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Part 3: Opening Moves…

By Shade

Disclaimer: Ranma ½ and affiliates are the property of Rumiko Takahashi, Rifts and Phase World are owned by Palladium. Other references belong to their respective owners.

3-A: The roll of the dice…

Tsunami, Goddess of the Planet Jurai and the most powerful battleship in her Universe, rested inside the safety of quantum space, hidden from the prying eyes that coveted her. Her connection with Princess Sasami provided the powerful entity with all the outside information she needed without the need to reveal her presence. Lately Tsunami's thoughts had been troubled. There was discord forming between her chosen champion and the current ruler of Jurai. Although Tenchi bore no ill will toward the Emperor, the same could not be said of Azusa. Despite his wives best efforts, he seemed bound and determined to make the Masaki boy's life a living hell. Steps needed to be taken to put a stop to that.

This newest complication might make things even more difficult. Now was the worst time for inter-dimensional meddling to occur. But who was responsible for it? It was unlikely Tokimi would try such a risky gambit. Her sister preferred to use her pawns much more calculatingly, despite her role as a Goddess of Chaos. Washuu could possibly attempt to summon one of her old allies, but so far it seemed that the scientist remained unaware of her divine origin, although she too had selected her champion.


Could this be… Tokimi's chosen one?!

If so, then this situation was more serious then any of them realized! While Tokimi would not waste such resources on a paltry minion, her champion was an entirely different story!!

Tenchi wasn't ready yet. Even the formidable powers of the others would not be enough, not against Tokimi's champion… if indeed as the Goddess feared it was. It made chillingly perfect sense to dispatch both of their chosen before they could master their powers. Something so logical, that Tokimi would do it in a moment.

They would need help. A warning in Sasami's dreams should be enough to alert the household while she arranged a few things elsewhere.

Tsunami set her plan into action at once.

In the vast emptiness of deep space, Minagi's spaceship Hinase patrolled in search of evildoers to steal from. Following in her sister Ryoko's footsteps, the cheerful swordswoman had chosen the life of a space pirate, though she only preyed on "bad people". Minagi was a good friend of the Masaki Household. Her physical features were identical to Ryoko, except for two old sword scars, one on each cheek, given to her by her father Yakage. But her personality was more like Mihoshi's, lighthearted and carefree.

A beeping from the main console caught her eye.


{We're near the Sol System? I haven't visited them for the longest time!}


"You called, Minagi?"

"Set course for Earth!"

"Yes, ma'am!"

A faint reflection on the viewing screen that might have been a beautiful woman with turquoise hair smiled and vanished.

Step one was complete. Now for step two.

Nagi was not happy. And for once it wasn't Ryoko's fault. Well, actually, in a way it was partially Ryoko's fault. If only she didn't have that damn…


"For the last time, NO!!!"


"Absolutely not!!! You don't know where she's been! You'll probably catch a disease from that furball!"


"How about a carrot instead?"

"Ciao!! Ciao!!!"

"You're turning down a carrot? Are you feeling all right?!"

"Ciao!! Ciiiaaaaooo!!!!"

"Stop that!"

The ship's caterwauling continued unabated. Nagi tried to harden her heart to Ken-ohki's pleading. If she went to Earth, she'd have to go after Ryoko again. Not that she'd ever admit it, but in her heart-of-hearts the bounty hunter had developed a grudging respect for the one person that had ever escaped her time after time. An unofficial truce had finally developed between them. As long as Ryoko didn't leave the Sol System, Nagi left her alone with that boy of hers. Part of the reason behind that was the current problem: their cabbit partners were in love with each other. If either owner killed or seriously wounded the other the consequences could be… bad. Best to put as much space between her and Ryoko as possible to avoid any unnecessary temptation.


But she couldn't go like this. Day in and day out, the endless begging and wailing…

"All right! You win! We'll go visit your girlfriend already! Just… stop that racket!"


