shaft… put an end to his apologies even before they were expressed.

It didn't help his concentration any when Uni squealed with obvious delight, "Oooo, Anna! He's still hard!"

Mousse still couldn't tell who was who among his guests, but the one addressed as Anna slithered her way up his body, until she was sitting astride his chest and bending down, her breasts so near his face that he could almost…

Well, he did. Since they were there, it was almost instinctive that he should reach out, pull Anna down just a little… and take those diamond-hard nipples into his mouth, suckling and even nibbling on them. Anna expressed her approval by loud purrs with the occasional whimper.

Uni came up close to Mousse and whispered in the ear she was licking, "I've had my turn… now it's Anna's… give it to her good…"

Mousse was new to the language of lust. That's why he did a Ryoga imitation (that is to say, he looked lost) as he responded, "Give what to her?"

Uni groaned at his… well, his blindness… "Give this to her, you idiot (squeeze)! Give her your cock! Fuck her with it! Can't you tell she needs it?"

"C'mon… take me like an animal… from behind!" prompted Anna, as she climbed off her innocent host and posed before him on all fours. She sank down on her elbows, raising her luscious peach-shaped fanny high in the air. The folds of her cunny, clearly visible even to Mousse, were glistening.

There comes a time when even the most clueless gets the hint, and that includes Mousse. It wasn't so much a mere light that went off in his head so much as an arc lamp. He figured that he had already betrayed Shampoo as much as it was possible to do, and the catgirls both seemed to be wanting him to do… what it was they wanted him to do… they were downright encouraging him, in fact, so it wasn't as if he was forcing them…

Oh well, in for a p… er… the problem with coming from a nation that only has one currency is that you can't say the local equivalent of "In for a penny, in for a pound", but you get the idea.

And Anna looked so tempting like that…

Thus it was that Mousse crawled around behind Anna, ran his hands over the rounded globes of her backside (he couldn't help himself…), wished it was Shampoo posed so salaciously before him, and as they say in those so naughty Victorian novels, thrust home.

And highly approved of the sensations in which he now found himself enfolded, if his surprised cry of "Oh, kami!" was any indication. He had known wetness… he had known warmth… he had even known warm wetness (being one of the Cursed of Jusenkyo, how could he avoid it?), but he had never, ever experienced a warm, clinging wetness like this! It was almost excruciating, what he was feeling… she was… fluttering inside, around his shaft. It felt so good he had to plunge all the way in… and then do it again… and then again… and he was steadily thrusting in and out of Anna, grinding his pelvis against her ass.

And what did Anna think of all this? Well, there's very little that's more sexually aggressive than a feline in heat, and she certainly qualified. In heat, horny, wanting it… it was all there. So the instant she felt Mousse's manhood bury itself within her depths, her head arched back and she yowled to the ceiling. Her body quivered with sheer delight and her claws dug deep into the wood floor.

Good thing the place was uncarpeted, or the rug would have been shredded.

Now it must be pointed out that Mousse, like most teenage boys, had absolutely no technique at all. But he certainly wasn't lacking in enthusiasm, once he jumped in and got his feet wet (although it wasn't his feet that were getting increasingly wet), and when he ground himself against Anna's upturned fanny, he would brush against her nether lips and even her clit (not to make this an anatomy lesson, but the aforementioned bud was designed to be somewhat larger than normal on both girls… the more surface area, the more sensitivity…), much to her very vocal delight.

And the sounds… Mousse was mostly too involved in his own pleasures to really be aware of it, but he could still detect an incredible wet, squishy, shlurpy sound…

Not to mention the rather more audible sounds both he and Anna were making… On his part, long, sustained groans punctuated by short, sharp grunts (when something felt really good)… and on hers, yowls, sobs, and sometimes downright screams… and the sound made by her fists and feet as they pounded or kicked at the floor.

Mousse was going to have some noise complaints from his neighbors in the morning.

And what was the forgotten catgirl, Uni Puma doing in the meantime? Her hands certainly weren't idle… so much was going on… sights of her sister getting well and truly fucked… the sounds of it… the smells of sex… and remembering how Mousse's cock felt and tasted… well, sometimes a catgirl's gotta take matters into her own hands.

Then again, there's times when that's just not good enough.

Like right now, for instance.

