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A Ranma ½ story
by Ginrai

Disclaimer: Ranma ½ and its characters and settings belong to Rumiko Takahashi, Shogakukan, Kitty, and Viz Video.

C&C appreciated - ranmafics@hotmail.com

Chapter 1: Fiancée Get-Together

Lunchtime at Furinkan High.

Students hanging out with their friends.  Teachers having a time to rest.  And Ranma-chan running back towards school, looking for some hot water.

Lunch went like it usually did for her:

See Akane offer what seems to be food.

See Ukyou offer okonomiyaki.

Take Ukyou's okonomiyaki.

Get splashed by a jealous fiancée.

Ranma-chan just hoped that nothing else would be in her way.  For her, the faster that she changed back, the better.

"Pigtailed girl!"

So much for that.  With a sigh, Ranma-chan turned around to face the bokken-wielding fool of Furinkan.  "What is it, Kunou?" She asked, trying her best to remain calm.

Right away he ran up to his 'pigtailed goddess' and glomped her.  "Oh, my love, I finally realized why you never returned my affections.  It is because we never consummated our relationship.  But seeing that the foul sorcerer is nowhere around, I ask that tonight we…" Anything else that he was going to say was cut short as Ranma-chan uppercutted the kendoist into LEO.

"You actually think that I would do that with you?!" she screamed, enraged at such a thought.  "I'D RATHER HAVE SEX WITH MY FIANCÉES AS A GIRL!"

Ranma should be considered lucky that, as loud as she shouted it, no one around her had heard or cared.  That is, other than two people.  Unfortunately, they were Ukyou and Akane.  Even more unfortunate was that they didn't see Kunou, or hear what had led to Ranma's declaration.

<Ranchan… He would rather do it as a girl?  Is that why he never reacts to any of us as a guy> Ukyou was confused.  On one hand, there was something wrong with what her fiancé just said.  On the other, it made perfect sense.  Why else wouldn't he have told off the other girls and declared his love for her?

Akane was also confused.  <That… that pervert!  Using his cursed form to do that!  But maybe…> Calming down, Akane thought it over a bit.  While she could see this as another reason for him being a pervert, she thought it more like he didn't want to take a girl's virtue before marrying.  Thinking of that caused Akane to blush a bit.

Before Ranma could see either girl, they decided to leave, each thinking that they were the only fiancée to know of this important fact about him.

Once she got back to her restaurant, Ukyou started to think more on what she'd heard Ranma say earlier in the day.  No matter how much she cross-dressed, she definitely didn't think of making love to other girls.  But this was Ranma, and he was still her fiancé and true love, no matter what gender.

<The way Ranchan sounded… so frustrated.  He probably never had a chance to do it with anyone.  Poor Ranchan.  This is probably all because of living with Akane.  She wouldn't give him any chance to make love as a girl, probably calling him a pervert before hitting him.>  The okonomiyaki chef then gave a look of determination.  <Well if it's sex as a girl that Ranchan wants, then that's what I'll give him.  Plus he'll surely thank me for it afterwards.>

~"Ucchan, I'm so glad that you fulfilled my desires.  None of those other girls would do what you did.  Will you marry me?"~

Thinking of that made her feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

<I probably should do this tonight.  The earlier, the better.  Who knows what Ranchan goes through every night because of this?>  With her plan in mind, Ukyou started to get ready.

"Konatsu, I need your help."

Right away, the kunoichi was beside Ukyou.  That she needed his help made him feel like everything was good with life.  "Yes, Ukyou-sama?"

"Do you know anything about hairstyles?"

Inside her room, Akane still wasn't able to get her mind off what she'd heard.  While others, especially her fiancé, knew that she hated boys, she definitely had no intimate feelings for other girls.  But this situation was different.

At one time she was sure that Ranma had said 'I love you' to her on Mount Phoenix.  But ever since the failed wedding, he'd been avoiding that topic.  <Is this why Ranma's so reluctant to say anything?> she wondered.  <Has the curse affected him that much?  That he wants his cursed form to feel loved?>

Thinking it over, Akane was able to come up with two conclusions.  One was that she loved Ranma, and the other was that she had to do something to express how much she loved him.