Tsunami nodded her head as she faded away from the top of the rapidly departing vessel. Sometimes a little push in the right direction was all that was needed.

Black Bishop takes White Rook.

Rei was not in a good mood. A visible dark aura of doom and destruction seemed to hang over her bent head.

Nervously, Makoto and Ami snuck occasional worried glances at their friend. The recent nightly patrols had been hard on all of them. For weeks they'd been keeping an eye on the city, but aside from the rare mugger or burglar, their efforts had come up with zilch so far. There hadn't even been any of the youma attacks that usually prelude the entrance of a new super villain. Tempers were wearing thin from having to be at a constant state of readiness, even though they now only had two or three of the Senshi patrolling a night, Inners and Outers included. But Setsuna insisted that they keep on their guard, so they continued remaining on alert despite their mounting doubts about the accuracy of her warning. Surely if whatever it was, was so dangerous, they would have seen some sign of it by now?

"Waaah! I can't believe it! I actually woke up on time today!"

A pair of familiar blonde meatballs bobbed into view as Usagi joined her friends with lunch in one hand and her schoolbag in the other.

The part time Shinto priestess merely growled in reply.

"What's with Rei?" Usagi asked, puzzled by this odd behavior, normally her friend was more vocal then that. She missed the frantic waving and desperate shaking of heads as the others tried to warn her. Too late…


Flames billowed forth from the Giant Demon Head Attack.

"WAAAAAHH!! She's scary!!!"

The others didn't think any less of their leader for her panicked reaction to Rei's explosion. She DID look scary at the moment. Besides, if they made any noise she might notice *them* instead of focusing on Usagi. Okay, so it wasn't a particularly noble choice. But they still weren't about to try and interrupt her unless their friend tried something drastic.

Rei Hino was normally a quiet, demure, peaceful maiden. And anyone else that dared say otherwise quickly learned the error of his or her ways. She didn't have a black belt in karate for nothing!

But the visions that sometimes came to her, the ones that had more often then not had proven right and aided her and the other Senshi in their battles against Evil, had been particularly bad the past night after she'd finished her patrol.

No sooner had she closed her eyes to get some rest then her mind was bombarded with scattered random images that didn't make any sense to her at all. The surreal vividness of the few psychic fragments she'd received were so clear that even now she could remember practically every detail of the visions…

The first dream had been the worst.

A Darkness where no light shown, cold as the grave and worst of all, totally devoid of all existence. No surface met her feet yet she did not fall. Too dark to see, too quiet to hear, no substance to touch. It was like being dead except she knew she was not for even death was this, this… Void…

Rei had screamed herself awake. It took her several minutes to calm down enough to lie back down.

The second dream brought only more questions then it did answers.

Warmth, hidden from view yet comforting to the soul. A sense of purpose that brightened her surroundings to reveal a shining white crystal about the size of a human heart. Not the Silver Imperium Crystal; it didn't emit the sense of power she associated with it. This was different somehow. A strength that was both less and more ran through the very core of the dazzling object, that seemed to burn with a pure inner flame of its own. But as she reached out to touch it…

Try as she might, she could remember no further what had happened until she awoke again.

The third vision had been frightening. Fears long lost in the rebirth of the Senshi had been revived.

Green fires of envy and jealousy reaching out to envelop and consume the world and all within it. Among the faces of the dead had been her own, while a horrifyingly familiar laugh had roared triumphant…

But it was the last one that had haunted her thoughts till dawn had banished the ghostly phantoms.

A sense of deep loss, the ultimate price paid… A life for a life… Swirling drops of twilight upon the clear canvas of the Heavens… Two stallions standing over a Moonlit pond… A single tear had fallen; the silver droplet bright as the full moon as a burst of scarlet sprouted forth…

The same sequence had repeated over and over again throughout the night and into the earliest hours of morning.

By the time Rei had to get ready for school she was a wreck. The drain on her internal strength, and sheer physical exhaustion, left her with a serious case of industrial strength crankiness.


