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A Buffy the Vampire Slayer story
by Cute Neko Kaydee

Disclaimer: "Here, Disclaimer!" *Whistles* "C'mon boy!" *Claps hands now* "Come here, Disclaimer!" *pant, pant* *barks* Buffy the Vampire Slayer and its characters belong to Joss Whedon and Mutant Enemy Productions. The crossover character Xander dresses as belongs to Rumiko Takahashi, Shogakukan, Kitty, and Viz Video.


Xander was about to leave the costume store when he saw the perfect costume.

"Hey, how much for this?" asked Xander.

"That'll be two dollars," said Ethan.

"Cool!" exclaimed Xander, then paid the man.

Xander stood outside 1630 Revello Drive, waiting for the girls to answer the doorbell.

"Xander, come in." Buffy stared at Xander. "What the hell are you wearing?!"

Xander looked at his costume and said, "It was the only thing I could afford now, you know."

"Oh," said Buffy, trying not to laugh, but failing.

"It's not that bad, really," said Xander.

"No, I suppose it isn't," said Buffy.

"How do you like my costume, my good sir?" Buffy asked while curtsying.

"Buffy! Lady of Buffdom, Duchess of Buffonia, I am in awe!" Xander bowed down in front of her. "I have come to pledge my eternal allegiance."

Buffy stared at Xander. "Why, thank you, kind sir. But wait till you see…"

They turned to look upstairs at Willow. She had put on a ghost sheet with 'BOO!' on the front in large bold letters.

"…Willow, the friendly ghost."

Xander smiled at his oldest friend. "Hey, Will! That's a fine boo you got there."

The three walked towards Sunnydale High School. Willow and Buffy were walking ahead talking to each other.

Xander tried to include himself in the conversation. "So, what's on the agenda for the womanly-inclined?"

Buffy spun around with a sly grin. "The womanly-inclined are talking of womanly things of which men have no business, my good sir."

Xander flinched in mock pain. "Girl talk; got it."

Willow smiled. "You're darn tootin! Seeing as we are women and all."

Xander decided to fall behind a couple more steps, as to keep out of the conversation for his own sanity.

Willow watched as he slowly got out of hearing range. "So, do you think Angel will like your costume?"

Buffy smiled sweetly. "I hope so. I mean, this is what he was into, wasn't it? He'll like it, won't he?"

"Oh, I'm sure he will. No man can resist Regular Buffy or Lady Buffy."

Xander looked over at the general gathering in front of the school. It was crowded. Lots of people were there.

Larry came by dressed as a pirate and interrupted his musings. "What are you dressed as, Harris? Lame ass. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha."

"Larry, you realize that you are dressed like a pirate and that you are being very talkative about men's asses?"

Larry raised a fist then. He acted like he was going to hit him. Xander flinched. Larry laughed in Xander's face and then left.

Snyder turned and pointed to a group of children idly playing in the front lawn. "This is your group, Summers. You will be paired up with Levinson. No need to speak to them. The last thing they need is your influence. Just bring them back in one piece and I won't expel you. Come with me, Rosenburg."

Buffy knelt down to the kids. "Hi."

Snyder abruptly turned around. "Ah, ah!"

Xander stood at the front of his group. "Okay, kids, line up single file, and let me tell you a couple of things about this trick-or-treat business.

"Now, on sleazing extra candy: tears are the key. Tears will normally get you the double-bagger. You can also try the old 'you missed me' routine, but it's risky. Only go there for chocolate. Understood?"

A chorus of "yes" came from the group.

Willow watched her charges walk up to the door. A kid with a green monster mask was first in line.

An elderly lady opened the door.


The lady looked into her empty candy bucket. "Oh, dear! Am I all out?"

The wind started to pick up for a split second. Grey clouds blocked the full moon. As soon as the wind died down, she looked back. "I could've sworn I had more candy."

The creature in the green mask tilted his head.

"I'm sorry, mister monster," the woman bent down to eye level. "Maybe I…."

The green creature grabbed hold of the lady by the neck and began to choke her. Some of the other children screamed and run away.

Willow saw what was happening. "No! Let her go!"

She started to run up to the house when an identical red monster appeared. The green one let go of the lady, and then started to fight his red cousin. Willow ran up to them, when all of a sudden….


Willow fell to her knees, gasping for air.

Willow awoke on the front porch of Mrs. Sander's house. She felt a little cold, and looked down at her body. She was clothed in the leather outfit she had changed into. 'What?'

She stood up to take in her surroundings. Everything was in total chaos. Monsters were looting. Demons were rampaging.


She ran off the porch, not noticing her body was still lying there.

Across the street, a male figure strained to stand upright.

She ran up to it, and somehow knew it was her old friend. "Xander? Is that you?"

The man that was once Xander looked up at her and said, "Huh? You're speaking English. I can speak English very well too, miss. Hello, my name's Ryoga Hibiki."


To be continued.

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