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Gregg Sharp, better known by his pen name "Metroanime", is just starting to do fan art. Here is a selection of his work:

Frost Sugar and Spice Hokuto Ranma Sash Vanilla
Created by Wade Tritschler
Art by Gregg Sharp
Sugar & Spice
Created by Gregg Sharp
Art by Gregg Sharp
Hokuto Ranma
Created by ?
Art by Gregg Sharp
Created by DB Sommer
Art by Gregg Sharp
Created by ?
Art by Gregg Sharp

Click on the thumbnail pictures for the full-sized image.

Character notes:

Frost, the albino Amazon was created by Wade Tritschler for "A Scary Thought". No details supplied.

Sugar & Spice, the two best friends among the Nichieju who share practically everything despite being fairly different, were created by Gregg Sharp.

  • Sugar: basically a sort of innocent but not-entirely-there friendly ditz. Not a complete airhead like Usagi of Sailor Moon is most of the time, but hardly a rocket scientist, she's prone to making mistakes. She uses a variant of the Muscle Sword technique (think of Motoko from "Love Hina" as far as sword skills). She's very knowledgible when it comes to martial arts, particularly swordwork and weapon construction. It's in her blood — she's the daughter of an Amazon weaponsmith and inherited her mother's talent. She has a sister, Tigar.

  • Spice: lusty, tricky, scheming, and mischievous, Sugar is the "straight man" of the pair. Where Sugar is the eldest daughter of an Amazon weaponsmith and a mountain cat who fell in the Spring Of Drowned Man, Spice is the granddaughter of an Amazon ex-patriate. Her grandmother was an Amazon who left the village to find a place for herself in the world outside; when her parents died, Spice ended up coming to the village as a young girl. Spice has never been completely accepted by the Amazons, except for Sugar, Tigar, and a few select others. She uses a collapsible Bo-staff that can be unscrewed into three pieces and has two secret compartments as her main weapon, but is likely to produce throwing knives, pepper spray, eggshell grenades, or any number of other 'tricks up her sleeve' that she feels will get the job done.

  • Neither of them are anywhere near Shampoo's class in martial arts. Sugar is excellent with a sword, competent with a number of weapons, and pathetic in straight hand-to-hand combat. Spice tends to rely on trickery and misdirection, at least partly because her physical strength is far below most of the rest of the Nichieju.

Sash: whoever said that in an alternate universe, Serenity had to be born to the Tsukino family? Couldn't she just as likely be born in a Chinese Amazon tribe? Of course, there might be slight differences in appearance and attitude… According to her creator, DB Sommer, Sash is actually Usagi's cousin and looks exactly like her.

Vanilla: Vanilla is Rei Ayanami at age 16, as she might be if found as a six-year-old child in the mountains near Jusenkyo following her implosion of an AT field. Whether by the caprice of a god of jest, or through simple fate, she gets a second chance at life elsewhere.

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