"No way! Baggy Eyes are contagious!! Bieee!!!"

The Japanese Red Eye was presented. (1)


A chase ensued between the two.

With large sweat drops behind their heads the other three girls watched as their dear (but rather embarrassing at times like this) friends vanished in a trail of dust.

"Ah… should we try and stop them?" Ami asked Minako and Makoto hesitatingly.

"Are you out of your mind!?"

They looked at her as if she'd grown a third eye and said they should join a convent. Not even Makoto, the strongest out of all the Inner Senshi, got in the Hino girl's way when she was in one of her "moods".

"I guess that is a silly question."

White Queen moves to block Black Pawn.

-Masaki Household


A delighted Sasami enveloped the cyan-haired space pirate with an enthusiastic hug.

"You're just in time for breakfast!"

"That's great! Your meals are the best in the Universe, Sasami!"

"Ah, Welcome back Minagi."

>From the open door in the stairway a familiar crab-haired figure stepped out.

"Miss Washuu!"

"Ahem… that's Little Washuu."


The loud male scream coming from upstairs indicated that Tenchi was now up. The explosion that came a split second later also meant that Ayeka was now awake and not pleased to see how Lord Tenchi had been roused from his slumber.

The rest of the household was already digging in. They were getting used to it by now. Mihoshi waved hello to Minagi before getting another helping of pickles. Kiyone blinked and sweatdropped, just what she needed to deal with, another Ryoko. Nobuyuki smiled as he saw that another one of the pretty space ladies had returned. Maybe his son would finally choose one of them! An unlikely event, but still, he kept hoping anyway. Washuu sat herself down and dug into Sasami's heavenly cooking. She amused herself by calculating the exact moment when things should reach critical mass.

Right about… now.

"Yaaaahh!!!" The heir apparent to the royal house of Jurai came flying down to make a spectacular crash landing at the base of the stairway, followed by a few stray chips of wood that had once been the door to his room.

{I am such a Genius!}

"Good morning, Tenchi! Breakfast is ready!"

"Morning, Sasami." Tenchi pried himself out of the floor and then did a quick double take as he saw Ryoko smiling in front of him.

Wait a second.

"Oh! Minagi! You startled me for a second. I thought you were…"

Shouting from above interrupted him.

"Now, you royal pain in the butt, prepare to pay!!!"

"Begone, Demon Woman!"

Blaster fire and electrical force fields clashed and resulted in yet another devaluation of property values.

Tenchi winced. Bad enough that they were fighting yet again, but why did they have to do it in the house?!

"Nice to see you again Tenchi. I just popped by for a little visit. Is that all right?"

"Sure, feel free to stay as long as you like."

At least Minagi didn't blow the house up… at least not since she'd tried to kill Ryoko and Tenchi. But almost everyone tried that at least once, so he didn't hold it against her.

{Mmmm… the grilled fish seems especially tasty this morning.}

Tenchi realized that he was starving, being the unintended victim of multiple acts of random violence was hungry work. He'd have to eat fast if he wanted to get to school on time.

"That's the spirit my boy! You can never have too many pretty ladies around, why when I was your age…"


"Mihoshi, can you take me to the market to pick up some chicken for tonight's dinner?"

"Sure!" The eternally cheerful detective giggled. Of all the adults there, only she and Nobuyuki had a driver's license. Since the architect had to work, that left Mihoshi in charge of ground transportation.

A fact that gave her partner Kiyone the chills every time she thought about it. It flew in the face of all reason that the ditz of all people had managed to acquire the one thing that she'd failed to pass the exam for.

"I think I'll go with you."

{Just in case.}


Black Knight takes White Bishop.

Ranma Saotome awoke at the crack of dawn.

A glance to his right revealed that Genma would probably be sleeping for a while. The old man looked rather charred, apparently instead of doing the smart thing and letting go after the maser had zapped him the first time, Pops had instead tried to smash the lock open.

