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A Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon story
by Ebiris

Disclaimer: Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon belongs to Takeuchi Naoko, Koudansha, TV Asahi, and Toei Douga, and DIC.

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Galaxia and Sailor Moon were floating in the sky. Sailor Moon was totally nude except for the wings on the back of her body. The Starlights were just watching from the ground.

"Have you given up?" Galaxia asked Sailor Moon.

She shook her head. "No. I love this world. There might be some sad things, but this is where I met my friends. I love this world. You should know too."

Galaxia sneered at Sailor Moon. "All of your friends disappeared."

She shook her head again. "No, they haven't. The Starlights taught me. As long as I don't give up, they are always by my side. If there is a time when they disappear, it will be when I give up. So, I'm not going to give up." Her resolve hardened. "I won't give up," she said determinedly.

Sailor Moon's star seed lit up, glowing brilliantly as she flew towards Galaxia, but Galaxia grabbed her sword and blasted Sailor Moon. "With a glitter that is only as strong as that, you won't be able to light up the galaxy."

"I'll light it up. I'll save this world," Sailor Moon insisted.

Galaxia stepped up the intensity of her attack. "It's no use!" she cried as Sailor Moon desperately struggled against the assault. "You've lost your pride as a Senshi. What can you do now?" Galaxia taunted her as she couldn't get any closer. "The only thing left for you is to give me that star seed and disappear."

Sailor Moon managed to speak through the roar of Galaxia's attack. "I'm not giving up. I believe in this world… and the piece of hope that is still left in your heart."

Suddenly her star seed powered up again, becoming almost blinding in its luminescence.

"What's this light?" Galaxia said, more to herself than anyone else.

Galaxia's attack trailed off and Sailor Moon straightened herself up. "I believe in the piece of hope that is in your heart. I believe."

Sailor Moon and Galaxia were no longer in the sky above Ginga TV, they were now in an alternate dimension, in a field filled with beautiful flowers.

"This light…." Galaxia said wonderingly.

Sailor Moon began flying towards Galaxia again. "I love this world. I don't want to lose it… everyone… and also you."

"Don't get close to me!" Galaxia yelled as the Chaos inside her struggled to remain in control.

Sailor Moon got close to Galaxia, and Galaxia's sword shattered.

"I love it too. This world. I love this world," Galaxia said as she began to reassert her control of her own body.

Sailor Moon flew to Galaxia. The flowers in the field bloomed and the star seeds emerged; each one glowing with its own light, they floated around Galaxia.

"I can see it, Sailor Moon. Your glitter. The warm and gentle light," Galaxia said, a warm smile appearing on her face.

Sailor Moon grabbed Galaxia's hand, and Chaos left Galaxia's body. Galaxia turned back into the real Galaxia, with long gold and red hair. Both Galaxia and Sailor Moon were nude, and floating in the sky.

"Thank you, Sailor Moon. Your light lit up this galaxy," Galaxia said, happy to be in control of her body once again. Then a worrying thought struck her — what if it could happen again? "I wonder if Chaos disappeared…" she mused.

Sailor Moon smiled. "I think it went back to the place it belongs."

"Where it belongs?" Galaxia asked, confused.

"In the hearts of everyone."

Galaxia wasn't so sure. "Then again…"

"Let's believe in the people of this world. It's all right. The light of hope is in everyone's hearts," Sailor Moon reassured her.

Galaxia felt comforted by that, but she still worried. "You're very strong. But what I did can't be reversed."

"Let's start over. It's not too late now," Sailor Moon said, hoping it were true. "Please lead the star seeds, so they won't go astray," she told Galaxia.

She nodded. "Thank you, Sailor Moon." Galaxia freed all of the star seeds. They flew off throughout the galaxy, and Galaxia vanished too.

Sailor Moon watched Galaxia and the star seeds leave, but she remembered her friends dying. She was alone now. A few tears fell down her cheeks. "Everyone, I tried my best. But I'm so lonely by myself. I'm not that strong. I'm lonely," she cried to herself.

