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A Ranma ½ story
by Ginrai

Disclaimer: Ranma ½ and its characters and settings belong to Rumiko Takahashi, Shogakukan, Kitty, and Viz Video.

C&C appreciated - ranmafics@hotmail.com

Once again, another morning that I wake up angry.  Angry that my dream of being with him was just that; a dream.

As I go through my morning routines I once again think about him.  The man of my dreams.  The one with the cute eyes.

But then come the thoughts of honor.  Damn that word.

It's only because of honor that I am supposed to marry Ranma.  Such a stupid word.

I mean, Ranma can be nice at moments.  And yes, there are times when I think that he would be a great life-mate.  But I feel so ashamed at those moments.  Ashamed that I can even think of someone else with him in my life, the one I truly love.

But that's just it.  They're just moments.

In the end I realize that Ranma was raised in a different lifestyle.  It would never work.  He, on the other hand, was raised the same way I was, in the same country throughout his life… just like me.  It would be a perfect match.

These dreams and fantasies are starting to be a distraction.  I think the bitterness of reality is finally catching up to me.

Today, while taking a bath, I relished in the warmth and comfort of the water, thinking of how nice it would be to share it with my love.

While changing my clothes, I had the pleasurable fantasy of my love wrapping his strong arms around my waist, whispering into my ear how much he loves me, the heat of our naked bodies pressed against one another making up for the coolness of the air around us.

It was when I was eating, daydreaming of him being next to me and us having a nice conversation, that I finally realized in horror that my morning routines have been taken rather slowly today.  All because of a fantasy that I have no idea of turning into a reality.

I just sigh and try to hurry things up.


Sometimes I wish Ranma would just marry the girl that his father engaged him to.

Sometimes I wish my family would just screw the whole honor system.

Sometimes I wish that I would just have the guts to walk up to my love and kiss him right on the lips.  But I know it wouldn't be right.

Sometimes I wish that he would finally fight me seriously and beat me, damn it!  Damn that stupid rule.  Damn it to hell.  I'm powerless to do anything until he fulfills it, one way or another.

Feeling my eyes getting hot and misty, I stop to compose myself and prevent any sort of crying.  Wouldn't want anyone else to know of my feelings.  At least, not yet.

While doing so, I see Ranma run past me, not noticing how I am.  Though I am relieved, it's just another reason why I like him more.

He's someone that would always pay attention to me.  Willing to always protect me.  Always be there for me, no matter what condition he's in.  I know I sound a bit vain, but sometimes a girl likes to have attention solely on her.  And no matter what, I'd return similar feelings towards him.

And as I try to clear my head of such beautiful thoughts of mutual love, I hear the sound of a battle nearby.

Sighing, I go over to look, even though I already know just what I'll find.

And it is exactly what I thought it would be.  My true love once again trying to untie me from an engagement that I want no part of… an engagement where I am unable to state my true feelings.

And as I see my love once again being defeated by Ranma, though he went down giving it his best as usual, a small whisper that could be heard by only those with the best of hearing comes out of my mouth as tears start to flow down freely.

Tatewaki Kunou, please know in your heart of hearts that you're the only one for Akane Tendou.  And one day we will be together, like it should be.


Author's notes: Been trying to think of what to write with all the snow outside, and this is what I get.

I got most of my ideas for this fic from Wade Tritschler's Anti-Shampoo/Mousse page and his response page against arguments for Shampoo/Mousse.  It's amazing how similar this match is to Akane/Kunou.  Yet there are so many more fics where Shampoo is secretly in love with Mousse.  As a firm believer in Akane/Kunou and any other matches where the girl continuously tells the guy off (it's actually her way of saying that she loves him), I felt it was my duty to write a fic showing her true feelings for Kunou without him changing in any sort of way.  I'm just that type of guy.

Both pages can be found at:


Thanks to Brian Randall for looking over this fic.  Right before he threw up ^_^

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