Unfortunately, the case's built in defenses had reacted a bit more severely to that…

Well… Genma was still breathing so it looked like no permanent damage had been done. The scorch marks would fade away eventually and it wasn't like he needed all that smelly fur anyway.

{At least I'll have some privacy this morning.} Ranma mused as he quietly slipped out of the guestroom and headed to the Dojo to unpack and train without interruption.

He had a feeling that he was going to need every minute of it.

Retina and DNA scans passed.

With a small hiss of escaping air the pressure seals opened.

His time in space had taught him to appreciate the advantages of high tech, especially while traveling. When it came to keeping his personal belongings in one piece through even the roughest of conditions, Advanced Micro-tech was the only way to go. This particular model of luggage was from Bushido Industries and cost a small fortune with the advanced security upgrades package.

Credits well spent, since the cargo inside was priceless by any standards.

[It's about time you got me out of that stuffy case!]


With the greatest of care Ranma removed Ishtar from the fine white silk that covered the shining instrument of Light. As always the sheer unearthly beauty of the Greatest Rune Weapon's lines took his breath away. The Splugorth were sadistic alien bastards, but he had to admit that their preference in fine craftsmanship was unmatched. Only the foulest beings could take such a work of art and pervert it into such a damnable prison for a living soul.

He made a few practice swings. Ishtar seemed to fit his hand as if she were made for him. The only time Ranma had felt something similar to this sense of rightness was when he summoned his Cosmic Weapon. It was a mystery that he'd just accepted as being real enough. Besides, what did he have to complain about?


Pure unadulterated sensation filled the trapped psyche with sweet bliss.

Physical contact took the psychic bond between weapon and wielder to a whole new level.

While they could communicate with each other up to three miles apart, aside from advice and information there was not much else that Ishtar could do when she was separated from him.

But once Ranma had her in hand, the two became as one. As long as he held Ishtar, the Goddess's formidable defenses protected him and gave him access to some badly needed special abilities that helped balance out the CosmoKnight's formidable fighting strength. In a sense, Ishtar became a second set of eyes and ears that watched Ranma's back. She felt what he felt, knew what he knew, and in return for this gift the imprisoned soul was able to get a taste, no matter how brief, of feeling.

There was no greater reward for one doomed to exist in an eternal limbo.

When she had existed free of the captivity that now chained her, the dusky divinity had been a patron of nature and healing. Under her tutelage Ranma had discovered a new joy in creating life instead of destroying it. Though her powers were bound within the cursed core of the metal and crystal cage that held her entrapped like a fly in amber, he could still carry on her work and did so willingly.

Though Ranma didn't use her as often as she wanted him to, the weapon didn't begrudge him for it.

She knew and understood his reasons. Rune Weapons were the most coveted magical artifacts in existence. Wars had been fought and Empires crumbled over the possession of these legendary indestructible tools of power. Probably the one thing that was most responsible for the weapons' notoriety was the whispered ability of the most powerful and corrupt blades. Soul Drinking, the weapon literally tearing out the helpless spirit of the victim and devouring it, destroying them forever. The slightest scratch from such a Rune Weapon could prove lethal, all that was needed was a single drop of blood to be spilt and it would all be over.

Fortunately that was not one of Ishtar's properties. Such an abomination was completely against her nature. That hadn't stopped the fools from across the Megaverse who'd tried to steal her from Ranma, though. But once bonded, only death could sever the link forged between them. No one else could use her, not even those pure of heart. Ishtar was his alone. And woe to the one who tried to separate the two!

"How do you feel?"


She gave a warm mental purr of contentment.

[By the way… why the sudden change? Not that I'm complaining, mind you… but I thought the reason you kept me in there with the rest of your gear was to keep the presence of so much supernatural energy to a minimum?]

"Well, I sure as heck don't want Pops to finding you, and if those presences you detected are unfriendly, it would be better to have you close by. Especially if they're psychic. I hate getting hit by bio-manipulation. It's a real pain, no pun intended."

