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A crossover / fusion story sequence

It was 1941, and the world was at war.

In 1940, a dark cabal of sorcerers and mad scientists, led by Hieronymus Grundelwald and Herbert West, drew a creature of great power through the weakened walls between the worlds. The place was Tunguska, and the Beast of Air roared its delight in freedom.

The Kerensky's Republic of Russia quickly fell, its government and armies unable to deal with the eldritch forces ranged against it. Soon, Poland and Finland fell and China was invaded. The world had seen the enemy before; demons invulnerable to normal bullets, flying horrors that shreaked madness in the skies, shambling horrors that broke the spirit along with body. The Demon Wars had begun again.

In Japan, a new generation of pilots for the Teikokukagekidan was assembled. Clow Reed, the greatest mage of his generation, hastened to build his magnum opus. In Europe, the Kaiserreich and the French Republic assembled their armies, preparing for the coming storm. England's Mage Laureate Albert Wulfric prepared the island nation's mages for the battle that he knew would kill many of them. In America, preparations were well under way for the country's assistance to Europe.

But it was 1941, and the Beast of Earth was about to awaken.


A Sister of Steel (Sakura Taisen fusion)

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