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Chapter 1

A Sailor Moon/ Ranma ½ crossover story by

Disclaimer: Ranma ½ and its characters and settings belong to Rumiko Takahashi, Shogakukan, Kitty, and Viz Video. Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon belongs to Takeuchi Naoko, Koudansha, TV Asahi, and Toei Douga, and DIC.

"Wh-what money, s-son?" Genma stammered. Why had it come back after so long?

"Don't play games with me, Oyaji," Ranma growled. "I know that you stole it. No one else is stupid enough, not even Nabiki, to go into my room and take my hard-earned money. Now where is it?" Ranma punctuated each word of the question with a flair of his battle aura. At least that's what he meant to do. Instead of silvery blue, the energy he emitted was dark, like a shadow. It pooled around his feet and ran up and down his arms in thick streams. Ranma didn't even notice the difference.

Genma and Soun did though. Soun scrambled backwards until he collided with the wall behind him. Genma remained seated, too frightened to move. Ranma's eyes had gone black. Completely black, even down to the whites. For the older man it was like gazing into two cold black spheres of ice. Genma's agitated mind didn't even bother to associate the return of the black crescent with Ranma's change in appearance. "R-Ranma, I don't know what you're talking about." He couldn't give the boy the money back now. He needed it himself to get away from Nodoka.

Ranma walked closer, and prepared to kick his father through the wall, but at the last possible second he stopped. A strange sensation, almost like being detached from his own body had passed over Ranma, but it went as quickly as it had come. With the feeling gone, Ranma no longer saw the world in the normal vibrant colors he was accustomed to. His vision was tinted, like a pair of shades, but more pronounced. He looked down at his hands and discovered that he couldn't even see them. They were hidden by a black aura of chi energy so powerful that Ranma could barely penetrate it with his well-honed senses. A quick survey revealed to Ranma that his entire body was shrouded in the aura.

His father momentarily forgotten, Ranma left the room in search of a mirror. He vaguely heard two grown men gibbering in terror as he left the room. Ranma paid them no attention. He had to find out what was wrong with him, and fast, before something happened to stop him. The short walk to the bathroom felt extremely odd, like he was half floating, half-sliding. Ranma entered the bathroom and shut the door behind himself. The mirror showed a distorted, though much clearer picture of himself to Ranma. The black aura only partially outlined his form, making him seem like a walking shadow. The face, his face, was a featureless mask with two shining orbs that glowed bright silver even to Ranma's hampered vision.

That crystal he had found in his father's pack, that had to be the cause. Great, another fine mess he was in because of his Oyaji. Now what was he supposed to do? There would be no help from Genma. The man probably couldn't talk right then if his life depended on it. Cologne could help, but there would almost certainly be a price. And getting to the Nekohanten when he resembled a creature from someone's nightmares was going to be difficult, at least until nightfall.

Ranma only had one option, at least for now. He would have to attempt to handle the situation on his own. He went to the dojo before attempting anything dangerous so as not to damage the Tendo's home encase of an accident. The short trip brought to Ranma the same awkward feeling of sliding across Jell-O. By the time he reached the dojo, Ranma knew why his steps felt that way. It was because his feet were never even touching the ground. The aura was all-encompassing, adding an inch to his height and throwing his balance slightly off. No wonder; he was walking on a cushion of energy.

Seating himself in the far corner, Ranma attempted to dispel the aura that surrounded him by manifesting his own battle aura. Slowly at first to gauge the black aura's reaction, Ranma increased the power he was pouring into his aura when there was no visible change. Just when he was using enough chi that he would have started to visibly show his aura, the black aura shifted. He felt a surge of elation for an instant, but when nothing else happened Ranma settled himself in for a long struggle. Unfortunately, Ranma found that the more chi he used the sharper the black aura became.

He could clearly see his muscles sculpted in the aura. Even the folds of his baggy pants were easily discernable. This was getting him nowhere. Ranma saw that he was only worsening his situation and tightly clenched his chi, folding it back within himself, and removing the black aura's alternative power source. Or so he thought. But as soon as he no longer radiated chi, Ranma experienced the same detached sensation he had felt while looking down at his cowering father. To Ranma's amazement, the black aura was gone, and his sight was restored to normal. What in hell was going on?!