<Tonight would be perfect.  After I express my love, there will be no more problems between us.  And the other fiancées can do nothing about it this time.>


Tired, and ready to sleep, Ranma noticed something strange on his way to bed.  Akane was walking towards his room, instead of her own.  He blinked, as she padded noiselessly down the hall, and closed the door behind her once she went inside.  This was out of the ordinary.

<She must be really tired.  Oh, well.  At least Pop's not sleeping there anymore.>  Ranma shuddered, glad that Akane wasn't going to be in that situation.  <Might as well stay on the roof until she realizes what she did.>


Inside Ranma's room, Akane was undressed and on his futon, waiting for him to come in.

<I can't believe that I'm doing this.  I can't believe that I want to do this.>  Though trying to deny any sort of interest in the act, Akane felt herself getting warmer as she thought of what was going to happen once Ranma got in.  She closed her eyes to plan out exactly what she would do with her fiancé, going over each scene in her head so that it would be perfect.

<I think this is Ranchan's room,> Ukyou thought, trying to see through the dark window into the room.  Konatsu had tied her hair in a pigtail and she was wearing clothing similar to what Ranma would wear.  Just so no one got suspicious, and would instead think that she was Ranma.

Looking through the window, she saw what looked like Ranma-chan lying down.  <And now for the big moment.  I know Ranchan will so happy when he sees what his cute fiancée would do for him.>  For a moment Ukyou's eyes were glazed over, thinking about how happy her fiancé would be when he finds out how far she would go just for him.  Shaking her head to get rid of the gloss, she realized that there was a mission to complete before any more happy thoughts.

Taking one more look inside to make sure this was the room she was looking for, Ukyou climbed through the window, eager to prove how devoted she was to her fiancé.

Hearing the noise, Akane opened her eyes and saw what seemed to be a girl climbing through the window to get inside, though with the lack of light she couldn't be totally sure.  Seeing the pigtail, she right away knew that Ranma was in the room and already in cursed form.  <Why would he come through the window unless there was something he wanted to hide from the others,> Akane thought, her curiosity rising a bit.  <Was it that he didn't want others to know that he slept as a girl?  Maybe having late-night fantasies that he couldn't tell others?  Maybe they were about me.>  Feeling that had to be it, along with new thoughts of how her fiancé would act when he saw his 'uncute fiancée' naked and on his futon, her heart started to beat faster and she began to breathe heavily.

<Calm down, Akane,> she told herself, <This shouldn't be something to get nervous over.  Ranma loves you.  He said so.  And this will be a nice way to thank him for everything.>  Knowing just how she would thank him, Akane felt her face flush.

<Ranchan, I didn't know you were feeling this way,> Ukyou thought, as she saw that the other girl was already naked and seemed to be breathing faster after seeing her.  The truth was right before her.  If the okonomiyaki chef wasn't completely sure before, she was now.  Ranma was getting excited over seeing her.

It was obvious to Ukyou that Ranma was having late-night thoughts of the both of them sleeping together as girls and had been frustrated because they were just dreams.  <And now you're anxious because soon they won't be dreams anymore.  I know how you feel, Ranchan.>

Finally she saw her own dreams were about to come true.  Sure, the dreams had Ranma as a guy, most of time at least, but to her it was still Ranma.

Knowing that there was no time to waste, she started to undress.

<Ranma seems to need this more than I thought.>  Watching the other girl undress as fast as possible was causing Akane to feel excited.  To her, it looked as if the other girl had a sudden glow of happiness and that made the raven-haired girl clench her fists even harder in anticipation.

Once the other girl finished undressing, she slowly walked, in seductive-like fashion, towards where Akane was and sat down beside her.

