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An Azumanga Daioh spamfic/teaser
by Ginrai

Disclaimer: Azumanga Daioh and its characters belong to Azuma Kiyohiko.

This is also a teaser for an as-of-yet unnamed Azumanga fic that will detail Yukari's and Nyamo's time in high school.

"I would like to welcome everyone in Class 5. Today marks the beginning of a new chapter in each of your lives…."

Ignoring her homeroom teacher's introduction, Minamo took a quick glance around the room. She didn't know why, but there was something that was making her feel uneasy.

Minamo wasn't sure if the cause of her queasiness was because of her teacher's appearance, which could be classified as "normal" if it wasn't for the way his jaw seemed to almost always hang….

Or if it was because of the fact that, of the five rows of tables, the first three rows were occupied by girls only. Though being seated in the middle of the third row made it slightly more tolerable for her.

Wondering how her friend was handling it, she looked over at Yukari, who was seated in the second row, one table from the window. The other girl wasn't taking notice of her surroundings as she instead spent her time admiring her new watch.

Sighing, Minamo thought, 'And if she wasn't paying attention to that, she would probably complain about not having a table beside the window.'

To the left of Yukari, though, she noticed a girl who was staring intently out the window, a slight frown evident on her otherwise expressionless face. Minamo decided that she would ask for her opinion of this during lunch.

"And so are there any questions?"

"Kimura-sensei!" a boy directly behind Minamo called out.

Checking his class roster, Kimura answered, "Yes, Ishida-san?"

"I'm too far from the blackboard and won't be able to see clearly from here!" the boy complained.

Without any response, the teacher trudged towards his student's desk. Asking the boy to get up, he then sat down and looked straight ahead. Adjusting his glasses, Kimura said in a deadpan tone, "I see perfectly fine."

Minamo didn't know why, but her feeling of dread had just amplified to a much greater degree.


To be continued.

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