As an experiment, Ranma slowly lessened the restraints over his chi. Sure enough, the black aura returned, complete with shaded vision and detached feeling. For several minutes, Ranma alternated between unleashing his chi force and reining it back in. When he finally stopped he was certain that he could control the black aura like his normal battle aura. The detached sensation that could cost him precious seconds was also gone, replaced by something very close to its opposite. Now when the black aura shrouded Ranma his senses became sharper, more defined. This was still very new to Ranma. Whatever the blackness was, it didn't seem to be harmful, but if it came every time he used his chi, there could be problems.

He climbed to his feet began a vigorous kata that few in the world beside himself could hope to accomplish. It was his own creation. Based on absolute speed, the movements were performed while in the enhanced state caused by using the kachu tenshin amaguriken to infuse himself with chi. As Ranma moved through the kata, his black aura became opaque in most places, or at least slightly gray, but his hands and feet gathered more darkness around them until they seemed to caste shadows. The kata carried him near to a half-demolished wooden dummy that Akane hadn't removed after her last practice session. He was still more than two feet away from it when it fell to the floor, neatly sliced into dozens of small hunks off wood. The sound of wood clattering to the floor of the dojo drew Ranma from his kata. He felt barely winded, even though he had maintained a full amaguriken for over a minute. He looked to the source of the sound and saw the remains of the dummy. Wisps of his black aura were still floating into the air and disappearing.

How had he done that? Determined to find out, Ranma cupped his hands and gathered a small amount of chi. Sure enough, the energy was midnight black, but the black aura had not returned. That was interesting. As long as he kept from applying his chi directly to himself he didn't turn black.

"Moko Takabisha," he called out softly, aiming into the wooden debris. The black sphere of energy rocketed from his hand, leaving a smoky comet's tail of energy in its wake. The sphere struck the debris, and much to Ranma's dismay, exploded much more violently than it should have with the amount of energy he had given it. Thankfully, there was no damage to the dojo's flooring.

"Ranma, where are you?" Akane shouted from the house.

He would have to clean up the mess he had made later.

"What do you want, Akane?" Ranma asked when he confronted her in the house.

"What did you do to my daddy?!" she screamed. She looked to be only moments away from summoning her mallet.

"What are you talking about? I haven't done anything to your dad." Ranma was, however, going to do something to his father. He seriously doubted that the man was going to enjoy it either.

Akane didn't believe him for a moment. "Well, what's wrong with him then, huh?! He can't stop crying and calling out your name!" Akane's mallet appeared in her hand. She brandished the faintly glowing weapon like a mace and demanded, "You jerk, you better tell me what you did to him!"

"I didn't do anything to your crybaby father, you stupid tomboy!" Ranma shouted in response. He shoved his way past Akane and walked into the parlor. Soun was indeed wailing like a baby in one corner of the room, and Genma was still seated where Ranma left him. The fat man was nearly as pale as his sweat soaked gi and was trembling violently. "All right, hand it over!" Ranma ordered.

Genma's head jerked up at the sound of Ranma's voice. Shakily, he reached into his gi and retrieved a large wad of yen bills. Ranma snatched them from his hand. His hands blurred as he counted the money. It was all there, all seventy-five thousand yen. Ranma ignored Soun's wailing even as it grew louder and asked, "That little black crystal in your old pack, what was it?"

Ranma's question only seemed to worsen Genma's condition. He tried to say something, but the words were garbled. Then, before Ranma could even smack the bastard, Genma's eyes rolled back into his head and he passed out.

"Damn," Ranma muttered. He had to find out what was wrong with his aura. It looked like it was time to visit the Nekohanten.

Rini shrank from Usagi's intense, questioning gaze. They were at Rei's temple now, since it was the closest place they could talk privately and none of the girls wanted to try to carry Usagi or Minako very far. They were a lot heavier that they looked.

"Explain," Usagi said simply. Her voice held none of the exuberance it normally bubbled with. Rini remembered hearing her mother use that same tone of voice back home in the future when she was discussing matters of state. It gave away nothing.

Rini, her head hung low began, "I just remembered in the ice cream place." She paused and collected her wits. "When I was Black Lady, well… I guess I slept with Prince Diamond one time. I can't remember it, thankfully." In truth she could remember every exquisite detail, but she didn't want to embarrass herself in front of everyone. "I found out that I was pregnant and snuck into the past to have the baby where he would be safe from Wise Man and the others of the Dark Moon Family. I can't remember much of the time I spent there, but I remember leaving Endymion, that's what I named him, at an old Christian Mission. I was going to return after we won, the Dark Moon family I mean, and get him back, but then you fixed my memory and we killed wise man… and I forgot." Rini's eyes teared up and emotions that the little eleven year old girl wasn't prepared to handle rose to the surface. "I forgot about my little boy!" she cried, breaking down into small sobs of pain and despair.