Watching the other girl walk towards her had caused Akane's breathing to become even more ragged than before.  The girl seemed like the most beautiful creature she ever laid her eyes on.  Even with the dark room causing her vision to be blurry, she knew that it was true and didn't need light to see that.  And with the girl nearby, she felt an already noticeable sensation grow stronger inside of her.  Needing some form of release, she wrapped her arms around the waist of the other girl, a little surprised at how warm her fiancé felt.

<I guess… Ranma wants me to do something first.>  With that, Akane closed her eyes and brought herself near the other girls lips.  Feeling the heat of the girl's breath, so similar to her own, she kissed her.

Ukyou was momentarily shocked at how aggressive the other girl was.  But right away she chided herself for thinking that they could take it slowly.  <I shouldn't be surprised.  Ranchan really does need this.  And I did say that I'll be happy to do it with him… or her.>

Relaxing, she eagerly returned the kiss, her tongue slipping between the other girl's lips.  Feeling hands slide down her body, Ukyou made a soft, child-like moan, hoping to encourage the other girl to continue.

As time passed, she started to enjoy more of what was happening and felt less of this having to be something she was doing just to make Ranma happy.


"No, I don't want a kitten," a figure mumbled on top of the roof, taking part in a most terrifying of dreams.

As if just thinking of the dreaded feline was enough, Ranma jumped up, no longer in the blissful state of sleep, and looked around to see if the bane of his existence was anywhere nearby.

Having made sure that he would not be taken down by surprise, Ranma, though still quite groggy, thought on why he was out on the roof in the first place.  <Oh, yeah!  Akane walked into my room.  I guess I was more tired than I thought.  She probably realized her mistake by now and should be back in her own room.  I should get inside.>

While walking towards the position above his room, making sure he didn't take a misstep in his semi-tired state, Ranma thought he heard some strange sounds coming from inside.  The closer he got, the more apparent the noises became.  When right above his room, it was obvious to him that some sort of activity was taking place in it.  That was when he heard, above everything else, the sound of a girl.  And it seemed as if she was experiencing some sort of pain.


Fearing the worse, he right away jumped onto a branch that was next to the window to his room.

<Not able to see what's going on… too dark.  Akane really sounds like she's hurting.  Can't risk anything happening… Oh, wait… I think I can see something.  That's Akane with… Ucchan?  What are they doing?>

Curiosity getting the better of him, Ranma decided to take a closer look at what was happening.

Too much into their mutual lovemaking, neither girl noticed the muffled thump of a body suddenly impacting the ground, unconscious from the shock of seeing their activity.

A while after they were done with their activities, Akane felt tired, yet satisfied.  She could still feel a warm glow from their lovemaking.

<Ranma loves me more than any other girl.  He belongs to me and no one else.>  Thinking of this made her feel better than she had ever been, almost to the point of giggling out loud in delight.

Instead she opted to turn towards the other girl and kiss her lightly on the lips.

"I love you."


"I love you, too, Ranchan."

With a smile, Ukyou snuggled closer to the shorter girl.  She didn't care that she made love to another girl; for in the end it was worth it to hear those three words.  And the feelings she had towards the girl that night was unlike anything she had ever felt.  This was possibly the happiest day in her life.

<R… Ra… Ran… CHAN?!>

Akane was completely shocked and tried to make some sense of what she just heard.

<Okay…it was probably just a mistake.  Yes, that's it, a mistake!  I couldn't possibly have just made love to an actual girl.  Maybe I just misheard what Ranma said.  Or better yet, Ranma was probably tired after all we did and just didn't know what she was saying.  I mean, what other girl I know has a pigtail?!>

"Ranchan, is something wrong?" Ukyou asked, the tone of her voice showing that she was concerned for her lover.

She couldn't understand why 'Ranma-chan' would be so worried, unless the girl was afraid that someone would walk in on them.  Possibly Akane.  She mentally sighed, wondering why the youngest Tendou had to always barge in between anything she and Ranma had going.  <Well, at least if it happens, this time she has to acknowledge that Ranchan and I were truly meant to be together.>

Akane now noticed that the other girl didn't quite sound like Ranma-chan.  Any sort of calmness she had when trying to reassure herself were now all gone.