Not to put too fine a point on it, poor Uni was going out of her mind with blinding lust. And in such cases, there was just one thing to do… She made her way to her sister… to in front of her sister, lying back with her legs outspread. She reached up and cupped the back of Anna's head with a hand.

Anna, lost in her own world of pleasure, could only say, "Uh?"

Uni was kind enough to explain. "I need your tongue here, Anna… my pussy's not gonna eat itself, you know…"

Even though the two of them got into fights from time to time, Anna loved her sister… and munching each other's fur was a game they indulged in on a regular basis… and Uni was panting with need, so there was no hesitation about meeting the request. Anna buried her head into Uni's lap, tongue flicking out to tease around swollen lips, then the catgirl got serious about things, pulling and sucking at Uni's labia, plunging into her with her tongue, running it over her sister's clit, and just generally doing all she could to give her sister what she needed.

Mousse was a very good martial artist, and tended to have a developed sense of position… that is, where a body is… and he noted a shift in position… something had changed… so he looked up and saw…

Well, what little part of his brain that wasn't fried, was now fried by what he saw.

He was boggled. Never in his imagination had he envisioned anything like what he was seeing before him, and he just had to stop and watch.

The ceasing of his motion did not go unnoticed.

"Hey, why'd ya stop, big boy?” Uni complained. And Anna, the one on the receiving end, attempted to start the boy up again bumping her fanny hard against his pelvis… after all, with her mouth busy with Uni, she couldn't say too much. She had been taught never to eat and talk at the same time.

But Mousse wasn't moving. He did have an observation to make, however. "B-but she's… licking you… down there… and you're sisters… and you're both girls, too!"

"Figured that one out, did you? But, sugar… she ain't just licking me… she's downright eating me!" Uni pointed out. "And if she stops, I'm going to be rather unhappy… and if you're not fucking her, she's likely to stop… so you'd better get back to work there, buster…” she suggested.

The notion of having these two unhappy at him affected Mousse on a couple of levels. First, he was aware of their strength, and there was an impression that if these two got angry, they'd be downright dangerous. But… there was also the realization that he preferred to keep the catgirls happy on it's own merits… not out of fear, or worry for what they might do… but that he simply wanted them to be happy. He idea made him feel… well, good.

Besides, at this very particular time, making the girls happy would make him feel very good.

So it was back to work for Mousse… but this time, there was no Cologne poking him with that damned stick of hers, calling him "Mr. Part Time". Instead there was a pair of absolutely stunning catgirls writing in ecstasy, the sounds and smells prodding him to increased effort. Anna's cunny tightened around him even more as she panted and whined into her sister's loins.

"How is he, Anna?” Uni breathlessly asked.

Anna lifted her head from Uni's lap, her chin dripping with juice. "Oh God, he's good! Nothing like teenage boys… they just keep going and going… and he's fucking me so hard… feels so goooo…" Anna's words were cut off as a rush of sensation overwhelmed her and her eyes widened in sexual shock. She buried her head in her arms and screamed, her body shaking as her climax took her.

Mousse didn't know a thing about female orgasms, but he could certainly tell something was happening. Anna's cunny was almost burning around his pistoning shaft, and it was downright flooded… and that throbbing… it was driving him crazy. He couldn't stand it anymore… and as he plunged deep into the catgirl one more time, he breath was expelled in a long, hard grunt as his own cum pulsed and seared its way out of him, splashing into Anna's thirsty and greedy cunny.

All of which left Mousse and Anna both panting in great lungfuls of air, and left Uni… rather unsatisfied.

Anna recovered first… somewhat… her legs are really shaky… followed by Mousse… those endless hours practicing martial arts can come in handy sometimes…

"Whoooo… that was wild! Kid, you're something else… Anna complemented the boy. Mousse would have beamed with pride at that if it weren't for Uni interrupting.

"Jeez, guys, you forget about me or something?” she pouted.

"Awww… poor Uni… feeling all flushed and horny?” teased her sister.

"Damn right I am… and if something isn't done about it, like, right now…" Uni began to threaten.

Anna whispered something in Mousse's ear.

"What? But… but I've never done anything like that!" Mousse was shocked at the suggestion.

"Hey, c'mon, you saw me doing it, what's the big deal? Besides, it shouldn't take long… she's primed and ready to blow. And I'll be helping you… I'll be playing with her weak spots… "

Mousse shrugged. Well, Uni had done something similar to him… he supposed it was only fair, as he made his way over to Uni, laid down in front of her and…

Mousse had never been face to face with a real live pussy before… except for those times when Shampoo was a cat, and that hardly counted.