Everyone, including Setsuna, was more or less in shock. It seemed impossible that Rini, Usagi's daughter from the future that everyone treated like a little sister, could have had a child. Usagi appeared to be least effected by the revelation. She sat down next to her quasi-daughter and hugged her fiercely, letting the girls tears fall into her lap. "Shhh… it's all right… shhh. We'll find him for you, Rini, and everything will be all better." Usagi was amazed at how calm she was. It was like all the foolishness in her head that she normally passed off as thought vanished, leaving an almost different person behind. She knew how to comfort her daughter, and what to say.

When Rini stopped crying Ami handed her a hankie. Rini blew her nose while Ami was asking her a question so she had to ask her to repeat it again. "I just wanted to know what year you traveled to for the birth."

"1982," she answered between sniffles. "He was born on October 19, 1982."

"Today is April 30, 2000, so that would make Endymion seventeen years old," Ami said. "He's older than we are!" Ami gasped softly.

"He'll be so big…" Rini whispered softly. "He won't even know me." She broke down in another crying fit.

Taking the initiative, Ami silently pulled her computer from subspace and keyed into it a search pattern that should eventually identify any blended Silver Millennium / Dark Moon energy patterns. There was no way to tell how long the search would take, so Ami said nothing, not wanting to get Rini's hopes up.

Greatly disturbed by this turn of events, Setsuna opened a portal to the time gate and stepped through. She had much to do, and amazingly enough, little time to do it.

"Old Ghoul! Hey, Old Ghoul!" Ranma shouted once he had entered the restaurant.

"What can I do for you Son-in-law?" Cologne asked from behind him.

Ranma slowly turned around to face the aged Amazon. This time he had actually felt her approach. Ranma pushed his bangs to the side, revealing his newest feature. He hadn't even noticed it until he went to clean himself up a bit in the bathroom. Apparently it came with the black aura. "My aura is pitch black now and I have this thing on my head. Any ideas why?"

Cologne motioned for Ranma to have a seat. "I honestly have no clue, Son-in-law. Have you participated in any unusual rituals lately, or been exposed to an unknown magical artifact?" It was worth asking him. You could never rule out the paranormal where Ranma was concerned.

Ranma decided not to include trying to eat Akane's cooking in the unusual ritual category, and explained in detail the black crystal he had found in his father's pack.

"And it disappeared completely?" Cologne asked. "None of it was absorbed into your skin?"

"All of it disappeared, I'm certain."

Cologne was quiet for a minute before saying, "I've never heard of such an experience, therefore I can not in good conscience give you a course of action to follow. Could you show me the aura? Maybe that will give me some clue as to your affliction."

Ranma nodded and turned loose his chi. It filled his body with warmth while shrouding him in darkness. He felt himself rise out of the chair slightly as the aura fully enclosed him.

Cologne's eyes widened as she noticed the density and cohesion of Ranma's battle aura. The chi wasn't even being expended. Instead it flowed smoothly around Ranma's form, all the while drawing in light and heat. Incredible! Ranma had somehow gained access to a never-ending supply of energy. "That is enough, Son-in-law." There was no magic in Ranma's aura besides the normal traces that lingered of Jusenkyo when he wasn't in his cursed form, so this wasn't a bad thing.

"Figure anything out?" Ranma asked.

"Ranma, your new aura is essentially a suit of armor. The chi that composes it is so dense that I seriously doubt anything less than a high-powered weapon or extremely focused chi blast could penetrate it. Add to that the fact that it gathers energy instead of expending it and I believe that you have stumbled across the Holy Grail of martial arts." If only she could have gotten her hands on that crystal!

Ranma didn't know what the Holy Grail was, but Cologne sounded almost excited. That meant that he wasn't going to die in the next few hours, at least. "Well, thanks for your time, Old Ghoul… I guess."

"Thank nothing of it, Son-in-law. I'm glad to have been of assistance."

Ami was stunned at the speed with which her computer had found Endymion. The readings indicated that Endymion was emanating massive amounts of some unknown energy form that closely resembled both Silver Millennium and Dark Moon patterns, but differed in several minor ways. She was also reading a high-energy drain from the same coordinates. Amazing! Endymion was absorbing almost all the energy that he spent and adding to it with the ambient energy from his surroundings. If not for the advanced multi-dimensional sensors built into her computer, Ami would never have been able to detect the energy readings. She couldn't wait to meet Endymion. He promised to be a most interesting acquaintance.

