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During the latter part of the "R" season, Wiseman is able to kidnap and brainwash Sailor Moon instead of Chibi-Usa, but swiftly finds that Usagi's alternate personality is not so easily controlled. A rewrite of the "S" season, in which Usagi has a lot more in common with Hotaru than normal… (Adventure/Dark) Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon.


Chapter 1: Wiseman's Plot! Death of the Black Moon!

Chapter 2: Magnificent Senshi of a New Age! Uranus and Neptune!

Chapter 3: The Sword of Venus! Minako's Magnificent New Attack!

Chapter 4: Serenity's Seduction! Mamo-chan in a Pinch!

Chapter 5: Protect Chibi-Usa! The Sign of Saturn!

Chapter 6: Come Back to Us, Usagi! Wish on the Mirai Ginzuishou!

Chapter 7: The House with Evil Feelings All Around. The Secret of Pretty Girl Hotaru!

Chapter 8: Believe in the Future! Usagi's Promise!

Chapter 9: Birth of a New Soldier! Good Luck, Chibi Moon!

Chapter 10: Don't Die Usagi! Dark Serenity Lives!

Chapter 11: Haruka and Minako's Hot Date!

Chapter 12: Deal with the Devil! Deadly Moon Attack!

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