Uni gasped. "You mean he's… he's gonna…"

"Yep… he's gonna take over where I left off", Anna affirmed as she moved around behind her sister, lifting her up slightly so that Uni was leaning back against her… all the easier to reach around to those breasts.

Mousse wrapped his arms around Uni's legs, the better to keep them open (not that he felt the catgirl would be closing them anytime soon) and started to just inspect the goodies that lay before him… but a low growl and claw-like fingernails digging into his shoulders gave him a rather clear indication of the girl's impatience, so with a mental shrug he… well… dove in, taking his very first taste of pussy.

He found the smell and the taste of Uni's cunny rather a bit… strange… but he did like the way her hips bucked when he licked her. It told him he was doing something right. A quick glance upwards revealed her face to be in a state of ecstatic bliss. from both his efforts and from Anna's fingers flicking, rolling, pinching and pulling on her nipples, an act which had Uni's belly all a-quiver.

It was a strange thing, though… whenever his tongue ran over that bud of flesh nestled in folds at the top of her cunny, Uni almost warbled and her claws dug deep in his shoulder. Well, Mousse figured, it meant one of two things. Either it hurt her terribly, or she enjoyed it immensely. Naturally, he didn't have that type of equipment, but he did remember that while he was held captive in her mouth, he certainly felt like digging his fingernails into something… so he could only assume that Uni was feeling similar sensations. And so, working on that theory, he captured catgirl clit between his lips and started sucking on it, as Uni had done to him earlier.

And that was it for poor, frustrated, over-stimulated Uni. She sexually combusted, writhing and struggling in her sister's arms as her cunny just flowed its juices over Mousse, who certainly wasn't expecting to get his face washed. It was most curious, thought the boy, with what little of his brain capable of rational thought, that while Anna when… well, whatever-it-was had overtaken her, screamed long and loud. But Uni's outcries were short and sharp.

And there were a lot of short, sharp outcries.

In the end, Uni's strength gave out, and she collapsed against her sister, who, being in a somewhat weakened state from her own recent exertions, fell under her. Anna squirmed out from under her sister to lay by her side, gathering her in her arms.

Mousse crawled up to them, and they made room for him in between. The only thing he could think to say was, "Wow… that was…"

"Something else? You weren't so bad, yourself, y'know. That repay you for your hospitality?” asked a yawning Anna.

Mousse could only nod. He supposed he should go wash that odd taste out of his mouth, but he wasn't quite sure he could stand just now… and he wasn't sure he really wanted to… it would mean leaving the girls, even for the brief time it would take… and all he wanted was to just lay there with them.

Uni joined her sister in a wide yawn. "Hope you don't take this the wrong way, kid, but we're bushed! You gave us quite a workout there, and we've had a hard day, y'know…" And both girls patted his now softened member, still damp with mingled cum. And Anna and Uni Puma, the toughest babes of Newport City and terror of the Tank Police, snuggled up to Mousse like a couple of kittens and were quickly asleep.

And so the catgirls slumbered deeply, while Mousse was wide awake. Talk about acts against nature… it's usually the man who snoozes after such activities. But Mousse had much on his mind. What he should do, he realized, was to just call the police, right then and there, and hand the Puma twins over to the law. Yes, that's what he should do. And yet… after taking them in, feeding them, allowing them to clean themselves… not to mention what they had just done… how in the name of decency could he have them arrested? But hadn't they just caused him to betray Shampoo, not only in thought but in deed? And yet… hadn't they shown him more warmth and affection than the purple-haired Amazon ever had done? Not to mention screwing him silly? Much indeed to think about.

It might be surprising to see that Mousse actually had a conscience. And hoo-boy, was it in a bind. Well, thought the boy Amazon, I'm not going to solve this staying awake, and with that, he soon joined his houseguests in sleep.


To be continued.

And what's for the next chapter? Well, as you might remember, Kodachi claimed both Urd and Freya are goddesses, of all things! Will the divine pair confess, or will they lie through their teeth (thus getting in trouble with the Big Guy upstairs)? And what will be the reaction of the Tendos and the Saotomes if they do confess? And what about Ukyo? What awaits her in China? All this and more… in Chapter 7 of "Aiyah! My Goddess?"

Chapter 7
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