Before Ami could tell any of the others the good news, the readings fell off and disappeared completely before she could get a lock. The complete halt of all power output was amazing in of itself. Ami nearly set the computer to auto scan the area again and alert her when Endymion once again used his power, but a small discrepancy in the numbers displayed on the bottom readout caused her to take a second look at the power readings. She almost slapped herself for missing it. Even though Endymion was no longer giving off energy, he was still pulling in a small amount. It was barely registering to even her computer, but it was there, and it was traceable.

Akane had mostly forgot about Ranma's mistreatment of her father in favor of dwelling upon his mistreatment of her. He had shoved her! Like she was a child, he had pushed her out of his way without even a simple apology. Not that she had expected one from the jerk, but it was the principle of the matter. And now he had disappeared, nowhere to be found. It couldn't be a coincidence that he would vanish right before she punished him for shoving her. The pervert was probably messing around with one of his other fiancées.

Well, if that was how he wanted to play it, then fine. He had to come home eventually, and when he did, he was going to get the beating of his life.

Ranma entered through the back gate as quietly as possible and immediately regretted it when the rusty hinges on the door made a loud creaking noise. Why hadn't he just jumped over the wall? Too late for that.


Ranma looked up to see Akane charging at him with her crimson glowing mallet and instinctively let his chi free. There was the now familiar sharpening of the senses and shaded vision that accompanied his black aura. The mallet's momentum carried it forward into Ranma's head even though Akane, surprised by Ranma's sudden change in appearance, had tried to stop it.

Not only did the mallet strike have no effect on Ranma, but Ranma barely even felt the impact. Nor did he feel the impact of hundreds of wooden splinters as the head of the mallet exploded an instant after coming on contact with his aura.

Akane had a couple of splinters in her hands and a bleeding cut on her forehead near her hairline, but other that that escaped relatively uninjured. Luckily none of the splinters had pierced her eyes. Ranma reigned the aura in and said, "Come on, Akane, let's go have Kasumi look at that cut."

Akane flinched at Ranma's touch but allowed him to lead her into the kitchen where they found Kasumi. Akane remained speechless even as her older sister dabbed peroxide on the wound and stuck a large Band-Aid over it.

Ranma was already gone when Kasumi asked what happened. "I was going to mallet Ranma for whatever he did to daddy to scare him so bad and for disappearing earlier, but before I could hit him. He made some kind of aura. It was pure black, Kasumi, and his eyes turned silver. He looked like a monster! Then when my mallet hit him he didn't even budge. It was like he hadn't even felt it. That's when it exploded. The whole end just exploded, without Ranma even doing anything."

Kasumi patted her sister on the shoulder and said, "I'm sure that Ranma just made up a new technique. You know how he is about those kinds of things. You know that he's not really a monster."

Akane nodded absentmindedly, her mind occupied by two glowing silver orbs.

"I've found him, you guys," Ami announced to the crowd of girls in Rei's room. The Outers had left shortly after Setsuna, so there was no problem with space for them to lounge around. Rini and Usagi were almost back to their old selves, arguing over one of Rei's manga.

Rini let go of the manga causing Usagi to fall gracelessly back onto the floor. She rushed over to Ami and asked, "Really? You found Endymion?" She squealed in delight when Ami answered yes. There were so many things she wanted to tell her son. Of course, she would tell him about her identity and his heritage. She couldn't wait to tell Endymion about him being a prince.

"Hey Usagi, is that a gray hair?" Rei asked Usagi as she examined her prostrate friend's head. "It is!" she shouted in mock horror. "Usagi is going gray!"

"I am not going gray!" Usagi screamed in true horror. "Waaaahhhh," she began crying. "You're such a meanie, Rei! Waaahhhhhh!"

"Well, you are a grandmother now, Usagi, so it is to be expected," Makoto added.

"Waaaaahhhhhh! I'm turning into an old woman! Waaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!"


To be continued.

Author's Notes: Okay, you asked for it and here it is. I know that Rini is sorta OOC, but I had to make some changes and it's better to do small personality changes along the way than to have a person magically become a completely different person between heartbeats. Send me C&C so that I can get an idea of what I need to change about the fic.


Chapter 2
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