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A Sailor Moon multiple crossover story
by Cute Kitsune Kaydee

Disclaimer: Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon belongs to Takeuchi Naoko, Koudansha, TV Asahi, and Toei Douga, and DIC.

A group of gods and goddesses were clustered around a high-tech computer screen in the shape of large round table. They were trying to decide who would start off. Finally one of them stood up.

"I have an idea. I recently saw something in Las Vegas called roulette. Why don't we each pick a number and spin the wheel? Then whoever's number the ball lands on gets to start off," said the god who had the appearance of a nice young-looking teen with blond hair.

"An excellent idea there, Claude," said an older god, who looked like a man in his middle ages wearing a military uniform.

"Thank you, father," said Claude. "Does anyone else here agree? Or do you have objections?"

The gods and goddesses said it was a good idea. So they went and set up a roulette table and each took a number. Then they spun the wheel.

"It's number nine," said Claude when the wheel stopped.

"Yay! I won! I won!" cheered a goddess.

"Oh, no! Not her! S***!" muttered various gods and goddesses.

"And the winner is Cute Kitsune Kaydee, the Goddess of Sex, Perversion and Exhibitionism," said Claude in a disgusted tone.

"And don't forget kinkiness," Dias Flac muttered very softly.

"Oh, yeah; you can't forget kinkiness with her around," Noel Chandler said in a whispering quiet voice.

Not quite enough though, as Chisato said, "Hey, don't talk about Kitsune-sama like that."

And Precis chimed in with, "Yeah, Kitsune-sama is just wonderful."

Both men shuddered. Ever since Kitsune had 'educated' the two girls, they had never been the same.

"Excuse me, but why the heck are you wearing my fiancée's form?" asked Claude. "And why are you naked?!"

Kitsune looked down at herself, then back up again, and said, "Because I think Rena is very cute, and I like looking cute, so I copied her form for myself. And I like being naked."

Claude had a sick look on his face as Kitsune said Rena looked cute. 'Please, Kami-sama, DON'T let her get any ideas,' he prayed silently. He really didn't want to have to haul out his sword.

Kitsune looked at Rena and said, "You don't mind if I copy your form, do you, Rena, oh very cute one?"

Rena had a very nervous look on her face as Kitsune said that, and said, "Uh… Sure. You can copy my form." And she slid father toward Claude and away from Kitsune.

Claude just gripped his sword and held on tighter.

"Oh, thank you, Rena," said Kitsune. "I just think you are so cute and I want to look like this because I like looking cute and you are the cutest girl here. I mean you are so real cute," she said as she slid father along the bench and closer to Rena.

Claude wondered where he could buy some industrial strength Kitsune Repellant.

Kitsune just looked and smiled at Rena, then winked at her, causing Rena to almost faint from the thought of what Kitsune did to those she called cute. 'I am not giving that to anyone but Claude. There is no way I am going to let Kitsune take it like she did with Chisato and then Precis,' thought Rena. Kitsune then turned toward the screen and pointed to one timeline. "This is the timeline I want to be the base, and merge the others to it."*1

Everyone was relieved that Kitsune seemed to be more interested in the timelines now than anything else here — like their virginity — and Claude said, "The SM timeline. All right, it's the base, and others can be merged to it… but they'll be subject to SM rules. They can keep their own powers, though."*2

"I want to merge this one to it," said Kitsune pointing at the R-½ timeline. "And this one, this one, this one, this one, this one, this one."

"That's a total of seven timelines to be added in. You are allowed one more. Though in my opinion, I think you put in bit too much. You don't have to put them all in, you know."

"I know, but I'm keeping one in reserve," said Kitsune.

"Your choice to do that," said Claude. "All right, let's see what we've got. Ranma 1/2, Rurouni Kenshin, Slayers, Magic Knight Rayearth, Bubblegum Crisis classic, Forgotten Realms, and Castlevania. Don't you think those last two are kinda dark for an SM universe? The FR one is a completely different planar universe. Including it will throw everything upside down."

"Those are my choices now," said Kitsune.

"All right, I'll merge them together then," said Claude.