"N… Nothing.  Just need to turn on the lights and check something."  Giving the girl one last peck on the cheek, and hoping that it was in fact Ranma-chan, she went to turn on the lights.

Once on, both saw whom the other was.  No matter how much they tried looking around and how hard they tried squinting their eyes to see if the image in front was somehow distorted, Ranma-chan was nowhere to be found.


Any form of logic had left both girls by the time they were able to clearly see who was in front of them.

"… Nice pigtail… Ukyou."

"Thanks, Akane.  Konatsu helped me with it," the okonomiyaki chef replied while holding on to the part of her hair that at the moment seemed so similar to that of Ranma's.  Ukyou tried to not think of what she had just done with her fiancé’s other fiancée.  It was bad enough that she actually liked what happened.  That is, at least before she found out who it was she did it with.

"Sooo…"  Akane tried to think of something to keep the conversation going.  Something that had absolutely nothing to do with the happenings of the past hour or so.  But it was hard for her to do so with the draft she felt.  "CLOTHES!"

"Clothes?"  Ukyou then realized.  "Yes, clothes would be good."  Both girls scrambled around, trying to find what they had been wearing before.  "No, Akane, I think those are mine.  I know they look like Ranchan's.  Uh, here are your pajamas."

Back in their clothes, both girls tried to think of what to do.  This was done while both did their best not to look at the other.  No need for self-doubt at the moment on whether or not they really knew whom they just had sex with and whether they even cared.

Trying to stop staring around at anything except Ukyou, Akane decided to say something to at least get rid of part of the self-doubt.  "Ukyou, no matter what happened, you do realize that I have no such interest in other girls, except maybe when Ranma's cursed.  I guess it's the same with you."  Finally taking a look at the now-clothed chef and seeing her nod, Akane continued, relieved at the fact that there was no love between them.  "Now that we have that clear, we just have to try and make sure no one else finds out."

"What about your sister?  You sure she couldn't find out and tell others?"  During her time at Nerima, Ukyou had learned one of the most important facts of that district: never trust Nabiki if she finds out something important about you, especially when money is concerned.

"I'm… sure that Nabiki doesn't know.  Even if she somehow does, she wouldn't sell us out with this."  It was plainly apparent by her expression that even Akane didn't quite believe what she said about her older sister.

"Okay, so all we have to do is keep quiet about this?"  <A simple enough plan,> thought Ukyou.  As simple as the one where she would go at night to make love to Ranma-chan.  And that is why she was quite wary of it.

Akane noticed Ukyou's caution regarding the plans possible success and felt the same way.  But the fact that she was really tired and didn't want to think much more about this took precedence over anything else.  "Yeah.  Even if other people found out, I doubt they would care a whole lot about it.  I mean, this was all a huge mistake.  Just what bad can come out of this?"

Neither girl paid any attention to the bolt of lightning that struck Ranma outside.

"Well, I gotta go back," Ukyou said, "Need to get ready to open the restaurant tomorrow morning."  <The faster I leave here, the better.>  "Goodnight."

"Yeah.  Goodnight.  Just remember not to tell anyone."  Seeing that Ukyou safely got out of the room, Akane checked if she had anything else around and then left for her room.  <Strange, just where was Ranma all this time?  Not that I wanted him to play the voyeur or anything.  Knowing him, he'd probably get the wrong conclusion.  He's probably just sleeping soundly somewhere else, I guess.>

Outside, in the backyard of the Tendous, if one paid attention, they would have noticed a slightly charred Ranma, still unconscious.


Author's notes: Came up with the idea for this fic after reading chapter 14 of 'Curses and Demons' by Christopher Olsen.

Thanks to Corwin and Rakhal for giving me ideas on how future chapters can go.

Thanks to the following for prereading this chapter:

Brian Randall
D.F. Roeder

Also, thanks to Brian Randall for looking over the revised version.

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