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A SM/Ranma ½ crossover
By John-Martin Lotz

Disclaimer: Sailor Moon is the property of Naoko Takeuchi, Toei Animation, and Kodansha. The American rights are owned by DIC. Ranma is the property of Rumiko Takahashi and Shogakukan. The American rights are owned by Viz Communications.

Calling out "Tadaima," Ranma went to the kitchen and leaning over the sink, poured a glass of water over his head. In girl form, he spun, frowning as his breasts and hips threw his balance off, then looked up and urked, dodging to avoid running Michiru down.


"No problem, Ranma-kun" Michiru was amazed, even after Ranma's show earlier in the morning, at the grace and control of his motions. "What are you up to?"

"Training. I've got to get this body trained. Right now, it's sloppy."

"Sloppy," she echoed, "I've seen professional dancers who after years of practice would be proud to have your sloppiness."

"Harrumph," Ranma grumbled as Michiru hid a grin, at the sight of Ranma drawing her, she immediately corrected 'him', self up with a very male swagger.

"Actually, it's these that cause the problem," Ranma sounded aggrieved, "They bounce, and throw my balance off."

Michiru couldn't help herself; she burst into laughter, then choked it off as she took in his crestfallen expression.

"Ranma, why don't you come with me, and we'll get a sports top."

"A BRA. Nope… No way." Michiru resolved to thank whoever came up with the idea that they should always refer to Ranma in the male.

"Ranma-kun, a sports top is designed to control the… bouncing. And will also help you with your back."

…Still, she never recalled any conversations involving a male that involved bras, breasts, or sports tops.

He grumbled but at last agreed to go with her the next day and get him some clothes.

"What are you going to teach Hotaru?" she asked.

"Goju Ryu."

"Very impressive, I'm sure."

"You don't know what it is." Ranma looked slightly disappointed in her.

"Nope." If anything, Michiru sounded slightly proud of the fact.

"It teaches you how to get out of the way, counter-attack as well as trains you in weapons and breath control. If you like I could teach it to you."

"Ranma, I am impressed. How many styles do you know?"

Ranma looked puzzled for a moment. "You know that my father was Master on 'Anything Goes'. We learned how to deal with all sorts of styles, The best way to do that is learning a whole bunch of styles. I did a lot of sparring, read a bunch of scrolls (1), learned by challenging masters then having them teach me their techniques. Watched too. If you know what to look for, you can pick up techniques watching other people do 'em."

"Never stuck around long enough in any place to get any higher belts." Ranma looked depressed for a second. "Pop said, as soon as I prove myself he'd get me certified a Master. 'Course now that he's dead, I don't know what'll happen."

They turned as Haruka walked into the room. "Hi, what's up? I'm off to the track. Disukaki wants a challenge race."

Ranma perked up, "A challenge."

Michiru hid a grin at Ranma and Haruka lit up at the thought of a challenge, any challenge. "Have fun. I'm going to rehearse a bit, and then there are some stores to check out. Remember that we have the recital tonight." She reached down and grabbed a thermos.

"I'll be there. So, Ranma, ever seen a car race?" Haruka rubbed a smudge of grease off her nose.

"Couple of times," Ranma looked torn, "Looks exciting."

"Come on, then."

Michiru gave him a push, "Here you go, here's a thermos of hot water." Somehow she felt that Ranma would prefer to watch Haruka race in male form

As they pulled into the racecourse. Haruka looked at her cousin, most people would have been peeking over the edge of the seat or sitting with a death grip on something, Ranma was grinning at her, "Could you teach me to drive? (2)"

"Uh, sure. When you are old enough."

"Ah Haruka-CHAN, so nice to see you." Disukaki had seen the car pull in. "Who is the squirt?"

Haruka's smile of greeting might have fooled a blind and deaf person, assuming that they were not at all sensitive, for about three seconds. "Disukaki-KUN, after how badly you lost last time I'm astonished you had the guts to show up. Ranma, meet Disukaki."

Ranma smirked and bowed, seemingly content to follow his cousin's lead.

Disukaki made to put his arm around Haruka's shoulder and lead her off, but decided not to as she looked at him and smiled. Briefly.

Ranma stood forgotten, watching as the two began to discuss the race, not however so lost that he didn't notice a girl walking up toward him.

"Hello, I'm Kurumi. You must be Ranma Ten'ou. I so wish that my brother would learn to behave. I apologize on his behalf."

"Hi, I am Ranma, but it's Ranma Saotome. What is with those two?"

"From the first time they met, he hated her. He tries to provoke her each time they run into each other." Kurumi sighed, "An it's almost like he looks for her, the way they always seem to run into each other."

He looked at Kurumi's brother, then shrugged. "He moves like a fighter, but if he lets his blood rule his head, Haruka will hand it to him."

She shivered, "Your eyes, they stopped smiling when you looked up just now."

He gestured to a couple of bales that lay near the track, "Wanna watch them? I promise to smile." He leaned back, watching the track, the discussion between the two competitors, the two people tinkering with an engine off to the side, a bird sitting on a tree branch sunning itself.

"You know, this is relaxing."

"Sister, you have better things to do then attend to him. Come." Disukaki had been watching then two and continued in his thoughts. "A hook is so much better when concealed; what better way to deal a blow to Uranus then have my blood snare her though hers." He smiled at Haruka, "You were saying?"

Kurumi looked reluctant for a second, then stood, "Yes brother." She smiled down toward Ranma, "If we stay together right now, there might well be real trouble."


To be continued.

Author's notes:

  1. Hmm, It sure looks like someone kept some scrolls around.
  2. Whether Ranma thinks this, Haruka's driving, is a new martial arts style or not is something I'll leave up to you.
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