[I'm hurt. Here I thought you just missed little ol' me….]

"Well… that too. But I can't just carry an ancient, glowing, rune-covered weapon around in plain sight. You'll have to stay in the sub-dimensional pocket."


{Look, I'm sorry. It's the best I can do right now until I can think of something better.}

[You owe me another one Saotome.]


{Add it to my tab.}

[Don't worry. I will.]

Uh oh. That did not bode well for him.

He concentrated for a moment, a brief distortion shivered through the air and soon Ranma's hands were empty once more.

{Now for the rest of the stuff}

A small branch with five buds that radiated vitality was the next thing he pulled out.

It never hurt to be prepared.


A small fortune in gems lay in front of Ranma. During his last stop to Phase World Ranma had purchased a quantity of flawless diamonds, emeralds, sapphires, rubies, and pearls. Since Universal Credits had no value back home he'd needed something that he could trade for local money. It helped that the stuff was practically dirt cheap in an age where the rare precious metals and gemstones were either common or easily synthesized. Even Ranma was unaware of the true value of his little stash. The pile of glittering stones lying in the case were valuable enough to make Saotome one of the richest men on the planet. He made a mental note to see a jeweler and get some of the smaller gems appraised.

{I think this is going to come in handy soon enough.}

Pocketing a few of the priceless jewels, Ranma continued to rummage through several years worth of accumulated stuff, both magical and not. By the time Kasumi awoke and started to get the kitchen ready for breakfast his luggage was secured once more and the young martial artist had begun his morning katas.

It was a quiet morning. The previous night's rain left few traces in the bright light of the new day. A light mist shrouded the Nerima neighborhood and had draped the Tendo's yard with a covering of dew, the diamond drops sparkling as the warm rays of the sun struck them.

It was this serene scene that the eldest daughter of the household enjoyed, as she prepared her family's morning meal. Kasumi had learned to find and enjoy the simple pleasures of life. They were all that she had now.

The notes of the local avians sounded sweetly as the rice cooked, vegetables were chopped, and leftovers warmed up. (2)

Looking out toward the Dojo as she fixed a steaming pot of green tea, Kasumi noticed that the door was ajar. Everything was fine here, so she could afford a few minutes away to see what was going on. Perhaps Ranma or his father had got up early to practice.

She couldn't resist checking the guestroom on her way out.

A snoring well-done Genma was its only occupant.

That meant…

-Tendo Dojo

Front kick.


Open Tiger Palm Strike.

Step forward.


Snap kick.

Step back.

High punch.

A light sheen of sweat developed on his naked chest as Ranma put his body through a workout that made Marine boot camp seem like a Hawaiian Vacation. He pressed his physical limits to their max in a graceful dance of strikes and parries that started with basic Kempo, before flowing through dozens of other martial arts forms. Somehow, the diverse moves that came faster and faster until his arms and legs started to blur had been woven together into a unique harmony that was as beautiful as it was effective. A slight change in stance to gain a better base to strike from, the adjustment of an attack by a few centimeters, signs so subtle only a master would be able to spot the small characteristics that identified the Anything Goes Style.

Relentlessly, he continued to test himself, even though the strain of keeping up such a grueling pace had now reached a point as to daunt even the healthiest human. Ranma's breathing still remained smooth and even.

One of the few useful things he'd learned from Genma during their training trip was that you couldn't slack off if you were a true Martial Artist. It was an all-or-nothing proposition. For over an hour his kata went on, blows that could crush a tank like tinfoil hissed through the air and exotic styles long lost to this world were performed with a grandmaster's ability.

At length, even a CosmoKnight's extraordinary stamina must succumb to fatigue. His Forge blessed body ached all over, but it was a good pain. The fire in his muscles made him feel alive, a natural rush that cleansed the mind and body.

