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Gosunkugi's Denial

A "Lost" side story
by Lone Wolf

Disclaimer: Ranma ½ and its characters and settings belong to Rumiko Takahashi, Shogakukan, Kitty, and Viz Video.

Gosunkugi was sitting stock still in his cell. He had been tried and found guilty. His thoughts bounced back and forth from his recent guests to the vision he had, and he was engaged in mental hand-wringing.

There was a crack in the wall. A small one, almost out of Gosunkugi's vision, but it was still there. Just barely noticeable.

Occasionally, the inmate would wonder just how that crack had appeared. Did they put in every cell? Just to irritate the criminals? To make them move just enough?

Inwardly, the prisoner smiled. He wouldn't fall for it. No beatings today. They won't outsmart him. Nobody would. Nobody would make a fool of him. Nobody el—

Gosunkugi twitched.

They thought he wanted this… that he wanted to… to…

HE DIDN'T WANT THIS! He just wanted friends… just wanted… it wasn't his fault! They… he…

Only remembering his beatings kept the gaunt boy from curling up and crying. As it was, he was beginning to shake.

The book. It was all the book's fault. If he hadn't found that damn book… if he hadn't given it to him… if that…

If he hadn't succeeded.

Distantly, Gos heard the bootsteps. The guards were coming. Maybe they'd finally kill him this time…

The cell clanked open. More steps. Angry shouts… a blow to the back of his head… darkness…


Gosunkugi stared at the flickering candle flame for a moment, before realizing where he was.

The pattern. Hoping that soy sauce would be a good substitute for a virgin's blood. The chanting, stuttering and mispronounced…

And then that awful presence. The billowing red smoke, the burning green eyes…

"It… It worked!"

"Hello, Great Wizard." He could almost see it laugh…

Gosunkugi watched his younger self power-pose. Idiot. "Yes! I am a great wizard! And you are my demonic servant—!"

He could feel it smiling… "Yes, of course… Master."

"Uh… shouldn't you be more angry?"

"Normally, yes. But this is a special case."

Gosunkugi watched himself blink, "Special?"

"Well, you are so powerful…"

"Uh… really?"

"Yes. Now, the task?"

Gosunkugi lost his room in the smoke. The stained plush carpeting turned to cold concrete under his feet. The smoke faded, leaving himself, battered, scared, facing the man with the green eyes.

"You did this to me!" It wasn't his fault…

"No. I merely set the scenario. The players chose their own roles. Although I must admit… you were a superb murderer, Gos. All that pent-up hate really made the difference. Things couldn't have worked out better even if I had taken a more active role." He was set up…

Gosunkugi's younger self slumped against a wall, "it wasn't supposed to be this way… Gendo wasn't supposed to—"

"Ah… so you've pieced it together, eh, 'Master'? Took you long enough."

"You promised me she would love me! That they would like me!"

"I promised you world renown. Your name is known from here to Boston. I promised that she would think of you more than any other living person. Since she only thinks about Ranma and killing you, I'd say both deals were upheld."

"It wasn't my fault… it wasn't…"

"Deny it all you want. I'm simply here to thank you for a well-played role."


"True enough. And just possibly, things might yet be remedied. But not by you, child. You're already damaged merchandise."

"I just wanted to be seen…"

"And you were, Gosunkugi. And now everyone here watches you. Nonstop. Isn't that great?"

Everything started fading again. Gosunkugi's crumpled, crying form, the green-eyed demon's cane… darkness…


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