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or "First The Four Play"

A Ranma ½ / Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon crossover story
by Shade

Disclaimer: None of the series used are mine to the best of my knowledge. The author is not responsible for any injuries incurred while reading this story due to laughter or insanity.

Round 1: You Know You're In Trouble When…

Setsuna Meiou carefully applied the last little touches to her outfit. Just a dab of perfume behind her ears and on the insides of her wrists.

Checking herself in the full-length mirror, the green-haired young woman was pleased by the image she presented. Her light purple dress was sexy without being too flashy, and simply emphasized her best features.

She gave her image a wicked little smile.

"Weapons set and ready."

Satisfied with her appearance Setsuna grabbed her package from the bed and left the room.

Upon descending the stairs to the living room, she was greeted with the sight of her fellow Outers, Haruka and Michiru, snuggling on the couch in front of the television. Their adopted charge, Hotaru, was ignoring them in favor of watching the black-and-white samurai movie that was playing.

Setsuna silently made her way past, hoping to sneak out without them noticing. She reached as far as the knob on the front door when she heard Michiru's amused voice from behind her.

"Looks like someone's gotten all dressed up. Hot date tonight?"

With a slightly rueful look on her face at being caught, Setsuna turned to see that the aqua-haired woman and her blonde companion had gotten up from the couch and were now eyeing her present attire with approval.

"You should wear that more often."

Haruka grinned, then winced slightly from Michiru's not too subtle elbow to her side.

"So who's the lucky guy? Is he cute?"

It was Haruka's turn to react to her partner's words. She gave Michiru a look of jealous disbelief, uncertain as to whether she was being teased or not.

But Setsuna only smiled mysteriously.

This caught the attention of both girls as a note of confusion appeared on their faces.

"Er, is it a guy?"

As far back as Haruka could remember knowing the Senshi of Time (which wasn't really that long to begin with), she had never indicated that she was interested in girls. Which was a pity really, since Haruka wouldn't have minded getting to 'know' her better.

Similar thoughts were floating in Michiru's head, though unlike her lover, she wasn't totally uninterested in men. She could appreciate a cute butt on either gender.

Setsuna's grin only got bigger.

I'm not sharing with you girls this time.

Without a word she turned, opened the door, and left.

Now completely confused by their roommate's behavior, the two young women looked at each other.

"Michiru, was it just me, or was Setsuna carrying a bag from that Chinese clothing store that just opened up in that shopping center downtown?"

"You saw it too? I wonder what she's up to this time."

It took her almost half an hour to reach the park.

Several men gave her admiring looks as she passed them, but Setsuna paid them no heed. They weren't the one she was looking for.

At the park she made her way to the fountain near the center and checked her watch. It wouldn't do to miss her first date since being reincarnated here on Earth.

She saw that she was a few seconds early.

Oh well, at least I'm not late.

The young woman put one hand up to shield her eyes from the glare of the setting sun and started scanning the sky.

Let's see… there's a light crosswind from the south… the forecast calls for slightly cooler weather… and the aliens in Tomobiki haven't been blowing things up today. Which means he should be coming down from the uppercut right about… now.

A small dot appeared overhead and quickly resolved into the form of a young man with a bruise the size of a large fist on his cheek and the tattered remains of Chinese style clothing on his body.

"Why does she always hit meeee?!!!"


There was a small explosion as the young man touched down into the ground.


As the dust settled it revealed a small impact crater, but strangely enough not one speck had fallen on the beautiful woman standing in front of the boy.

"Stupid tomboy! What does she expect me to do when that pig starts attacking me out of the blue, just stand there and let him beat me up?!"

Grumbling to himself, Ranma Saotome (who else did you think this could be?) accepted the hand that helped him up. He hadn't noticed yet just who was giving him this assistance.

See if I ever help her again when she gets in trouble. Always telling me not to interfere in her fights, then she goes and gets in the way of mine!

"Welcome back, Ranma."

As he turned, the pigtailed martial artist was greeted by a smiling green-haired woman, who looked (in his admittedly limited opinion) even better than Miss Hinako's adult form.

Not used to pretty women smiling at him without an ulterior motive, Ranma's brain tried to figure out what to do.

"Hey, thanks… Uh, what did you say?!"

Then it hit him.

She'd called him by his first name!

Hey, how'd she know—!*!*!*!*!*!!!

And then Ranma's mind went completely offline as in one smooth motion Setsuna Meiou pulled him into the deepest, most incredibly passionate kiss he'd ever experienced in his life. It was liquid silk and warm honey, it made him feel as if his very blood had caught on fire.

When she slipped her tongue into his mouth, he fainted.


To be continued.

Round 2
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