{I wonder what's for breakfast?}

Ever since his transformation Ranma had been keeping up his illusion of mortality. He ate, he slept and he trained. Never did he allow himself to forget what it meant to be human. As long as Ranma remembered to live, his power wouldn't corrupt him as it had so many others before.

Few beings had ever seen his true form and lived to tell about it, Ranma had only summoned his armor in the past for real emergencies. Even then he made sure that nothing ever linked him to the mysterious Knight that showed up every now and then. Evildoers who had discovered the truth usually did so with their dying breath. The number of people that were aware of his deception could be counted on two hands with fingers to spare. Even most of the other Knights didn't know that he was really one of them, especially given his penchant for relying on magic. As a rule CosmoKnights usually tended to rely chiefly on their natural powers. They usually avoided magic like the plague because it was one of their few vulnerabilities. As Ranma could have pointed out, though, he was still alive and lots of other CosmoKnights weren't.

A small gasp from the entrance of the Dojo caught his attention as the half-naked young man started to wipe off the sweat from this morning's training.

"Oh my!"

-A whole Universe away



Lt. Commander Justie Tylor of the CAF Space Force was jolted awoke from his nice nap and great dream. In it he'd been having a great time at the beach with Emi,

Yumi, and Azalyn-chan. That reminded him, one of these days he'd have to show the Empress how much fun the sand and surf were.

Speaking of which, he STILL hadn't found out about those Raalgon hot springs yet! Maybe the next time Dom captured him, he could find out. It was a shame that the others couldn't join in until they came to "rescue" him from the enemy.

Even though both governments were now members of the Consortium of Civilized Worlds (CCW), they had never actually signed a peace treaty and were technically still at war with each other… although by CCW law they couldn't actually engage in hostilities. So every couple of weeks, when Azalyn, Holy Empress of the Raalgon, wanted to see her "pet", Paco-Paco, Dom or his subordinate Shia Has (depending on which one of them was unlucky enough to get the short straw that week) went out to *capture* Tylor and bring him back. He came with them willingly enough most of the time, but then the women on board the Soyokaze would get jealous and so the crew had to go and get him back from the Melva, the Raalgon Mothership.

But at least the eighteen-year-old monarch was only one person. The legion of WAIT (Women After Irresponsible Tylor) numbered in the hundreds of millions. Discovering the planet Victoria's Secret had been a big mistake. Volunteering to lead the investigation expedition had been an even worse one.

But at the moment none of that was Tylor's concern. His indifference to even the gravest crisis was already legendary throughout the known Universe.


"What is it Mr. Yamamoto?"

First officer of the infamous destroyer, Lt. Yamamoto was a man who routinely gave himself an ulcer trying to make up his mind. Usually a "by the book" officer, Yamamoto possessed an irresponsible streak that rivaled his superior's, though he usually covered it up quite well with layers and layers of regulations.

"We have detected a group of unidentified ships closing fast!"

"Oh? That's probably just Azalyn-chan coming to pick me up again."

"Captain! They don't match any Raalgon signature! In fact their profiles are more like the space pirates we were sent to apprehend!!"

Lt. Yuriko Star, the efficient intelligence officer of the Soyokaze and perhaps the most responsible person on board (which wasn't really saying all that much) shot an exasperated look at the man that she both loved and wanted to strangle whenever he behaved irresponsibly. In a way she envied her counterpart aboard the Untamed Stallion. At least Ranma behaved sensibly some of the time. Of all the men in all the planets in all the galaxies in all the Universe, she had to fall for the most Irresponsible Man Alive. Granite had nothing on Tylor.

"Oh, I guess that means we better do something then."


The entire bridge picked themselves up from their collective facefault. Sometimes they thought that the Captain was actually more sensible then he was letting on and then he'd go and do something like this. Either he was a tactical genius or the luckiest idiot in the Universe. The popular money was riding on the latter, although after awhile several people were now coming to suspect the former.

"What are your orders, Captain?"

