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A Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon story
by Christina Walters


Endymion walked down the hall. Queen Serenity, Princess Serenity, and the Senshi were due here in a little bit. Where was his sister? Where was Kunzite? They should have been in the courtyard, but they were nowhere to be found.

What was that? Did he just hear giggling? There it was again. It was coming from the right.

Sure enough, as Endymion followed the sound he found his sister, Princess Elisande, and leader of the Generals, General Kunzite, behind a column.

At present they were kissing. Then he whispered something to her and she giggled again.

Endymion cleared his throat, but that did not seem to get their attention.

"Hey, Springhead!" called out Endymion, using his sister's nickname.

The Princess and General leapt about three feet away from each other. Elisande blushed fiercely and Kunzite looked abashed.

Endymion couldn't help but smile. "Lets go," he said.

Elisande smiled and grabbed Kunzite's hand, as she followed her brother.

They arrived just in time to see the bright flash of light that signaled the Lunars' arrival.

Endymion stared at the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. Princess Serenity was what dreams were made of. He, along with his sister and parents, stepped forward to greet the newly arrived royalty.

Endymion came before Serenity on bended knee, and took her hand to kiss it.

The King took Queen Serenity's hand to shake it, and then time slowed to heartbeats.

A blast of black energy surged through the air, its origin unknown, and hit the King full on.

His wife screamed as she too was hit. Another blast came at Endymion, but was stopped by Elisande's staff.

Figures in a strange armor appeared out of nowhere. Even though it was noon, the skies darkened and the figures seemed cloaked in shadow.

The Senshi surrounded Princess Serenity. Queen Serenity was pushed into a doorway, though no one saw it.

Kunzite ran the length of the courtyard to Elisande, the other Generals on his heels.

Endymion stood in time to fight off one of the enemies, who was attacking him with a sword of fire. Suddenly the attacker fell, as Elisande hit him in the neck with her staff, breaking his bones.

Nephrite reached the Prince and deflected a blow with his shoulder.

Kunzite fought back to back with Elisande as their enemies advanced. The shadowy figures surrounded them like the clouds above, surrounded the sun.

Prince Apollo appeared seemingly out of nowhere, and shot down many an enemy with his famed Sun Arrows.

The Senshi were devoting their power to make a shield around Princess Serenity, which was quite effective.

Jadeite, Nephrite, Zoicite, and Endymion fought together several yards away from Kunzite and Elisande.

Suddenly Endymion was down, and the three Generals managed to get him inside the Palace as reinforcements rushed to the scene.

Kunzite turned as he heard Elisande scream. She fell to her knees. All of a sudden Elisande threw all of her weight against his shoulder. She took the full force of a blow that was meant for him. She coughed up blood as her head hit the floor.

He carried his Princess inside the castle ignoring all obstacles barring his way.

Queen Serenity finally managed to get back to the courtyard. She blasted the enemy with her wand. Blinding white light erupted from her Crescent Wand. The enemy was overpowered by her mighty weapon. The reinforcements from the palace took care of the enemies that weren't already charcoal.


To be continued.

Part 1
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