Most of the gods and goddesses wondered if she was crazy, throwing in those last two choices. Of course most of them thought she was crazy already. Then they watched the screen. The universes began to merge.

The alarm rang, and fourteen-year-old Usagi Tsukino jumped out of her bed.

'Oh man, I'm late now,' she thought.

She got her clothes on, and everything else done too, then went downstairs and grabbed her breakfast and bottles of water, rushing by the TV — which was announcing that King Azoun of Cormyr and other leaders of the Allied Countries of Faerun had just signed a mutual defense treaty with the United States — then out the door and down the street. She finished her breakfast while running, and drank down 3 bottles of water. She swerved between pedestrians, and under signs, and around dogs. She looked at the time and knew she wasn't going to make it, so she concentrated and shifted into her hybrid form. Then she jumped up to the roof. Where before there was a cute girl, now there was a cute werefox girl roof-hopping her way across the neighborhood buildings and on toward school.

She was just about to school when she heard a commotion and jumped down to investigate. She found some boys picking on a cat.

"Hey, stop that!" she told them.

The boys turned around to see who had bothered them, and then just stared at her.

Usagi wondered why the boys were staring at her and then looked down.

'Damn, I forgot how much bigger they are when I'm in my hybrid form.'

She shifted back to human form and yelled, "STOP STARING AT MY CHEST, YOU LITTLE PERVERTS!"

"Well, now that you've shifted back there isn't really much to stare at," said one of the boys in a bored manner.

As far as Usagi was concerned, that did it. With an inarticulate scream of rage, she ripped an iron pipe off the wall of a nearby building and proceeded to try and play "bash the pervert". Fortunately for the young boys, they realized their error and very quickly fled for their lives from the angry were.

Usagi growled and shoved the pipe into the concrete wall. She was still somewhat angry. She just snarled for awhile.

She looked down at her chest. She got angrier and angrier now.

'Those little perverts!' she thought angrily. 'My chest isn't that small! They didn't have'ta say that!'

She yelled and punched her hand through the brick wall of another building.

Then she stood there and calmed down and then got her hand out of the wall and held it while jumping up and down and yelling, "OWIE!"*3

'Great!' she thought sarcastically. 'I broke my hand. Damn, that really hurts a lot. Good thing I'm a were. Should heal up in a few minutes…'

A pathetic meow brought her attention back to the cat.

'Well, I'm late as heck for school anyway. Might as well see the cat that got me sidetracked. I hope it's okay, the poor thing.'

She picked up the cat and checked it then noticed the bandage on its forehead and took it off. It revealed a golden crescent moon symbol on its forehead. Usagi wondered why she felt a strong connection to it.*4 The cat just looked at her with widening eyes and then jumped onto an old car. She looked at it then realized she was late and ran.

She shifted into hybrid form and went back to the rooftops and proceeded on toward her school.*5

'Could she be the one?' the cat thought. 'And how did she change into that… that… that whatever? I've never seen anyone do that before.'

"Well, it looks interesting so far," Kitsune said. She was eating a frosty with whipped cream and a cherry on top. She picked up the cherry and while looking at Rena ate it in a sensual manner. She then winked at Rena. Then she smiled a very pleased smile.

Rena paled and scooted down closer to Claude and said, "Yes, it looks interesting so far," in a nervous voice. She seemed to be shuddering slightly.

Claude was glaring at Kitsune and acted like he was about to pull his sword out of the scabbard on his back.


To be continued.


  1. Kitsune, the Goddess of Sex, Perversion and Exhibitionism, acts much like WFROSE's nymphomaniac Ranma does in the lemon fic he wrote.
  2. Kitsune will turn her attention back to Rena even though Claude's looking, but that will be in the side stories; I don't want to make this a lemon fic, so those stories will be about her past/present/future adventures with the other gods.
  3. Usagi's temper is kinda like Lina Inverse's now about that sort of thing, but she's still the same old Usagi Tsukino — as you can see by her hitting the wall and breaking her hand.
  4. The symbol, not the cat.
  5. …and a meeting with a certain pig-tailed martial artist who would play an important role in her destiny, but she didn't know that just then.
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