Lt. Katori was the only known Buddhist Monk navigator in the Consortium Armed Forces (CAF). His dazzling head of blonde hair was actually a wig, though even a close inspection could fail to spot the difference. Undisputedly one of the best capital ship pilots living, the handsome officer seemed out of place on the rather rambunctious ship. Without his skills, however, the Soyokaze would have been scrapped long ago.


The twenty-two year old Captain looked like he was thinking seriously.

By now though every one of the officers on board knew that appearances could be deceiving, especially in Tylor's case.

"Let's talk to them! Lt. Kim, open a channel."

"Of course. What else could we expect from you, Captain?"

A runway fashion model in her off-hours, the young and beautiful brown-haired communications officer possessed a tongue sharp enough to geld even the most officious superior. Naturally, she often directed her scathing comments toward Tylor's relaxed attitude, though every now and then the part of her that really liked him slipped past the mask of professionalism.

"Standard hailing frequency ready."

"Yoo hoo! This is Captain Justie Ueki Tylor, Age 22. Please identify yourselves since you're approaching the Soyokaze and we don't know who you are. It's common courtesy after all."

"Uh… Captain…"

The crew had much faith in Tylor, but once again that loyalty was being put to the test. Sure, the Captain was able to get them out of the messes that the Soyokaze encountered, but he was usually the reason that they got into them in the first place!

Nervously everyone (with the exception of Tylor) looked toward the bridge's display to see the unidentified ships' response.

Aboard their ships, the Scourges of the Spaceways (a fancy way of saying "scum sucking pirates") were breaking out in a full-blown panic attack.

THE Tylor was facing them!!!

The most feared man in all of space, hailed as the greatest military mind in the Three Galaxies (3), had obviously been sent here by the CAF to utterly destroy the pirate problem that the CCW had been having in this sector. So now their problem was trying to decide what they were going to do about it.

The majority wanted to surrender immediately before they were brutally slaughtered by the Tylor. Several wanted to just run away and never come back. The only problem with that was he'd probably kill them if they did. And a very small group actually wanted to try attacking the Soyokaze.

Of course that resulted in quite an argument.

"We must attack!!! If we destroy the Tylor we will become famous!!"

"You FOOLS! The Soyokaze's marksmanship is unequalled!! They have a PERFECT to-hit ratio!"

That was common knowledge. What *wasn't* well known was *why* its record was so flawless. The reason that the destroyer had never missed was because it had never fired a shot at an enemy since Tylor became captain!

Captain Tylor's opponents were their own worst enemies. He didn't have to attack them. They did all the work for him. Once again this point was demonstrated.

"We should run!"

"We should give up!"

"We should kill him! He's only one man with one small ship! If we stick together we can destroy the Soyokaze!"

"Are you out of your MIND?! I don't want the Raalgon Empire after my head!! Not to mention W.A.I.T.! Do you know what those Amazons do to people that get on their bad side?!"

"Bah. Stay here, then, you cowards! We'll do it if you're too afraid to!"

"No! Stop them!! If they anger the Tylor, we're all dead meat!!!"

The astonished observers on the Soyokaze's bridge had a front row seat to the ensuing havoc that broke out.

A fraction of the pirates broke from the rest to attack and were promptly fired upon by their comrades. The fight that broke out between the two factions soon ended with most of the ships on BOTH sides either destroyed or badly damaged.

Kim was the first one to relay the good news.

"Captain, they say that they are the Space Pirates in this sector! And they want to surrender!!"

"Captain you're a genius!"

First Officer Yamamoto had never doubted him for a minute… never mind the fact that he'd been about to declare Tylor unfit for command a minute ago in this situation.

"What'd I do?"

Captain Tylor looked puzzled before deciding to just smile and go along with it.

White Queen takes Black Knight.


To be continued.

Author's notes:

  1. Pulling down the lower eyelid and sticking out the tongue, a commonly used insult in anime.
  2. It’s a Miracle!
  3. Scary thought, isn’t it?
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