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A SM/Ranma ½ crossover
By John-Martin Lotz

Disclaimer: Sailor Moon is the property of Naoko Takeuchi, Toei Animation, and Kodansha. The American rights are owned by DIC. Ranma is the property of Rumiko Takahashi and Shogakukan. The American rights are owned by Viz Communications.

All that the card said was:

Genma is dead. Am returning to Japan

The call was even more businesslike, once the initial pleasantries were out of the way.

"I want to thank you for offering a place."

"No trouble. After ten years the least I could do is put a roof over your head. Where are you coming in?"

The Inners and the Outers were not known for random acts of socializing but curiosity is a powerful motivator, one that got them, even Setsuna who smiled and said, quirked an eyebrow at them, all the while saying nothing, together at 7:30 in the evening at the shrine on Cherry Hill.

"Imagine, ten years training in martial arts. I wonder if he could train us?"

"I wonder if he's handsome?"

"She didn't remember him much at all, I guess we'll find out."


"GROAN.  Will you please try and behave?"

"Where is Luna?"

"Same place as Artemis.  Listened to the forecast and decided to stay home."

"It's going to rain any minute; will you get inside so I don't have to clean up too many dirty footprints?"

The skies opened up as a red-haired girl re-hefted her pack and grimaced at the heavens. "Why me, Kami-sama? Why me?"

Unless you count thunder, there was no reply. "This must be the shrine she mentioned."

Rei was the only one to hear the timid knock. She left and a minute later returned, leading the girl, and looking shell shocked. "Um, Haruka, your cousin is here."

The conversation shut off as the assembled girls took in the newcomer.

"Who the hell are you?" Haruka glared.

"Ranma Saotome, we talked on the phone and you told me to come here."

Usagi gaped at the two of them, "Haruka, I thought you said your cousin was a boy, THAT is no boy."

As Sailor Uranus, Haruka Ten'ou had fought demons and worse, so was somewhat used to peculiar events going on around her. Still she was shocked and reacted before she had time to think. Growling, "Yes, Usagi, I'd like to know the same thing." She launched herself at the person before her.

And missed.

With a smoothness and grace of a dancer, the girl launched herself into the air, with a backpack that looked as if it would outweigh any two of the scouts, spun, and landed behind her would be attacker. Who spun as well and tried to kick. With the same effect.

Irked she tried again, as Ranma called out to Rei, "Uh Miss, would you please get some hot water, please."

As Rei returned with the water, Haruka missed hitting Ranma. Repeatedly. "Thanks," Haruka noted jealously as she rested her hands on her knees panting, she is doing five times more work then me and she isn't even winded.

The others who had been watching the martial arts blur, stared as Ranma took the glass of hot water and poured it over his head. The red hair turned black, the chest shrank and the figure grew… Male.

He started to lift his hands. Paused to readjust the pack straps and bowed. "I apologize for shocking you, I forgot to check for the possibility of rain. I can explain"

As Ranma concluded his story, "Anyway I hit Pop and he fell into this pond and a Panda came out. I was startled and fell into a different pond. And I came out a," he paused, "well you saw. The guide came over and told us that we had fallen into cursed ponds, If we got hit with cold water we changed and hot water turned s into our normal selves. Pop took it well, too well and we left."

"Where is he? Your note said he was dead,"

"Yeah, he killed himself the next night. Left me a note apologizing saying he had promised to make me a man among men and hoping that his action would atone for his failure. Genma-baka. The note said I was to contact you, that you would be able to deal with the situation. He left this for you."

Ranma reached into the backpack that he had taken off by this time and extended a sealed note to her.

She opened it to find a poorly written note:

I find I must apologize to you. The boy is a trained martial artist and I had brought him up to be a man among men. Now everything has changed. Ranma spilled some water on himself and changed into a girl and just stared, eyes filling with tears. I can deal with something I can hit. This is beyond me.

If I were in your shoes, I would think me a coward. Perhaps I am. But in a faint hope of improving your opinion of me, I had vowed to your Aunt Nodoka that Ranma would be a Man among Men, and if I failed, he and I would commit Seppuku. I did fail. Ranma, however, did not. If Nodoka should ask, tell her that I hope my action provides sufficient atonement.

One another note, I have a friend, Soun Tendo of the Tendo dojo, with whom I agreed that my son and one of his daughters would marry. I pass whatever tattered remnant of family honor I may lay claim to in your hand.

Tell my son I love him
-Genma Saotome

"Anyway, Pop told me that after you read the note I was to listen to you and follow your instructions."

Haruka looked in Ranma eyes, eyes that were full of trust and a great deal of fear.

"I wish I had read the note before I struck at you. I hope I didn't hurt you."

Ranma smirked, that was the only term she could use. "Naw, didn't even come close. I mean you're okay, but I've seen better."

She decided to let that one pass. She wasn't sure if she'd be able to take him hand-to-hand in Sailor form. The question of skill did bring up another question, "Ranma, where do you stand in school, the note was not very complete." She continued in her mind, and if the note is an indicator, education was not a priority

"No, we never stayed in one place long enough to do much.  Anyway, who cares? I'm going to be the greatest martial artist ever; who needs boring school?"

He yawned, "Sorry."

Haruka reached into her pocket and pulled out her keys. "Would you drive Ranma to the house? I've got a few things I need some help on from our young friends."

She grabbed the keys out of the air, "Certainly. " She smiled at Ranma, "Come along, You look a bit tired."

"Thank you. I got off the freighter this morning and got lost a couple of times getting here.

A raised eyebrow was her only visible response, though she thought, the dock where freighter dock, that must be at least 35 or so kilometers away as the crow flies."

As the pair stepped out into the rain, Ranma changed again into girl form, "Kuso.  You are taking this very well."

She smiled at him; "I try. "


To be continued.

Part 2
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