Some star seeds had gathered near Sailor Moon. "You're not alone," a familiar voice spoke to her, though no one was near.

Then the Sailor Senshi began to appear from their star seeds.

"You're not alone, Usagi," Sailor Mars repeated gently.

"Everyone is near you," Sailor Mercury said, as she too appeared.

"Rei-chan? Ami-chan?" Sailor Moon asked, unsure if she could believe what she was seeing.

Sailors Venus and Jupiter also appeared.

"We believed in you," Venus said.

"That you could do something," Jupiter added.

Sailor Moon saw her other friends materialise. "Minako-chan, Mako-chan. This isn't a dream, is it?"

"This isn't a dream. You saved this world," Sailor Uranus said proudly.

"With your trusting heart," Neptune finished.

"Haruka-san? Michiru-san?" Sailor Moon dared to believe that this was true, that her friends were back.

"Thank you, Usagi-san," Saturn said earnestly.

"You did very well," Pluto congratulated her.

"Hotaru-chan, Setsuna-san. I'm so happy," Sailor Moon gushed as she realised she wouldn't have to continue alone.

Then Usagi heard a familiar voice, a voice she hadn't heard in months, a voice she thought she'd never hear again. "Usako," it said.

Two more star seeds appeared. Endymion materialised, holding Chibi-Chibi.

"She led me to you," he explained, looking at the young girl curled up in his arm.

"Mamo-chan," Sailor Moon said in shock.

"You did well, Usako." He smiled at her.

Sailor Moon started crying again, only these were tears of joy. "Mamo-chan," she repeated as she flew over to her love.

"It's all right. Everything is over." He put his free arm around her as she hugged him tightly.

"Thank you," Chibi-Chibi said in her cute baby-talk as she vanished.

"Thank you, Chibi-Chibi," Sailor Moon whispered as the little girl disappeared.

As the Sailor Senshi enjoyed their reunion, and the Starlights found their princess, one other star seed remained on Earth. It flared with light and Sailor Centauri appeared on the ground near Ginga TV. She looked up into the sky and saw Sailor Moon and Prince Endymion surrounded by the other Senshi, though no one noticed her.

A bittersweet smile played across her lips. "Not for me," she said as she turned away and started towards Hotaru's house to find Hermes.

Noriko Ka'Tenmei sat by the ocean with Hermes, looking up at the stars. "Are you sure you don't want to say goodbye to the Senshi?" the cat asked.

Noriko continued looking at the stars as she answered, "I never was much for goodbyes. This is their time now; they don't need me."

They sat in comfortable silence for a few more minutes, listening to the steady crash of waves on the shore and looking up into the heavens. Four shooting stars passed by overhead. "A shooting star." Noriko smiled up at the sky.

"What did you wish for?" Hermes asked.

She smiled down at Hermes. "It's a secret. What about you?"

He matched her smile. "It's a secret," he replied.

They watched the stars pass through the night sky before finally disappearing from sight.

"They're gone," Hermes observed.

"Maybe we should get going too." Noriko stood up and brushed the sand off her rear.

"Okay." Hermes started towards the road, but Noriko stopped him.

"Wait, I gotta do something first." She took out her transformation wand and turned it around in her hand, getting a good look at it. It was a small stick. Its bottom half was white, while its top half was blue. On the top was a silver five pointed star. Then, satisfied that she's seen enough, she drew back her arm and threw it out into the sea with all of her strength. She could barely make out the splash it made, more than a hundred yards out. She held her gaze on the water for another second then turned to Hermes. "Now I'm ready."


The End.

Author Notes: This was my first fanfic and I wrote it when all I had seen of Sailor Moon was a few episodes of the German dub of Sailor Moon S. There are a few things in this story that go against canon Sailor Stars, not least of which is the living arrangements of the outer Senshi — Hotaru, Setsuna, Haruka and Michiru are supposed to be living together, but I assumed that they all kept the same living arrangements they had in S. I just wanted to point that out before anyone emails me complaining about that mistake.

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